Mudae Bot Commands

A lot of people use the Mudae bot on Discord in today’s time. More than 9 million Discord servers have already set up the Mudae bot. This is the bot for you if you like manga, anime, or video games. Make sure to start taking advantage of all that the bot and Mudae commands can do for you now!

What Is Mudae Bot on Discord?

You can use the commands to get waifus and husbandos with this Discord bot because it’s one of the best for anime because of how you can get them. By using the Mudae commands, numerous combinations of waifus and husbandos can be found. You can look for them there. People who use the Karuta Discord bot and the Mudae bot are very different, but they both work in a lot of different ways.

Users can find out more about the person who made the bot by going to Saya Akdepskal. She developed it to help people. Developers updates the bot regularly, and any user can select the latest anime characters for the database to add to the list of characters in the database.

Mudae bot has around 65k “waifus” and “husbandos” today who are available for getting married and divorced, and they can be found all over the place, even in the middle of the city. Here’s how you say it: From official anime and manga to comics and video games, the characters are from all of these places, as well as other places.

It is possible for people from Sword Art Online or Rurouni Kenshin to show up as husbandos or waifus. Make it easy for people to do what you want when you set up the Mudae bot on your Discord server. It’s a game with your friends to see who has the best harem.

How to get Mudae Bot In Discord?

When it comes to adding other bots and the Mudae Bot, there isn’t a lot of difference. There are a few things you should do before this to make the process look less complicated.

  • You need to invite the Mudae bot to join your Discord server before you can add it as a bot to your chat room. In a very short time, you can do this from the official site of the Mudae bot, which is very easy. Direct links to invite Mudae, a bot that can help you with your game, are also there. Discord is where it can also be found, but it can also be found there.
  • The next step is to go to Discord. When you click on the link in your invite, you’ll be taken there. Then, you’ll be asked to choose a Discord server where you want to add your Mudae bot. If you haven’t already signed in to your server, do this right away if haven’t already. In the next step, you’ll go to your Discord server and sign in to it.
  • You can now add the Mudae bot to the Discord server you want to use, and you can use it. Give your bot the permission it needs to do this before you can even do this.

Before you give the Discord bot any power, go through the permissions and figure out how much you’ll be giving it.

Mudae Bot Commands

One of the most important bot commands in Mudae is called $waifus ($w). If you want, you can roll any female character from a game or an anime into the air with this one. It’s not just anime and games that you can roll female characters from to marry. You can also choose to marry them.

$husbandos ($h) is one of the basic commands in the Mudae bot. Before this, there was a person who was very different from this person. There is a tool that lets you select a random male character from an anime or a game that you can choose from. Users can also change male characters from games ($hg) or anime ($ha) into people to get married to, so you could find someone to marry.

In basic Mudae commands, there isn’t a command called $marry ($m). This command lets you roll any random character from a game or anime into the air and move them around on the ground, which is very useful. In this case, the person could be a husbandos or waifus. If you start to roll them up, you can only pick ten characters for your waifus and husbandos to marry. A bot called Mudae does this.

Mudae Bot Server

You can go there by clicking on a link in this text. The $setrolls Mudae bot Premium lets you use this command to make more rolls for everyone on your server. You can do this with this command. The more rolls you have in games with friends, the better for everyone.

  1. Setting up a new server in the channel – $channelinstance
  2. Change how many characters each user can write – $haremlimit
  3. There is going to be a change made to the game mode on this server by the admin – $gamemode
  4. Server premium II with Admin – $setinterval
  5. The characters that aren’t very well-liked can be turned off in mode 2 – $servlimroul
  6. With $setrolls, the number of rolls for the whole server can be changed by the admins.
  7. If you own a character, you can set the spawn rarity of that character to what you want it to be – $setrare
  8. When a character is claimed by an administrator, they can change how long it takes to do so – $settimer
  9. To reset claim at a different time than it did before – $shifthour
  10. To check the server’s settings, type $settings
  11. The hearts were added to the rolls after they changed – $togglereact
  12. Admins can select to show or hide the claim ranks – $toggleclaimrolls

How Many Characters are in Mudae Discord Bot?

There is a game called “character roulette” that people in Mudae play a lot. A lot of anime, manga, and video game characters can be played with this. It has more than 60,000 characters. Along with the roulette, Mudae has a lot of other games and bot commands that you can play and use, too.

If you want to add mudae bot characters to your wishlist, you can use $wish [character name]. A character you want can be added to your “wishlist.” When the character shows up in the chat, you’ll get a notification that says, “I want this,” or “I want this.”

Adding more keys In Mudae

There is only one way to get keys in the Mudae bot. Users need to switch the same character twice, which is the right way. It should also be yours to play with again. To get more keys, you have to play for a long time.

Wrap Up

Discord servers are great for websites, people who are online, and more. Because they’re so simple, they’re one of the best ways to build an online community for a brand, service, or favourite hobby. Several third-party apps have been made, such as Discord bots. This has led to a lot of them.

Thanks to a new set of bots for Discord, people can now play full text and image-based games through the service. As Discord has gotten older, these bots have become more and more creative, and they are getting better and better at it. On small servers, it’s great because the Mudae bot has an easy way to get new characters because there aren’t many of them.

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