how to change wifi password

This simple guide will help you how to change your WiFi password and username, no matter if you are using a PC or Apple’s Mac. There’s a misconception that you need a PC or Laptop to change your WiFi password or username. Here’s how to change your WiFi password or username using any device connected to the Internet.

Some basic things required before you start to change:

  • The IP address for your WiFi router.
  • Your current Wifi username and password.

Once you have the above 2 pieces of information, you can change your WiFi password and username on a Mac or PC.

How to Change WiFi Username and Password

1-Enter your router’s IP Address into the search bar of any web browser. You can use Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or even Microsoft Edge to install it on your computer.

Make sure to be on the same network that you are trying to access.

2.Then hit return.

3.Enter your router’s username and password (written on the back) into the pop-up menu.

Depending on your router model, your default username may be “admin,” “root,” or blank. Your password may be “password,” “admin,” or blank.

Once you found your router’s username and password, make sure to write it down in case you forget it later.

4.Enter your existing WiFi password and username and click Sign In.

5.Look for “Wireless Settings.” in your router, If you cannot find that, try to look for “Security Settings.”

6.Enter your new desired WiFi password and username and then choose to apply. Your username may also be under the “SSID,” section and your password may be under “Passphrase” or “WPA-PSK Key” or “Wireless Key” or “WPA2 PSK Key,” section depending on what router’s model you have, and the kind of network security it has.

Find out the differences in settings of network security.

7.Check your system preferences before applying the changes.

Make sure to write down your updated WiFi password and username if you lose it in the future.

After changing your WiFi password or username, you can expect your internet connection to go down. To regain your connection, Reboot your router. Then, upon reconnection, use your new password so that you can connect to the Internet.

After changing the wifi password, It will disconnect the previously connected devices to your WiFi automatically. You will have to reconnect all your previous devices using the new password manually.

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