Action Camera Flashlight

Action Camera Flashlight: The majority of action cameras do not have a flashlight. A flashlight is a very helpful addition to an action camera, as it is sometimes the only way to see in the dark or underwater.

Action cameras do not have the low-light capability of a DSLR or mirrorless camera. They are also unable to take long-exposure photographs, as this would negate the objective.

What exactly is an action camera flashlight?

An action camera flashlight is an LED light that may be used in conjunction with an action camera. It is usually designed to be installed alongside an action camera, although it may also be used as a separate device.

A normal action camera flashlight produces roughly 300 lumens, which is bright enough to record nice films. These action camera flashlights are also intended to function underwater and, in most cases, can travel as deep as 30-50 metres.

The light is often used by putting it beside the action camera itself to ensure that you always have adequate lighting for your recordings.

The greatest action camera flashlights provide a very bright white light and can run for hours on a single set of excellent batteries. This is the only method to utilise your action camera at night or in low light settings.

If you have an action camera, you may also require action camera protection. This improves the performance of your action camera even when it is submerged.

What is the best flashlight for an action camera?

The most crucial factor to consider when shopping for a flashlight for your action camera is that it can endure the harsh climate and components of an active lifestyle.

A perfect flashlight will be small, lightweight, and weatherproof—rain or shine—with a shockproof body and no glass elements that may break.

The better ones will also supply you with hours of bright light.

Tips for selecting Flashlight for your Action Camera

There are different varieties of action camera flashlight options available, each with its own set of features and qualities. When selecting the best style for you, price, keep availability, size, and weight in mind, as well as utility and durability.

The most crucial thing is that it suits your camera. If you own a GoPro, you should get an action camera flashlight designed specifically for it. In other cases, the flashlight may not fit tightly on your smartphone and may even interfere with its buttons or lenses.

We realise that if you possess an action camera, you don’t want to spend hours searching the internet trying to figure out which flashlight to buy.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular Amazon models based on consumer feedback. If you want to locate an action camera flashlight that people like, check out our list of the top 8 best action camera flashlights.

best flashlight for an action camera

The Best 8 Action Camera Flashlights

Because action camera flashlights have been around for over a decade, many individuals already own one. Because so many people already possess one, Amazon is saturated with consumer feedback, allowing us to rank the top 8 best action camera flashlight options based on those reviews. These are the models that function well, last a long time, and don’t cost an arm and a leg.

1-LitraTorch 2.0 Action Camera Flashlight

Portable Studio Lighting: Because of its 800 lumens, 90+ CRI, 5700K Daylight Color Temperature, flicker-free illumination, and many mounting choices, the LitraTorch 2.0 is a great photography and filmmaking partner. The DEFCON1’s quality, style, and performance make it a formidable waterproof small LED camera light, with an 810G military accreditation and a waterproof rating of 60 feet (20m). The USB port is likewise waterproof, so it can endure depths regardless of whether the cover is on or off.

The LitraTorch flashlight 2.0 includes two 1/4-inch-20 action camera mount holes as well as a built-in magnet for attaching to metal surfaces. It also comes with a cold shoe for DSLR cameras and a GoPro attachment, enabling you to personalise your mounting choices for action cameras.

When the battery life of the LitraTorch 2.0 runs out, it becomes a flexible camera capable of capturing stills or video. You’ll have plenty of time to prepare your shots and get your shots with 4 hours of continuous light. Due to clever thermal management, the LitraTorch 2.0 is likewise built to last and perform well.

2-VILTROX VL-162T LED Video FlashLight 2-CRI95

There are 162 LEDs in the Viltrox VL-162T CRI95+ LED video light. It is dimmable, with three brightness settings (10%, 60%, and 100%) that allow you to tailor the brightness to your photography or videography demands. You may also concentrate it where you need it by adjusting the lighting angle.

This flashlight features a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery that will allow you to record films for 30 minutes at maximum brightness or 60 minutes at 10% brightness from your action camera. There are two USB charging connectors on the device. The package includes a USB cable. This light is compatible with GoPro Max, GoPro Hero 3-10, GoPro Fusion, Nikon SLR, Canon SLR, Sony SLR, and Panasonic SLR cameras, as well as all other action and SLR cameras.

3-Nitecore GP3 Action Camera FlashLight

The NITECORE GP3 Action Camera Light is a lightweight, small, high-performance flashlight built exclusively for your GoPro. The light has an adjustable beam and three brightness settings, making it suitable for any scenario. It may also be used as a standalone flashlight. The Nitecore GP3 has five brightness levels, including strobe mode, so you can find the best setting for your needs.

This little yet strong light can operate for up to 100 minutes on low and capture video constantly without worrying about your battery depleting before you finish your work or activity. This light is weather-resistant and can withstand rain, dust, humidity, and moist surroundings, whether you’re using it on a rainy day or out in the snow.

4-ULANZI VL49 LED Video FlashLight

This LED video light boasts a CRI95+ colour temperature range of 3200k–5600k and 49 LEDs. It is dimmable, light, and lightweight. The anti-slip design on the top allows you to easily connect and detach this light. There are five illumination modes: high (100%), medium (60%), low (50%), and extremely low (50%) (10%).

Ulanzi VL49 flashlight includes a rechargeable built-in Li-ion battery with a capacity of 2000 mAh that will allow you to record from your action camera uninterrupted movies for 100 minutes at maximum brightness or 600 minutes at 10% brightness. There is a USB charging cord provided. This light is compatible with GoPro Max, GoPro Hero 3-10, GoPro Fusion, Nikon SLR, Canon SLR, Sony SLR, and Panasonic SLR cameras, as well as all other action and SLR cameras.

5-Pioneer Action Camera Flashlight – Nitecore EA41

The Nitecore EA41 is the latest iteration of Nitecore’s innovative EA family of portable searchlights and action camera flashlights. Building on the tried-and-true features of the EA4, the EA41 delivers additional features based on consumer input and extensive design studies.

The new EA41 is brighter, more user-friendly, and more durable than prior generations. This light also keeps the greatest aspects of its predecessors, such as the small body design and easy AA battery power supply. The EA41 features a CREE XM-L2 (U2) LED, which is an improvement over prior versions. This light can now output 1020 lumens, which is nearly unheard of for lights that operate on ordinary AA batteries.

Of course, the flashlight intensity may be adjusted for your action camera. This light is one of the most adaptable on the market, with settings such as turbo, high, medium, low, and ultra-low micro. The EA41 also contains a dazzling strobe mode that may be instantly used for emergency signalling or self-defence. The E41 was created with the goal of being employed in real-world circumstances. As a result, it will very likely be vulnerable to drops, scratches, smashes, water, and other debris.

6-LED Video Light VL-81 with Softbox

One of the greatest versions on the market is the VL-81 LED video light. It has 81 CRI95 + 3200k–5600k LEDs, a large softbox design for a wider and brighter angle, and a white diffuser plate. The softbox shape also makes it ideal for indoor video and portrait photography. It includes a quick-release buckle that makes it simple to attach and disengage.

Install this flashlight on your helmet, backpack, bicycle, or anywhere else you want to shoot the best action video possible without worrying about lighting on your camera. It works with GoPro Hero 3 to 10, GoPro Max, GoPro Fusion, Canon SLR, Nikon SLR, Sony SLR, and Panasonic SLR cameras, as well as any other SLR and action cameras.

7-GoPro Zeus Mini Action Rechargeable LED FlashLight

This is an approved Go Pro attachment, so you can count on it to do the job. The following are some of the most critical characteristics of this action camera flashlight: Because it’s a GoPro, you can expect it to face any difficulty. This light is waterproof to 33 feet (10 metres) and is intended for outdoor use.

The built-in rechargeable battery in GoPro Zeus mini lasts up to 6 hours. The battery’s life might vary based on usage and other environmental variables. Attach it to metal surfaces like appliances, equipment, pipelines, and car parts. It’s perfect for tasks around the house and under the hood. The Magnetic Swivel Clip Light should not be magnetised and should not be attached to any moving objects.

With four brightness settings ranging from 20 to 200 lumens, you can choose how much (or how little) light you want.20 lumens at level 1. 60 lumens at level 2. 125 lumens at level 3. 200 lumens in Overdrive Mode (burst of super bright light up to 30 seconds for ultra-illumination). Strobe mode allows you to let folks know where you are and show off your skills. It’s ideal for signalling, being noticed, and impromptu dance parties.

8-ThruNite Ti3 Keychain FlashLight

Customers seeking the best flashlight for their action camera often choose the ThruNite keychain flashlight. The ThruNite Ti3 is a lightweight flashlight that measures 3.7 by 0.8 inches (94 x 19 mm) and weighs around 0.04 pounds (1.22 oz or 28 g).


With any of these top-rated action and DSLR video flashlight options, you can’t go wrong. They’re all reasonably priced, have strong features that can help you improve your films and photos, are compatible with the majority of SLR cameras on the market, and have received great ratings from internet customers. Simply be sure you check various reviews before making your ultimate decision.

FAQ Regarding the Action Camera Flashlight

How waterproof is an action camera flashlight?

Some, but not all, are. Check the characteristics of your preferred action camera flashlight before purchasing it, especially if you want to use it for underwater photography or filming.

Is it pricey to buy an action camera flashlight?

Yes and no. The price range on Amazon is $15-$70. The most common versions cost about $35.

Can we adjust the angle of the flashlight in the action camera?

Yes, all or nearly all action camera flashlights have adjustable angles. In this manner, you can easily direct the light where you want it.

What exactly is a flashlight for an action camera?

An action camera flashlight provides a bright and dimmable light source that connects to your favourite outdoor sports cameras.

Where can I get a flashlight for my action camera?

An action camera flashlight may be purchased online. Amazon has some fantastic prices on these items.

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