While the actual KickassTorrents website was taken down a few years ago by US authorities, new alternative websites that appear exactly like the Kickasstorrent website are currently available.

The websites mentioned in this article are clones of the original. It’s not the genuine thing, but it operates just like the official KickassTorrents site.

These clone websites, also known as proxy and mirror websites, are updated on a regular basis. Because the websites let users download copyrighted products, they are typically taken down as a result of DMCA reports from software and movie companies.

KickassTorrents Proxy/Mirror websites

  • kickasstorrents.fun
  • kickasstorrents.id
  • kickasstorrent.to
  • kickass2.fun
  • kickass.cm
  • kickasshydra.net
  • kickasstorrents.bz
  • kickass.torrentbay.to
  • siteget.net/kickass-proxy
  • freeproxy.io/kickass-proxy
  • kickass2.xyz
  • kickasstorrents.mobi
  • sitenable.info/kickass-proxy
  • kickass.love
  • kickass.ws
  • kickasstorrents.to
  • freeanimesonline.com/kickass-proxy
  • sitenable.pw/kickass-proxy
  • kickass.cd
  • kickasstorrent.ph
  • kickasstorrents.unblockninja.com
  • kickasstorrents.pw
  • kickasstorrent.cr
  • kick4ss.com
  • kickass.onl
  • kat.am
  • thekat.cc/full
  • kickasstorrents.cr
  • kickass.sx
  • katcr.to
  • ww3.kickass.how
  • kickass2.fun

Some of the torrent links provided may be inaccessible to you because they have been blocked by your ISP. In such instances, you will require a VPN to gain access to the site. Because accessing some torrent websites may be banned in some countries, a VPN is required to keep yourself hidden from your ISP.

Many separate admins administer and run these proxy mirror websites. As a result, they may perform significantly differently from one another while appearing identical.

Should I make use of KickassTorrents?

There are numerous other websites where you can download torrents if you want to try something else. One of them is The Pirate Bay, which is presently the most popular torrent site on the internet.

However, getting acclimated to a new torrent site can be difficult. So it’s entirely up to you whether or not to use the new KickassTorrents sites.

When will the original KickassTorrents website be operational again?

We don’t think the original website will be restored anytime soon. The website has been taken down by US authorities for many years.

Because the domain was stolen from the actual owner, the iconic Kickasstorrent site may reappear under a new domain name. It may already have, but we are unaware of it.

About KickassTorrents

KickassTorrents, or KAT, was a torrent download website. The website offered users the opportunity to download free copyrighted software and movies, attracting over a million visitors every day. The website was taken offline by the US government due to the distribution of pirated content.

While the KickassTorrents website stated that it complied with the DMCA and removed any copyrighted information that was reported, the staff never did so, causing the site to be removed.

Who is the owner?

Artem Vaulin created the website in 2008, and it immediately became one of the most famous torrent websites. As of October 2017, KickassTorrents was the 69th most viewed website in the world, with a global Alexa rating of 1,572.

The servers were taken down.

In July 2016, the US authorities seized the site’s servers and took down its domain name. The takedown followed a two-year investigation that began when the US Department of Justice filed a criminal complaint against Vaulin.

Following the confiscation, multiple mirror domains were established, and the original Kickasstorrent forum was reactivated. The website is currently managed by volunteers and has been blocked in Ireland, Italy, Denmark, Portugal, and Malaysia.

Despite the fact that the website has been outlawed, millions of people visit it every day. The primary reason for this is that many users have shifted to various torrent websites or begun using VPNs to conceal their IP addresses.

While not the only torrent website on the internet, KickassTorrents is one of the most popular. This is mostly because it was one of the first websites to provide magnet links and featured a large range of movies and TV episodes.

Torrent websites such as KickassTorrents

Since its demise in 2016, several other torrent websites, such as PirateBayTorrents and ExtraTorrent, have grown in popularity. However, these websites are not without issues, as they have been shut down by the government on several occasions.

Due to the increasing number of lawsuits and investigations, torrent websites in general are becoming increasingly difficult to operate. This is likely to keep happening, which means that users will need to be more careful in the future when downloading copyrighted information.

Despite this, torrent websites remain a popular tool for people to share and download files. They typically provide a diverse range of content and are simple to use. Torrent websites can be a terrific method to obtain content that is not available in your country, as long as you take care to safeguard your identity.

Are there any more websites like Kickasstorrent?

While some people may be dissatisfied with the KickAss sites we mentioned above, there are a couple of extra file-sharing sites that are presently the best places to download torrents.

The best KickassTorrents alternatives

The alternatives to KickassTorrents listed below are very user friendly. Because there are so many peer-to-peer users, downloading torrents should be lightning fast.

  • The Pirate Bay – thepiratebay.org
  • TorLock – torlock.com
  • iDope – idope.se
  • YTS / Yify Torrent – yts.mx
  • 1337x – 1337x.to
  • LimeTorrents – limetorrents.io
  • ExtraTorrent – extratorrent.si
  • Dirty Torrents – dirtytorrents.com
  • Zooqle – zooqle.com


What exactly is KickassTorrents?

KickassTorrents (KAT) is a website that offers torrent files and magnet links for BitTorrent-based peer-to-peer file sharing. It was founded in 2008 and has since become one of the most popular torrent websites.

What exactly is the goal of KickassTorrents?

Kickasstorrent primary goal is to provide an online directory of torrent files and magnet links to aid in peer-to-peer file sharing. The site also features user-generated content, including copyrighted material uploaded by visitors. As a result, it has faced various law suits from copyright holders.

How does KickassTorrents function?

BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file sharing service that allows users to distribute data between machines directly. When you download a torrent file from Kickasstorrent, you are actually downloading a little file that provides the internet address of the larger file. This torrent file is then opened by a BitTorrent client, such as uTorrent, which connects to other users who have acquired the same torrent file and downloads the desired files from them.

What exactly is a magnet link?

A magnet link is a type of hyperlink that can be used to download a torrent file directly from kickasstorrent. Rather than clicking on a torrent link, simply click on the magnet link, and your BitTorrent client will open and begin downloading the appropriate files.

What is the procedure for adding a torrent to my BitTorrent client?

You can add a torrent to your BitTorrent client in a variety of ways. One method is to right-click the magnet link and choose “Copy link address” from the popup menu. Then, launch BitTorrent and paste the copied link into the “add torrent” dialogue box. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the magnet link into your BitTorrent client screen.

What exactly is a.torrent file?

A.torrent file is a short file that contains all of the necessary information to download a larger file using the BitTorrent protocol. This tiny file is downloaded when you download a torrent file from Kickasstorrent. Once you have the torrent file, open it with any BitTorrent client and begin downloading the contents you want.

Where can I get the .torrent files for the movies and TV series I wish to watch?

.torrent files for movies and TV shows can usually be found on kickasstorrent’s home page. Not all torrents, however, are hosted on the Kickasstorrent website. You may need to look for the torrent file on other websites or utilise a torrent search engine in some circumstances.

How can I determine whether a torrent is safe to download?

There is no surefire method for determining whether a torrent is safe to download. You can, however, use numerous web services, such as TorrentFreak, to determine which torrents are secure and which are not.

What should I do if I download a virus from a torrent?

If you feel you have downloaded a virus from a torrent, you should run an antivirus programme on your computer. You should also stop downloading torrents from shady websites.

How can I ensure the security of my PC when downloading torrents?

There are various steps you can take to keep your PC safe while downloading torrents. First, you should install and keep an antivirus programme up to date. Second, only download torrents from reputable sources. Finally, before downloading a torrent, always read the comments area.

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