Often, a person will want to verify their phone number before answering an unknown caller, especially if the contact is from an unusual or suspicious-looking phone number. People all across the world are currently using free reverse phone lookup service for a variety of reasons. For example, it can be used before answering any questionable phone calls to determine whether an unknown caller is authentic or not. With so many companies now offering free reverse phone lookups, customers may easily get their queries answered without spending any money or using any cell phone minutes.

Many websites now provide free reverse lookup services. Here are five entirely free reverse phone lookup and search services you might wish to utilise before answering a call or accepting a text message. The top four free reverse phone lookups have been added to this site.


NumLooker is a free phone number reverse lookup service. It will provide you with specific information such as the phone number’s owner, location, cellular provider, and more. The website or app links to publicly available databases in seconds to locate the owner of any phone number. Simply type a 10-digit phone number into your search field and you’re done. You may use NumLooker for reverse phone lookup or to search for a phone number by name to determine who is calling without having to see any unknown numbers. This tool is especially handy if you receive irritating calls from telemarketers or scammers who pose as someone else. If the database contains no information on the number, the search box displays “No Results.”


  • Accesses public databases.
  • The service is completely free and can be used for reverse phone lookup
  • The 10-digit phone number is searched by name.


RealPeopleSearch is a free and dependable people search engine that gives fast name and phone number results. This free reverse phone lookup tool is primarily intended to assist users in determining who is contacting their phone number. It provides a quick and free reverse phone number search that returns extensive information about your caller, such as name, address, and precise location (zip code and street address). Their database presently has over a million records, which are updated hourly. With our rapid reverse phone lookup service, you may find out if someone is living or dead, learn someone’s address, or just locate anybody. For example, you may discover that your mother is not attempting to call you and instead leaves a message on her answering machine. It might also be someone searching for a nasty tip for a restaurant review.


  • If you need to find someone in another nation, simply enter their name and country into their online people finder and you will be given their contact information.
  • RealPeopleSearch offers one of the largest online people search databases and reverse phone lookup service. Most people in the United States may be easily located with only their name and state.
  • Because they do not store your information on file, using the free phone lookup service is risk-free.


There are numerous free phone lookup programmes on the internet, but few can compete with PeopleFinders. This free reverse phone lookup tool is one of the best available, and it has features that set it apart from other internet tools. PeopleFinders has been one of the most popular ways for people to find phone numbers and other contact information since it was started in 1999 to help people find friends, family, and business contacts.

It is a free service that searches over 30 million people in the United States using automated technologies. People’s names and phone numbers that match the name you submit on the PeopleFinders website are scanned from public records such as phone books and library books (or apps). People can be located by searching for a person’s name or a place by entering a state or city. You may also filter your results by age, gender, marital status, and other factors. Reverse phone lookup service is accessible on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows 10 apps, as well as web browsers.


  • Search for numerous people at the same time or by location.
  • Look up people by name or address and reverse phone number as well.
  • Adding your friends to your PeopleFinders account will let you know when other users find them.


Users can utilise TruthFinder’s public records search to locate individuals, property, or reverse phone lookup. The website and mobile app provide search results that contain information such as age, employment, interests, date of birth, prior addresses, and more. TruthFinder can also help you protect yourself against identity theft. Its identity theft protection service complies with the most recent security standards and is reasonably priced. TruthFinder creates a “single source of truth” by analysing documents from several public and private databases using proprietary matching algorithms. It also keeps its public records up-to-date when new information becomes available.


  • TruthFinder may search all national databases (including phone records) simultaneously or independently.
  • The processed data is quite accurate.

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is a strong free public records search engine that assists users in locating warrants, criminal histories, arrests, court dockets, and other necessary information. It can also index all of the main states’ court dockets and acquire free public documents from each state. This is accomplished through the use of their proprietary court database, having information for every offence in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

It goes above and beyond the typical free public record search to give customised results for each user. This is accomplished by taking into consideration a variety of facts unique to the person conducting the search. This enables individuals to discover public documents more effectively and efficiently online. They have kept themselves informed of any changes in the legislation that influence public record information in order to further improve the services supplied by Instant Checkmate. This is accomplished by remaining current on new laws, watching government websites for news, and studying legal material pertinent to Instant Checkmate’s business model. Instant Checkmate has used a number of methods that help them with reverse phone lookup and get closer and closer to their ultimate goal of being perfect.


  • Look for any record that has the most up-to-date information.
  • Free access to public documents for any person.
  • Your data will be sent to you via email in a timely manner.
  • The search at Instant Checkmate is more comprehensive than any other public records lookup service.


PeopleFinderFree is a free reverse phone lookup service that allows you to find out who is calling you by entering their phone number. Whether you recognise the incoming number as your office collegue or know who it may be, type it into the search field to see if we have up-to-date contact information for them. They simply want your initials and last name, as well as your zip code. They do not want your email address. PeopleFinderFree is completely free to use, and no registration is required. You can see who has phoned you in the last 14 days, as well as those who have called you this week and today. It is useful for keeping track of known callers. PeopleFinderFree will assist in saving valuable phone numbers in your contacts list so that others do not have to waste time seeking out phone numbers in the future.


  • Discover who called you today.
  • Look for the names and phone numbers of those who called you in the last 14 days and weeks.
  • Save important phone numbers for later use.
  • Reverse phone lookup
  • There is no need to register.
  • It is free to use.


CocoFinder is a strong free phone lookup tool that not only displays the reverse caller’s name but also their location! It’s incredibly simple to use. Simply input the number and you’ll receive fast results without having to sift through huge lists of individuals! It doesn’t even need you to submit a name.

Furthermore, CocoFinder has a slew of unique features not seen in other free phone lookup apps. It can, for example, learn the name of each unknown number that calls or texts you. That is, if you don’t recognise a number and want to know who it belongs to, just enter it and CocoFinder will tell you. It also has reverse phone lookup, where you can enter a phone number and it will tell you what name correlates with that number. This is important if you receive unfamiliar calls or texts and want to know who is calling or texting you.

Not only that, but CocoFinder will monitor any number that attempts to call or text you! That’s correct. If someone is following you, frequently calling or texting you, harassing you in any manner, or doing anything else, CocoFinder can find them down for you. You’ll be able to view their entire name, email address, social security number, and even a physical description! If you need help finding an abusive ex or simply want to know who is pestering you with phone calls or messages, CocoFinder is the place to go!


  • It’s free, and there are no advertisements in the app.
  • There are no cumbersome registration procedures or forms to complete.
  • CocoFinder can help you monitor a phone number in your region that attempts to contact or text you.
  • By putting the number into the app, you can easily identify the name of any number that calls or messages you.

White Pages

White Pages is a free phone lookup service that searches around 16 million records for everybody registered in the United States. It’s one of the few free phone lookup apps that’s simple to use and doesn’t require any sign-up or login information to get started. Using White Pages, you can look up someone’s phone number and contact them via social media, email, or SMS.You may also use it as a free reverse phone lookup tool by putting the person’s name into the search field under “Search now.” To begin your search, click “Search now.” You will be taken to the outcomes. Click on any result to learn more about that individual right away. The White Pages is updated at least twice a day to incorporate all of the information from over 16 million Americans.


  • The site displays the most current information it has on these people in reverse chronological order, so you can see who has contacted me recently.
  • You may search for two people with the reverse phone lookup service at the same time in the White Pages by separating their names with a comma.
  • You may look up anyone using their name, zip code, residence, gender, age range, race, date of birth, and other characteristics.
  • By providing real-time information for each user, the site’s architecture allows you to see which phone numbers are “in use.” By searching for someone’s name, you may get their phone number.


Spokeo is a search engine that may help you discover people based on their phone number, email address, or just their name. The website is amazing since it provides so many alternatives to help you narrow down your search. To begin a search, use the directory or enter a phone number or email address. Furthermore, Spokeo gives further information on how to locate people, such as date of birth and social media profiles.

Spokeo is an Internet directory that aims to match people with phone numbers or email addresses. When looking for someone on Spokeo, enter their last name, first initial, and phone number. You may also use reverse phone lookup service  and an email address and either a phone number or an email address to search for individuals. However, owing to the enormous quantity of information required to discover a person, this procedure takes time. Developers have shared the website’s code, which allows any user to add data to learn more about people.


  • It is completely free to use.
  • The user interface is simple.
  • It features a full-page view with information including: full birth name, address, phone number, family, work title, and educational history.
  • It contains an extensive database for reverse phone lookup. The database has millions of records about people all across the world.


If you’re looking for a free people search service, FastPeopleSearch is another option. This website is fantastic since it allows you to conduct endless searches using their free service. There are other sites that provide free reverse phone lookup services, but they lack the functionality that this site provides, making them less appealing to use. This service allows you to search for people by name or phone number. You may also look for businesses and perform reverse cell phone searches. You may search the telephone directory by name and location in the telephone directory section. This service makes it extremely simple to discover the information you want, which is why it should be your first pick if you are looking for a free people finder.

There are other internet sites that provide free people search choices, but this one stands out due to its user-friendliness. It’s incredibly simple to use, so you won’t have any trouble locating what you’re looking for. This website is also incredibly easy to use. It features a straightforward interface that makes it simple to use. This website also offers a large number of useful customer reviews that you can read to ensure that it is the ideal one for your needs.

If you wish to utilise a free people search engine, this one will meet all of your requirements. The main drawback is that the free service only allows you to do 10 searches each day.


  • You may store your searches, which will be kept as a bookmark for future reference.
  • The website provides findings in a variety of formats. You may either type a search and obtain results, or use the “People Search” option for reverse phone lookup above and get results that way as well.
  • The website provides excellent customer service! If you have any problems, you may contact them using the website’s email form.
  • The website has helpful tips, tricks, and user reviews.


You may get a free phone number lookup from the sites we listed through free trials. Some of them are completely free. Stick to the top five items for the best results-these services have a superb reputation and offer accurate data 9 times out of 10.

Finding a totally free reverse phone lookup service may be hard in 2022. Obtaining data from an information broker or a local municipality is expensive. As a consequence, you’ll have to pay a reasonable cost for information, unless it’s a fraud.

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