The Altoona Mirror is a daily newspaper published in Altoona, Pennsylvania. It is Altoona’s hometown newspaper, serving all of Blair County as well as parts of neighbouring counties.

The Altoona Mirror Overview

Harry E. Slep and George J. Akers established The Evening Mirror on June 13, 1874. (Slep & Akers Company). In 1877, Akers departed the company, leaving Slep as the sole owner. Mr. Slep’s eldest son, William H. Slep, later joined the company, and it was renamed H. & W.H. Slep Company.

The name of the journal was changed to Altoona Mirror in 1888. Mirror Printing Firm replaced Slep as the company name in 1907. The Slep family owned the paper until it was sold to Thomson Newspapers in 1984. A Sunday edition was introduced under Thomson’s ownership in 1987, and the paper began publishing in the mornings on weekdays in 1997. In 1998, the Altoona Mirror was sold to current owner Ogden Newspapers.

The Altoona Mirror obituaries feature the latest death records in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

The AltoonaMirror is rated 192,413 in the world among websites, with 383,149 monthly visitors.


The Altoona Mirror’s managing editor is Neil Rudel.

See the Pennsylvania news media contacts at for Altoona Mirror contact information.

Technology used on the Altoona Mirror

According to G2 Stack, Altoona Mirror employs 92 technology products and services, including Google Analytics, HTML5, and jQuery.

According to BuiltWith, AltoonaMirror is actively employing 82 technologies on its website. iPhone/Mobile Compatible, Viewport Meta, and SPF are a few examples.

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Local news from The Altoona Mirror, the major news source in West-Central Pennsylvania’s Allegheny region.

Apple has updated this app to include the Apple Watch app icon. Moreover, it is completely revised for iOS 11. Local news from The Altoona Mirror, the major news source in West-Central Pennsylvania’s Allegheny region.

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