Counting Bot Discord Commands

The Counting Bot on Discord is very popular in the gaming community. Discord is known for having a great community of gamers and great bots. Any new and exciting game that is the result of unique thoughts and a lot of hard work is welcomed by the Discord community.  It also has a lot of great games that are addictive, exciting, and fun to play. Often, these bot developers don’t think about how they make simple games so wonderful and amazing that they become the new thing on the platform.

Counting Bot Discord Overview

The counting bot is a big hit with people who use Discord and with the people who run the servers. So far, the bot has been on about 267,654 servers, and it keeps getting more and more popular each day. This bot lets its users play a game that is one of the easiest games they’ve ever played over Discord. It’s clear from the title that you already know the name. This is another bot called the “Counting Bot.” People who like to code have created another great thing with their efforts and dedication, and the counting Discord bot is one of them. In this blog, we’ll talk about one of the best and most interesting bots for Discord. First, let’s learn a little more about the bot’s following and more. The bot isn’t a new one and has been on the Discord platform for a while now.

What is the purpose of having a counting bot on your Discord Server?

There are so many people who use this bot that it is now one of the best choices for them. This is because it has great features and the best game. Talking about the bot’s first impression, the counting bot discord has the simplest interface that anyone can figure out how to use. A simple bot makes it one of the best. The main idea of the bot is for people to count backwards without making mistakes or repeating the same number twice. Now, think about what a simple job count is. There’s a twist here, though. The bot doesn’t seem to make this simple game easy. In order to keep up with the user’s skills and speed, the bot has set some rules that need to be followed and thought about while playing the game.

Rules for Counting Bot Discord

The counting bot on Discord has a set of rules that one should keep in mind while playing the counting game. First, there are no robots that can be used to count the number of people in a room. If any of this activity is found, the user may be banned from the game. Second, if a number is repeated or counting is broken by the user twice, the counting will go back to how it was before, and the user will have to start over again. The bot comes with two main rules. When you use the counting bot on the Discord server, you must follow these rules even though they aren’t the only ones. So, the bot is a great one to try out, addictive, and a must for your servers.

Counting Bot Discord Setup

In order to install the counting bot on your discord server, you can use this link to get it. To setup and add the Counting Bot Discord the right way, follow the steps in this guide.

  • When you see the “Invite” button above, click on it.
  • This is the second step. Choose the server that you want to add the Counting bot to.
  • Grant the counting bot the permissions it requires to function for discord.
  • Fill in the captcha.
  • Return to the server where you inserted the Counting bot and repeat the process.
  • Finally, the counting bot has been added to your Discord server.

There is also a support group for the Counting Bot Discord, so if you ever have problems with the bot, you can ask for help in the group if you need it.

Discord Counting Bot Commands

The default prefix for the Counting Bot Discord is “c!” but you can change it. Keep in mind that you need to add the prefix before you write the bot commands down.

Input fields with a “?” before them are optional.

Commands for Users

The top ten current scores can be seen using command – c!cs ?[pageNumber]

The top ten high scores are shown by using the command – c!lb ?[pageNumber]

Use this command to see the top ten uses – c!ulb ?[pageNumber]

c!slb ?[pageNumber] is used to view the top ten people in your guild.

If you want to see a user’s status, then use the command – c!user ?[@user/userId]

Server stats can be found with c!server

With c!donatesave you can give the current guild some donations.

c!transfersave [@user/userId] used to give one of your savings to someone else with a tax of 0.5%.

For bot voting and get saved, type c!vote

If you type c!stats, the bot along with current shard are shown in the text box.

Administrative Commands

It’s possible to set a role for the bot to add to the people who mess up the count by using the command c!failrole [@role/role id]. To turn it off, run the command without mentioning a role.

With the c!channel command, it is possible to set the bot to hear only a specific channel other than the default one, which is called “counting.”

The command c!numbersonly [on/off] Enable or disable numbers-only mode. The count incase any type of message is sent, even wrong number or bot command.

In your guild, set the language that the bot will speak in with the command c!language ?[languageCode]

Is the counting bot not working for Discord?

This can happen, for example, when the Counting Bot doesn’t work on Discord or endup showing Discord error. A bot server could be down for any reason, so if you have trouble, check the Counting Support Community Server first.

Also, make sure that you have given the counting bot the right permissions on your Discord server. This can be done in the settings tab.

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