iPhone Flashlight Not Working

Why is my iPhone Flashlight Not Working? Let’s find out. A flashlight in a phone is a lifeline and an underappreciated iPhone function. We mostly use it at night to capture shots. And perhaps to track way out of a dark environment, such as a theater or camping. Furthermore, there is no way to take photographs at night. It will also make no difference if you see an issue such as the iPhone flashlight not working.

If you’re not a camera person, it will not interest you too much at the start. However, the flashlight function is useful in emergency and urgent circumstances. As a result, it is not suggested that you disregard this problem. However, We wouldn’t worry too much about this little issue because you’re not the only one seeing an “iPhone flashlight not working” error. Many iPhone owners have expressed their dissatisfaction with this issue. And the funny thing is, they have no idea about this issue.

Furthermore, this problem appears to be unique to different iPhone owners. Some customers reported that the flashlight on their iPhone is not working. Others claim that the LED does not function while running the camera. Meanwhile, the flashlight in the control center was greyed out for certain users.

However, you no longer need to be concerned. We wrote this post to help you understand why you’re having this problem. And how to resolve the “iPhone flashlight not working” issue. So, without further ado, let us get started.

Why Isn’t the flashlight not working on iPhone?

Technology might be difficult to grasp at times. When you make such a mistake, the situation might quickly deteriorate. And there might be various reasons why you’re experiencing that vexing issue. For example, this issue generally appears after updating your iPhone to the latest iOS version. To assist you in resolving this issue, We wrote this article and listed some beneficial solutions.

We also assure you that these fixes will not take up too much of your time. Some of these answers will just take some time to complete. Other alternatives may need only a few seconds of your time.

Properly charging the iPhone

A low battery might be one of the causes of an issue such as “iPhone flashlight not working.” For example, if your iPhone has a very low battery left, the phone will be unable to turn on its flashlight. Furthermore, there is a potential that your iPhone will be very hot or cold. If you notice these conditions, Users can charge their iPhone or keep its temperature stable. Its flashlight may eventually turn on.

So let’s test each solution one at a time to find what works best. If your iPhone’s battery is nearly depleted, the flashlight may not function properly. This is especially true if the phone is extremely hot or extremely cold, circumstances that already limit its ability to perform properly. Charge your iPhone, cool it, and then try again.

Stop the Camera app.

Initially, make sure your camera app isn’t interfering with your iPhone flashlight’s performance. For example, the flashlight and the camera app use the same bulb. As a result, neither app can use the flash capability simultaneously.

And you don’t have to go through any rigorous procedures to determine whether or not this is the case? Simply go to your iPhone’s task manager and delete the Camera app. If your iPhone flashlight has started working again, or if there is no camera application is running in the background, then your camera app was interfering with the flashlight.

Restarting the iPhone

Sometimes, a restart is required for a smartphone to adjust to new settings. This may also assist you in resolving issues such as “iPhone flashlight not working.” And please accept my apologies if you were experiencing anything more complex, such as typing a command or message blocking issues.

Restore Factory Settings on your iPhone

This is the most severe form of resetting your iPhone’s settings. When you reset your iPhone’s settings, for example, it resets your iPhone’s system and app settings, privacy settings, and so on. Moreover, the restore process will delete practically everything on your iPhone, like applications, settings, and OS, as well as the firmware of your iPhone. In a nutshell, this option will return your iPhone to its original state.

To restore your iPhone’s factory settings, you’d have to go through a few procedures. This approach will also take longer than simply resetting your iPhone’s settings. In addition, by following this process, you may fix the “iPhone flashlight not working” issue.

Please remember that this process will destroy all of your iPhone data, including personal images and movies. As a result, if you don’t want to delete all of this stuff, We recommend establishing a backup beforehand.

To restore the iPhone without needing a Mac or PC, follow these steps:

  • Configure the settings
  • Select “General.”
  • Click the “Reset” button.
  • Click “Erase All Content and Settings.”

To proceed, your iPhone may prompt you to write an Apple ID password or a passcode. As a result, write your Apple ID password or passcode and tap the Continue button. The procedure will now begin shortly. And, depending on the state of your device, it should only take a few minutes.

You may learn how to reset your iPhone’s factory settings using a computer by visiting this Apple website.

Resetting the iPhone will fix the flashlight not working.

To reset your iPhone settings, simply follow a few simple steps. Furthermore, you will not require a Mac or a PC to perform this operation. You may reset your iPhone via the Settings app. Simply restoring your iPhone’s settings will reset your app and phone settings as well as your network passwords.

Furthermore, We want to assure you that you will not lose any of your personal information due to this process. Even using this method, you will not erase any apps from your iPhone. On the other hand, your iPhone will be reset to its default settings. And if you or an app have done anything incorrectly, you may no longer get the “iPhone flashlight not working” message. This procedure will also remove your iPhone’s background.

  • Configure the settings
  • Select “General.”
  • Choose “Reset.”
  • Select “Reset All Settings.”
  • Click the “Confirm” button.

There are a few more options available, such as Reset Location, Reset Network Settings, and Reset Home Screen Layout, Privacy, and so on. You may reset the context of an iPhone by selecting one of these settings. However, to resolve the “iPhone flashlight not working” problem, we chose to reset all settings.

Restoring Previous iPhone Backup

Typically, we utilize this technique to recover lost or damaged data. However, if your iPhone becomes dysfunctional for any reason, you may restore your old backup to resolve the issue. This may be useful if you see an error such as “iPhone flashlight is not working.”

Restoring the old backup of the iPhone is a difficult operation. Furthermore, if you make a mistake, you may lose vital data. As a result, you should first make a backup of your current iPhone’s data. Also, before restoring your previous backup, remember to disconnect your Apple ID (or iCloud ID). You wouldn’t be able to use your Apple or iCloud ID to access your iPhone otherwise. You’ll also need to use different Apple or iCloud IDs to get access to it.

To restore your iPhone’s previous backup, follow this official Apple guide.

Try a hard reset on iPhone to fix flashlight not working issue.

The iPhone has two reset options: soft reset or hard reset. You may conduct a soft reset by simply turning your iPhone on and off. A soft reset, on the other hand, will only operate as a hibernate feature on a computer. When you switch off your iPhone, it will shut off everything running on it. However, when you power on your iPhone, every program will be restarted. As a result, if your iPhone is running an app that is causing a problem, it will not be resolved due to its uncleared RAM.

A hard reset may be performed by pushing a few buttons for 8–10 seconds. The model of your iPhone determines the buttons you should tap. In contrast, it also clears all of your iPhone’s RAM and starts with a new and clean task manager. It’s the same as restarting a computer or laptop.

A hard reset will erase all of your iPhone’s application RAM data. As a result, if you are experiencing an iPhone flashlight not working problem, there might be a flaw caused by an app, and emptying your iPhone’s RAM could assist you in removing this app’s fault.

Go to the Apple Store

If you’ve done everything and your iPhone flashlight still isn’t working, it’s time to throw in the towel. These are the most prevalent and nearly all of the working solutions. We presented this in this post. If you’re still seeing this message, it suggests your iPhone has a hardware or software issue. As a result, We will not advise you to seek and attempt further ways to get your iPhone flashlight working.

The only suggestion We can give you right now is to go to an Apple Store and describe the problems you’re having. Under warranty, phones will be fixed for free.

What If iPhone Flashlight still not Working

We have listed some methods and options available to you for resolving the “iPhone flashlight not working” problem. All of these answers will be divided into three phases, each of which will become more difficult as you progress. The initial stage is to try some basic methods to assess the status of your iPhone. Stop the Camera app, charge your iPhone, restart your iPhone, and so on. You’re in luck if the flashlight on your iPhone not working issue has been fixed.

Furthermore, if the flashlight is still not working on iPhone, you must try the answers in the second step. Some examples are restoring a previous backup, resetting your iPhone’s settings, hard reset, and restoring your iPhone’s factory settings. When compared to prior solutions, these are more difficult to address. However, it is still preferable to resolve this issue by using these options.

If not, We hope you have a warranty on your iPhone. Otherwise, you need to pay the Apple service center to repair the iPhone flashlight not working issue. It is also not advised to hunt for another solution to this problem independently. It may aggravate the condition of your iPhone.

So there you have it, a way to resolve the issue of “iPhone flashlight not working.” And We hope it assists you in resolving this issue. Please do tell us if it did.

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