turn flashlight off on iphone

If you’ve been asking, Where’s my flashlight? There are three major ways to turn it off and turn it on. We’ll show you how to use each way to turn on and off the flashlight on your iPhone.

Where Is the iPhone & iPad Flashlight?

You can access your iPhone flashlight through the Control Center, the Lock Screen, or by asking Siri to turn it on or off. Your iPhone’s camera’s LED flash also functions as a flashlight. That implies that the flashlight function is available on all iPhones, from earlier models like the iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 7, to the most recent iPhones.

The iPad, iPad Pro, and iPod Touch all have flashlights that can be turned on and off in almost the same way as the iPhone. So you don’t have to pay for a flashlight app; it’s completely free!

How to Use Siri to Turn the Flashlight Off and On.

You may avoid any mishap in the dark by using Siri to turn on the flashlight. People can utilize Siri to turn on and off the flashlight in two ways: by speaking “Hey Siri” or by touching home button or the side to wake Siri up. Follow the instructions below for using Siri app to turn your iPhone flashlight off and on:

Using “Hey Siri”

  1. For turning on the flashlight, speak Hey Siri “Turn on the Flashlight”
  2. Say Hey Siri “Turn off the flashlight” to turn it off.

Without “Hey Siri”

If Hey Siri isn’t functioning, or if you haven’t turned on Hey Siri on your iPhone, try this technique instead:

  1. Hold down the Home or Side buttons and ask Siri to turn on the flashlight.
  2. Hold down the Home or Side buttons and ask Siri to turn off the flashlight.

How to Turn the Control Center’s Flashlight On and Off

You can access your flashlight from the Control Center, but the approach varies depending on which model iPhone you have. On newer versions like the iPhone 11, or older ones like the iPhone 6s, here’s how to use the flashlight from the Control Center:

On an iPhone X or later, or an iPad with iPadOS 12 or later,

  1. Swipe down from your home or lock screen’s top right corner.
  2. Turn on the flashlight by tapping the symbol.
  3. Tap the flashlight icon once again to turn it off.

On older iPhones or iPads running iOS 11 or earlier:

  1. Swipe up from your home or lock screen’s bottom centre.
  2. Turn on the flashlight by tapping the symbol.
  3. Tap the flashlight icon once again to turn it off.

How to Add the Flashlight Icon to the Control Center

If the icon of your flashlight is missing from the Control Center, you need to turn it back on in the menu of Control Center>Settings app.

To reclaim your lost flashlight icon, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Settings app.
  2. Open the Settings menu.
  3. Select a control centre.
  4. Iphone control centre.
  5. Scroll down and tap the green circle next to Flashlight.
  6. Add a flashlight to the control center.
  7. The Control Center now has a flashlight icon.

How to Turn On and OFF an iPhone’s Flashlight from the Lock Screen

By turning on the flashlight from the lock screen, you may avoid needing to unlock your iPhone to light the way. Depending on your iPhone model, a flashlight icon will appear on the lock screen, or you will need to launch the Control Center from the lock screen to access the flashlight. Either way, it may be followed by an incredibly quick trick that turns off the flashlight with a single move.

How to turn ON or turn Off the flashlight on an iPhone XR, XS, 11 Pro, or iPad Pro. If you have an iPhone X or iPad Pro or later, you can now turn on your flashlight from the lock screen without visiting the control centre.

  1. Raise to wake or tap the side button to bring up the lock screen.
  2. To turn on the flashlight, press the flashlight symbol.
  3. Turn on the flashlight on the iPhone X lock screen.
  4. To turn the flashlight off, press the flashlight symbol again.

How to Turn on the Flashlight on an iPhone 8, 7 Plus, 6s, and Older (Or Turn Off the Flashlight). You can turn on the flashlight on your iPhone with a single press in the Control Center for earlier models such as the iPhone 8, 7 Plus, and 6S.

  1. Swipe up from the bottom of your home or lock screen on older iPhone models.
  2. Turn on the flashlight by tapping the symbol.
  3. Tap the flashlight icon once again to turn it off.
  4. The iPhone flashlight will remain turned on while you use your iPhone until you turn it off.

A Simple Method for Turning Off the Flashlight

Opening Control Center and fumbling for the proper icon to turn off the flashlight might feel like too many steps, especially if you don’t want Control Center to be accessible from your lock screen or don’t have Hey Siri activated.

Here’s how to turn off the flashlight on your iPhone without accessing the Control Center.

  1. Because the camera flash and flashlight on your iPhone use the same bulb, launching the Camera app turns off the flashlight.
  2. To enter the lock screen on any iPhone model, press the side button.
  3. Raise to Wake may also be used to reach the lock screen on newer iPhones.
  4. Swipe left from the Lock Screen, as if to open the camera, then release before reaching the halfway point.
  5. The flashlight will turn off, and you’ll still be on the lock screen.

Is your flashlight too dim?

3D Touch can be used to adjust the brightness of the flashlight. If you have an iPhone 6s or later, you may use 3D Touch to adjust the brightness of your iPhone’s flashlight. If you have an older iPhone, an XR, or an 11 model, use a long press instead of 3D Touch. If your flashlight not working then check out this article.

How to Adjust the Brightness of the iPhone Flashlight:

  1. Open the Control Center.
  2. D3D Press firmly on the flashlight symbol.
  3. On the screen, a segmented bar will emerge.
  4. Swipe up on the bar to turn up the brightness of the flashlight.
  5. To dim the flashlight, swipe down on the bar.
  6. Choose your preferred brightness, then tap the screen to return to the Control Center.
  7. You can’t yet ask Siri to make your flashlight brighter or dimmer, but it’s possible that feature will be added in a future operating system.

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