what is croxyproxy

CroxyProxy is the most sophisticated free web proxy available. You can use Croxy Proxy to get to your favorite websites and web applications. You may watch videos, listen to music, use e-mail services, and read your friends’ social network messages. CroxyProxy is a free proxy server that does not require a credit card to use.

CroxyProxy is a free and trustworthy web proxy service. Make use of your favorite resources, such as Facebook, YouTube, Gmail, and Google!

What is CroxyProxy?

CroxyProxy is a web proxy that enables you to visit your preferred websites. The primary distinction between it and other proxies and VPNs is that it only permits access to a certain webpage or request. You are not required to route all of your internet traffic through it. For people who value the privacy of their personal information.

CroxyProxy is currently in beta testing. Therefore, there is no guarantee that it will operate flawlessly with all websites. If you discover a bug or encounter a problem, please report it on the online shop extension page at feedback form.

Because they need to maintain our servers and expand the service, this extension is currently ad-sponsored and free for everyone. They make every effort to display as few advertisements as possible. Please bear with us. You can also purchase a premium subscription to remove all advertisements.

CroxyProxy main features

  • Web page context menu item to load the current page via the web proxy
  • access to only a specific web page.
  • To open a web link context menu item using a web proxy
  • Use the global proxy switch to activate they proxy for all requests.
  • permalinks to open pages and share them with friends.
  • It conceals your true IP address, allowing you to surf anonymously.
  • The simplest version is completely free.
  • ensures that all websites are SSL encrypted.

CroxyProxy works with many types of websites, including video hosting, search engines, social networks, e-mail services, and many others. You can use an encrypted connection to access your favorite resources, such as Facebook, YouTube, Google, Twitter, and Gmail. Many video sites with full video streaming functionality can be accessed anonymously. CroxyProxy is an excellent VPN substitute. It is completely free, and no additional activities or configurations are required to preserve your privacy. Also check BP Proxy Switcher, which also works in a similar way.

The primary causes and dangers of online anonymity

Obstacles in the content

You want to see something, but a website indicates that the video is not accessible in your location. The issue is related to topics such as content copyright. To see the video you want, you must “change your face,” or rather, your visible location. This could affect not only YouTube videos, but also many other websites.

Business activity

Many large corporations have the clout and technical resources to extract massive volumes of data about Internet users. They collect all feasible user data on a regular basis in order to promote and advertise their offers. In other words, they do it to boost earnings.

Providers of Internet access

This plan item is closely related to the prior one. People receive Internet services from providers. They govern the data you use and provide you with an IP address—your “location” on the Internet. They should, in fact, preserve your privacy, but there is still the possibility of gathering and sharing user data. Furthermore, most ISPs keep black lists of websites that are not permitted to be accessed, which may be another reason for you to consider anonymity more seriously.

Employers who are harmful

You spend a significant amount of time at work on the computer. It is absolutely natural to want to get away from the job process from time to time. Some bosses are just concerned with performance indicators and will not allow you to take even a single day off. It is not uncommon for an employee to be reprimanded for doing so. It’s not unusual for management to ask the system administrator to block websites on the business network and limit what you can do on the Internet.

Intruders’ profits

To steal money, they almost always require financial information. It is a major risk not to implement even the most basic online payment security precautions. In some circumstances, this type of threat is connected with an order to monitor a person.

Why should you use proxy sites?

A proxy site is a service or program that acts as a go-between for you and the requested site. It turns out that all of your queries will be directed to a single server, which will forward them to the appropriate location.

What applications are supported with Croxy Proxy?

CroxyProxy employs cutting-edge technology to improve compatibility for current web apps. It does not damage websites like other internet proxies and allows video and audio streaming, authorization, comments, and other features. That is why it is the greatest free proxy available. You can find it in the Chrome Extensions as well. It enables you to search Google, watch YouTube videos, interact with pals on Facebook, and use Twitter.

How does Croxy Proxy work?

CroxyProxy is a free proxy service that safeguards your privacy. While accessing the Internet, it changes your location and makes you invisible. They encrypt all data before sending it to you, and even non-SSL websites are sent over a secure connection.


CroxyProxy is the most sophisticated free web proxy available. You can use it to get to your favorite websites and web applications. You may watch videos, listen to music, use email services, and read your friends’ social media posts. CroxyProxy is a free proxy server that does not require a credit card to use. We hope you found this post interesting.

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