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Whatever your level of IT expertise in Melbourne, IT Managed services may free you up to focus on what matters most. IT Managed services provide a complete IT department dedicated to delivering your core business in Melbourne. IT Managed services benefits allow you to focus on growing your company’s core strengths while a managed services provider assists with day-to-day duties of more time-intensive and complicated initiatives such as:

  • Solution data center
  • DR planning
  • End-user support
  • Cybersecurity, IT, and Asset Management

Finally, managed services providers will enhance your company’s efficiency and competitiveness.

IT Managed services

Services are provided to clients either proactively or as needed by the MSP (not the client).

Affordability of IT Managed Services in Melbourne

Yes. You need managed IT services if your company has 25 or more employees and can’t keep up with all the tech support issues. Or at least worth a free consultation (because most IT providers offer that).

Managed IT Services Pros & Cons

Using a reputable supplier has extra advantages, such as:

  • Preventive Maintenance Costs
  • Predictable & Scalable Costs (OPEX)
  • Quicker Reactions
  • Monitoring & Problem Solving
  • Expertise and Knowledge
  • Data Compliance support
  • Contact for Vendors
  • Cybersecurity support
  • Lower Risk
  • Save Market Time

Any contemporary firm must use technology efficiently. Even the simplest IT systems will ultimately need support. Without enough support, your company may suffer costly downtimes or losses. An in-house IT support department is not always feasible. Third-party IT support services can augment existing solutions to provide more robust yet inexpensive support.

To run a company in Melbourne, third-party-managed IT support services are sometimes required. These services can save you money while still offering top-notch IT support for your company. Any company must manage IT services. Finding the right solutions may help your company greatly.

What Are IT Support Services?

IT Support Services

Anything that uses technology will need support. Third-party IT support services can be termed; IT support services when delivered by a third party. Remembering passwords is a common occurrence among tech-savvy professionals. The right IT support can help guarantee that your organization runs as securely and effectively as possible. Quality IT support services may free up your internal IT personnel to work on business-critical projects rather than mundane maintenance or end-user issues.

How Important are IT support services?

Having 24/7 IT support helps your business function smoothly and allows you to focus on your main business. Customers or partners in need of services will always have service to a dedicated IT technician.

Most businesses want to start small and develop as they grow. With a cloud-managed service, you can easily scale up or down to meet demand. Demands from customers over the Christmas season may demand more bandwidth. A managed provider can help you with this.

Managed services let you expand, upgrade, and use the newest technology.

28 Best IT Managed Services in Melbourne

Melbourne IT

Melbourne IT helps organizations of any size to do business online. Their entire range of cloud-based technology solutions improves the efficiency of businesses and increases profitability for a variety of customers across Melbourne, Australia. Their range of IT Managed services covers everything from helping small companies create an online presence to managing the complicated technology environments of large companies and government entities – such as Internet service for domain names, crucial web hosting as well as online brand protection and promotion and video content delivery applications development services as well as secured cloud management and managed solutions and many more. Melbourne IT’s reputation for honesty and innovation, as well as collaboration and customer-centricity, was developed by its vast group of dedicated professionals who have been providing managed online services since.

Harbour IT

Harbour IT is an Australian company that offers a variety of IT Managed services to Australian companies with offices in Melbourne, Australia. It was founded in 2001 and is now staffed by an employee base of more than 200 highly skilled and trained employees. In October of 2014, Canon Australia acquired a majority stake within Harbour IT. Their main business objective is offering IT Managed Services to corporate Australia. The core of Their services is Harbour IT’s Metro Cloud. Their commitment to customer support has allowed Their company to expand and become an industry leader on the top of the line in the IT Tier 2 Cloud and Managed Services Market in Melbourne, Australia.


Datcom’s goal is to enable SMEs to make leaps in the right direction. In order to achieve this, They collaborate with Their clients to assist in improving their efficiency by installing cost-effective IT systems, making sure that they have a constant level of security and uptime as well as sourcing the top equipment at the most competitive costs. Their dedication to customer quality service is what makes Datcom stand out and is evident in Their average 5-star resolution for tickets, above standard hours from 7 am to 7 pm and a 90-day customer satisfaction guarantee that They are proud to announce that They have never utilized.


AffinityMSP was developed with a single goal in mind: to assist Australian companies to achieve their goals with high-performance technology. Their team members spend time getting familiar with your company and tailoring the IT Managed services you require most. They connect in conversation with clients on a more personal basis, as They consider every client relationship as an alliance. If you choose to partner with AffinityMSP, you’ll be working with a seasoned, reliable tech company that is committed to your success.

Kaine Mathrick Tech

Kaine Mathrick Tech is Australia’s top Managed Service & Cyber Security service, provider. They provide IT infrastructure services that allow an efficient and secure workplace for both businesses and employees. Kaine Mathrick Tech assists Australian companies on IT strategies, applies the most suitable technology to improve business performance, and provides excellent customer IT support and oversees the infrastructure of Their customers.

They aid businesses in maximizing efficiency and increasing the benefit of IT to users, both internal and external.

KMT provides more than 100 customers in different industries. KMT is headquartered in Melbourne and is operating in Australia across the entire country.

First Focus

First Focus is Australia’s best-managed service provider for medium size companies. With tens of thousands of customers backed by hundreds of clients, First Focus has the ability and expertise to provide extensive service management, assistance along with the latest technology to support your business.

They employ more than 160 of Australia’s most skilled technical customer service, customer service, and account management professionals and are constantly investing in top technology to ensure that Their solutions provide the highest quality, cost-efficient and efficiency that are available.


Interactive is among Australia’s top Managed IT, service providers. They are the company of choice for essential Cloud and IT Managed Services, Data Centre, Business Continuity and Hardware Maintenance for more than 2000 of Australia’s most profitable companies. Their reputation for quality is based on the most effective methodologies and processes, and Their staff of more than 400 people is focused on helping Their customers’ businesses grow by providing efficient and innovative IT solutions.

Interactive is a BRW Top 500 Privately Owned Company and is 100% owned by Australians. They have won multiple awards for Their service provider. They are also Quality ISO 9001 certified, Security ISO 14001 certified, and Government Cloud Supplier certified.


CompNow is an Australian-owned Information Technology service provider founded in Melbourne in the year 1990. Since the beginning, CompNow has expanded from a tiny IT reseller into one of Australia’s biggest privately-owned IT service providers. They are recognized as being one of the few companies with “best of the best” methods and personnel in various IT fields. With over 200 engineers clients, client management and remote support employees, CompNow has established offices and warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns and currently Perth.

CompNow provides cost-effective, customized procurement, deployment, and support services to Education, Government & Business and is supported by a local-focused client engagement and delivery model. Their delivery model covers the full range of ICT solutions, from desktops infrastructure, mobile and server up to storage networks, networks and data security management services.

CompNow offers many Managed IT Services clients nationally, with a widespread across corporate & the Education sector. Their core competencies include backup & disaster recovery strategies, infrastructure refresh & management, data security, mobile device/ end-point deployment & management.


They are a top technological solution supplier (MSP) that helps businesses and individuals across Australia as well as New Zealand to be more efficient and safe.

Powernet IT Solutions was founded in 1994 by Jacob Ohlson as a result of recognizing an unmet and ever-growing demand in businesses for more than the supply of hardware and software – businesses require IT solutions. Through time and constant investments in Their own research and development as well as Microsoft technologies, They’ve succeeded in taking Their clients past the migration.

Working with vendors and clients as partners who are committed to productivity in a mutually beneficial way is crucial when it comes to attracting the best people to become an integral part of Powernet. Powernet family. A testament to Their commitment to growth and development are the Powernet ISO9001 Quality Assurance and “Great Workplace” certifications.

In January of 2019, Powernet IT solutions merged with Evolve IT Australia to create an IT Partner Powernet Group They are today. The family-owned company is a multi-award-winning Microsoft Gold partner established in 1993 by Nick Moran. The merger resulted in an international SMB and mid-market provider of services that employ 90+ employees, operating from offices across Australia as well as New Zealand.

Their growth has been fueled by Their ability to delight Their customers, with the majority of Their growth occurring through partners and clients referrals. They are proud to announce that Their initial three clients, along with Their founders, two of whom are still with Powernet nearly two decades years later and are still sharing the same success.


Gen-E is an Australian leader in unified communications and cloud-based technologies. With a wealth of experience and expertise, Generation-e creates anytime, anywhere solutions that allow people to connect seamlessly and improve business results.


They believe there is a better way of providing technology-based solutions. They believe in a future-oriented approach in which customers are partners, and the digital transformation is about the “why” for the future – both today and in the near future.


Viatek is a company that provides services offering tailored business solutions in every aspect of printing communications, IT and print. In 1984, the company was established. Viatek can be completely Australian-owned and managed. With 23 offices in metropolitan and regional areas, Their local, experienced team is committed to offering new solutions that will aid Australian businesses to increase their efficiency and reduce costs. With a broad range of services that includes IT and managed print services, cloud-based solutions and unification of communications, They have the capacity and know-how to offer custom solutions that are able to adapt to the ever-changing needs of Their customers. demands. (AKA Computer Networks. Ltd. (as well as Community)


They are intelligent, a team of enthusiastic, welcoming and dependable IT Support experts who work to address your IT issues and set up your IT infrastructure in a manner that will allow you to grow in the future.

All of Their work is geared towards delivering real and tangible benefits to your company through improving performance, reliability and working with you in implementing improvements to the existing systems and processes.


No matter what business you operate IT is an essential role. But that doesn’t mean that you have to be an IT specialist. In fact, it’s not something you need to be concerned about.

ALINK’s cost-effective flexible IT assistance and managed services can ease your stress and reduce downtime. Their friendly, local team is only within reach, and they will provide you with answers that you and your employees will be able to understand.

Synapse IT Consultants

Synapse IT Consultants were established in Melbourne, Australia, in 2003 with the aim of helping small and medium-sized businesses in managing their IT. With Their technical consultants across Australia, businesses can gain the knowledge and experience of an IT department without the expenses.


From 1998 onwards, blueAPACHE has been helping organizations gain access to technology for enhancing their competitiveness. They accomplish this by providing IT management, IT strategy, and converged IT solutions to Their clients all over Australia, New Zealand, Asia and North America.

blueAPACHE is well-known for its ability to help businesses to grow by removing IT capital expenditure required for expansion. Through the provision of IT as a Service blueAPACHE has revolutionized the way companies connect to technology and communication with affordable solutions that offer flexibility, scalability and flexibility.

Their experts from the industry team up to deliver exceptional solutions to difficult technical issues. Apart from taking care of the clients’ IT challenges, They utilize technology to improve the efficiency of their businesses as well as align strategies and help them achieve their business goals.

With the right technical know-how along with knowledge and experience, blueAPACHE are the ideal technology partner for businesses seeking a reliable IT Managed services provider who will help them reduce capital expenditure so that they can concentrate on their primary business with the confidence they are able to rest assured that the IT is geared to their requirements, customized to the goals they have set and supported by an expert team of experts in the industry.

Steadfast Solutions

Their beginnings began as a break-fix or procurement alternative for small firms, and Steadfast Solutions has grown to be one of the top service management firms in Melbourne, Australia. They cater to all sizes of customers, from boutiques to huge retailers, and across many different industries that range from professional to construction. One way They can add value to Their clients is Their ability to rapidly grasp the nature and requirements of their business and then provide an option that is in operation quickly and efficiently.


For more than 30 years, RTG has provided businesses, educators and other organizations with tailored ICT-specific strategies, solutions, and services across Australia and Melbourne. Their services consist of: ICT review, strategies and advice, infrastructure-managed services including Learning Analytics, E-Learning solutions and solutions for software and hardware selection buying and installation backups, disaster recovery and business continuity BYOD methods and options.


Qamba IT rebranded from Ryve IT in 2021. The company They work for is an IT Solutions Company based in the center of Victoria and made up of veteran professionals in their field. With over two years of experience, Their experts offer Their clients the best service with absolute effectiveness and exceptional standards of professionalism, quality and professionalism.

Their aim is to constantly reduce Their clients’ technology debt by ensuring that they have a plan that is in line with their business objectives. Effectiveness and efficiency are crucial to achieving this goal.


LogicalTech offers your company an array of IT solutions that can help increase productivity as well as ensure competitiveness. They provide solutions that will enhance the efficiency of your business.

The IT Department

The IT Department provides a wide range of IT outsourcing solutions for SMBs and community sector organizations of any size.

They are aware that you must have an appropriate team to ensure your business’s success. Sincere, honest, and accommodating, Their team is able to cut through the chaos to deliver effective IT solutions that provide lasting value.

The services They provide include:

  • Managed Care IT Services provider of your choice
  • Management of projects
  • IT strategy
  • Installation & break-fix repair
  • Continuous supervision for all IT facilities
  • Prevention of disasters
  • IT Consulting
  • Independent Software Selection Consulting.

They have a long history of providing quality service, professionalism and honesty.


Technetics is a distinct IT business that, from its inception in 2003, has carved out a niche within the expanding IT market. They have become an industry leader by providing intelligent IT solutions to medium, small and large corporations across many different industries. Technetics have created an extensive portfolio of loyal clients who rely on Their expertise in executing their business’s core functions. They continuously strive for new heights in terms of customer service as well as service delivery that have been acknowledged by a range of industry organizations. Their unique mix of cutting technologies has enabled Their clients to focus on their core business, while their technical know-how has simplified your already existing IT infrastructure. Technetics is Melbourne situated and is a 100% Australian managed and owned business.


MCG has been Melbourne’s top IT outsourcing service for more than 25 years. Since its inception, MCG has been simplifying IT problems for medium and small companies. Management of clients’ IT systems as well as networks, as well as security from viruses, enhancing availability and decreasing costs for the industry. Their clients include well-known corporations as well as government agencies.

Emerging IT

Emerging IT offers outstanding customer service to over 300 small and mid-sized businesses located in Sydney and Melbourne that are heavily dependent on technology and the highest standards of service. They are able to advise, install, manage and maintain everything from your phone through the cloud. With more than 15 years of experience as a complete-service tech service provider, They understand that you’re trusting Emerging IT with your information, systems and even your reputation. Their team of over 40 certified IT professionals possesses the experience and expertise to handle the most complicated cloud, hybrid, and on-premise technology to provide the best performance and dependability.


Your IT system is not working properly, wasting your time and exposing you to significant cyber security risks. What can you do to fix things?

This Managed IT Services is designed to bring back between 9 to 20 percent (approx. 500 hours per 50 employees) of productivity wasted due to IT inefficiency. No matter if you’re on the ground or in the cloud or looking to go there, They’ll help you optimize your expenses protect your IP, and provide exceptional experiences to your customers.


Tesserent is committed to providing corporate Network Security via a managed service for businesses throughout the Asia Pacific. They safeguard Their clients’ most important data from risks and threats and allow them to concentrate on running their businesses safely and efficiently. They accomplish this by offering the use of a variety of security solutions, which are administered by Their skilled team of experts 24 hours a day every day of the year. Their clients trust them with the task of taking care of the security of their IT Security, one of the most crucial requirements for any company.

MSP BlueShift

100% Australian managed assistance with IT services Created in Melbourne. Their goal is to provide all the features of an internal IT department with unlimited assistance desk access and prompt customer service at only a fraction of the cost. Many external IT managed service providers don’t know what they can offer and will have to spend the same amount of time calling them as you would to solve the issue yourself. They manage a team of highly skilled and highly reliable IT experts. Together, they provide small to medium-sized companies (up to 100 users each location) and access to required IT Managed services to help assist, maintain and manage particular parts of their entire IT infrastructure through an outsourced model in Melbourne.

AIT Group

AIT Group was founded in 2008 by Michael Miloseski. The company is located on Queens Road, Melbourne, and offers IT support to metropolitan Melbourne as well as interstate. (AKA Dealer IT)

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