FastPeopleSearch Alternative Sites

FastPeopleSearch is a well-known popular data aggregator. It shows phone numbers, addresses, and complete names. This web-based software allows you to access authentic data about people. It also has personal records for billions of people around the globe.

FastPeopleSearch is well-known for its speed and ability to perform a reverse telephone lookup. It is also one of the largest directories of US public records, and it is completely free.

Fast and easy people search. Reverse phone lookups, name and address searches are possible on the most trusted database of public records in the United States.

Locate your loved ones with FastPeopleSearch

It was difficult to get in touch with friends, family, college mates, and neighbours. We miss them and try to reach them. However, we don’t know their location or whereabouts. Fastpeoplesearch is a web-based search engine that enables you to locate and search for people you have previously lost contact with.

FastPeopleSearch is one way to help you in your search. It is simple to use, and everyone can find what they are looking for. It does not save our search history, which is a security feature.

You will be able to find the right information with a powerful search based on cutting-edge technology. A reserve phone can show you the most recent results to find out who is calling.

FastPeopleSearch software allows you to search any address and retrieve the relevant information. The data is constantly updated, and you can access information about all addresses across the United States.

Is FastPeopleSearch safe?

Many people are confused about whether FastPeopleSearch is legal. Use such sites in positive ways and for the right purpose. Fastpeoplesearch will not enter your office drawers to add information to their site. They only add the information we give them.

Only a small amount of information was available in the past, and it was a niche industry. It’s now a billion-dollar business, and we have unlimited access to all information. Fastpeoplesearch has the legal right to access public records and share them on its websites. We must opt-out of sharing personal information to protect ourselves against malicious people.

Alternative sites like FastPeopleSearch

  1. PeopleFinders
  2. FindOutTheTruth
  3. PeopleSmart
  4. Veromi
  5. People Search Now
  6. US Phone Book
  7. Truth Finder
  8. eVerify
  9. CheckPeople
  10. Location SMS

Let’s explore these alternative options like FastPeopleSearch that will allow you to track your loved ones during this era of technological advancement.


PeopleFinders, a leading platform similar to FastPeopleSearch, is the best for searching people records online. It’s a well-known website that enables you to find best friends, old flames, family, or buddies all over the globe.

It also offers a wide range of services, like background history, phone lookups, criminal records, and public profiles. The platform is constantly expanding its offerings to provide a complete platform.

It provides all core features along with the latest tools and features. It is absolutely free and available globally. PeopleFinder’s core feature is an intuitive interface with login free, locate areas and the latest news. Find contacts are just a few of the many features.


FindOutTheTruth is a new platform that provides all the background check research needs. It combines years of experience as investigators with risk management and investigative experience, along with significant college and post-graduate coursework.

FastPeopleSearch is an alternative platform that does not charge membership fees, subscriptions or any other hassle. Instead, you can pay per search. It is faster than any other similar platform and provides billions of records worldwide.

This platform provides easy-to-follow instructions on how to order an investigation background check. The core FindOutTheTruth feature features the largest criminal records database in the world. You can quickly search for a record, update it continuously, and more.


PeopleSmart, a well known public record search engine, bridges the gap between all search options and returns a straightforward and valid result. This platform is similar to FastPeopleSearch and offers an easy interface that helps you find lost friends or businesses.

The platform was designed by experts and featured many new technologies that help you quickly get results all over the globe. PeopleSmart is simpler than other platforms and presents information in a user-friendly way that makes it superior.


Veromi is an effective search tool that connects with thousands of databases and billions in public records. It’s a robust platform that provides the same data sources like government and law enforcement agencies.

This platform allows you to connect and find information about any person in the database. It is a great alternative to FastPeopleSearch. Veromi is a platform that provides accurate, detailed and affordable information on anyone.

This platform is for everyone. You can find their contact information, complete background, and email address.

People Search Now

People Search Now is an online search engine that enables you to find your friends, neighbours, and anyone else. It’s similar to FastPeopleSearch but has unique tools that make it more powerful than other search engines.

This app allows you to quickly locate friends by name, email address and phone number. This app is great for companies who need to find out about candidates for employment.

People Search Now has an option that will allow you to obtain a criminal record, complete with images and details. People Search Now includes key features like quick find, search history and a simple interface.

US Phone Book

The US Phone Book is an online directory of phone numbers that provides information about individuals, including their most recent phone numbers. This platform contains information about 215 million Americans. is another source of information that the platform uses to get its data. This site contains all public records with historical and current information about individuals.

This platform, like FastPeopleSearch, is an online search engine that provides accurate and comprehensive results for its users. It has a simple interface and offers faster service than other similar directories.

Truth Finder

Truth Finder allows users to find information about anyone on the internet. Users can view any type of background information on anyone using the platform. You can search through a variety of directories, including Public Records and Criminal Records. You can view the records of anyone on the platform for free without having to visit different courthouses to find them.

The platform provides info about the individual you are trying to find, including his full name, aliases, date of birth, photos, education, job, phone number, and other personal data.

The platform also allows users to search Dark Web to determine if any information has been compromised. It lets users search for Passport numbers, Social Security numbers and credit/debit card information.


eVerify allows employers to verify the eligibility of candidates using web-based software. The software uses electronic matching information to verify the employment eligibility and identity of new employees. Keep up-to-date with all the happenings and what’s coming soon.

Software easily fulfils your needs related to identity and compliance issues. It also notifies employers of any non-compliance behaviour.

All employees receive compliance assistance via email, phone calls and desk reviews. Site visits are also available. The platform also provides detailed information such as usage statistics, performance reports and the search option.


CheckPeople is a complete people search software. It provides information on emails, contact numbers and social media records. It is simple to use, and you can find the right person by following the simple process.

Search results can include full name, gender offenders, and traffic records. You can also find divorce and marriage records. You can also access many reports and search the platform for free. After that, you will need to pay a monthly fee to gain full access.

CheckPeople will give you actual info without the need for any paperwork. You can also use the search option to find anyone. You can also search for the contact number by entering the phone or landline number. This will allow you to find their cyber records, including photos and social media accounts. This is an excellent alternative to FastPeopleSearch.

Location SMS

The location SMS application allows users to find themselves by simply sending a text message “Where are you?” to their phone. This application will find the phone and reply with the info and location of the number where the text was received.

It will also detect and send the text even if there is no mobile network. If the user has lost their mobile and is in silent mode, they can still find it by sending a “Lost” text to their number.

The phone will then start ringing at its maximum volume. Users can also control who can send text messages to their phones to track it. Users can set up Geofence to automatically send a message to friends whenever they reach a specific location.

These are the top 10 FastPeopleSearch alternatives you can use in 2021

Fastpeoplesearch Removal Procedure

Fast People Search posts your personal information online. You will need to complete an opt-out form to remove yourself from Fast People Search. Your listing will be deleted within 24 hours.

How to Remove/Delete info from Fastpeoplesearch

  1. Go to their removal site, Click on the Agreement box to perform the CAPTCHA
  2. Type your name into the search box.
  3. Click “View Free Details” to find your listing.
  4. Click “Remove my Record”.
  5. Within 24 hours, your listing should be deleted.

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