message blocking is active meaning

Messaging is an extremely important aspect of our daily routine. Any issue when trying to convey information in a very short amount of time can be devastating. Many people have encountered the message blocking is active error on Android and iPhone devices a few times. It can get annoying in a situation where an important message is required.

Users of Android as well as iPhone devices have experienced a “free msg unable to send receive message – message blocking is active” warning right when they send a text or SMS. We strive to simplify this guide to follow for those who have had this issue with other carriers. Let’s take a close look at what does message blocking is active mean and explore the various options that we could explore. But first, we need to know the message blocking is active meaning.

What does message blocking is active mean?

One of the most important things to be aware of when you receive a warning message is that it means that the receiver has you listed on their block lists or you already have them listed on your block list. It is the “message blocking is active” error you get on Android devices as well as iPhones, which could mean you have blocked your contact.

Interruption in services

It’s a free msg unable to send message – message blocking is active. Android error message can mean you are experiencing a service disruption. Therefore, you’ll want to give it a couple of hours or minutes before retrying because there is a possibility that your service provider is performing maintenance and could have shut down your messaging service.

Issues of Shortcoding

Another reason we’ve received from T-Mobile could be an issue with the shortcode. A few “message blocking is active” meaning there are some issues due to shortcodes not working or being wrong. Check to make sure this isn’t coming from your side. If you’re in the clear, then the issue is on the part of T-Mobile, and you should be able to get in touch with them so that they can send their technicians to resolve the issue.

Blocked Text Message Applications

Free msg:unable to receive message message blocking is active. An error might mean that the user has limited messages that come from a particular user group. Certain messaging applications may have problems functioning seamlessly with your service. If any of these applications were used, you might have to look to determine whether you are able to manually permit these applications. If you don’t have the alternative to permit these applications and you are unable to do so, you may not be in a position to fix the problem by yourself.

Wrong data plan selection

It is also important to ensure that you are on the plan you’re enrolled in. If you try to send text messages using a data-only plan, there’s a possibility that the message won’t be delivered, so you’d get an error message.

Make sure you have premium message assistance.

Also, you should ensure that the company you’re sending your message to is compatible with a high-quality text messaging solution. We’ve previously discussed not being in a position to send messages because your provider does not offer a top-quality text messaging service. In this instance, you should be sure that the problem isn’t on the part of the recipient.

How to resolve free msg: unable to send message – message blocking is active

There is a problem with error messages on Android and iPhones.

If you want to get this error message repaired, you should try any of these options. Let us know which solution did the trick for you, and leave a message in our comments.

How to remove message blocking is active.

Examine the coverage

If the coverage for the area is indicated as “None,” then you aren’t capable of sending and receiving texts or making and receiving calls.

Activate your phone

On the device’s settings page within your account, make sure to verify that your phone is “active.” If it’s listed as Suspended or Still Porting, you aren’t capable of sending and receiving text messages.

Enable text messaging in your plan

We have mentioned this before. In your account’s device settings, check whether you can see if the “Can send and receive text messages” setting is activated. If not, enable this setting. Yet disabled. If you do not appear to be in a position to enable the option, most likely, you do not already have text messaging for text messaging as a feature of your plan, or your phone number is not active.

Find the correct country code.

If the error occurred in international text, a simple Google search of the country’s code would assist you in determining whether you have the right country code.

Start the procedure again.

If you see the “unable to receive message message blocking is active” error, it could be due to issues with the phone number. Perhaps it’s not correct. Re-save and delete the number, then try again.

Disconnect the device and change the SIM cards.

Try switching the SIM cards on your Samsung phone, and try messaging using a different SIM. If it does work, it means the issue is likely related to the SIM. There have been instances when there has been a problem with the ability to send text messages as a result of the SIM, so make sure to make sure this is the scenario for you.

Remove blockers

If you’re still seeing an “unable to send message-message blocking is active” error, a solution that can work, particularly in the event, is to request that they remove the block on you. Moreover, if you aren’t sure if your account has received a message that has been blocked in any way, you can call the number. If it isn’t connecting the call, then there is a possibility that you’ve been blocked or blocked the individual. If calls do go through, however, you may need to look at the other options found in the article.

Using Plain Text (Removing message blocking is active)

There is a solution to solve this issue by putting plain text in messages. Also, there is a possibility that the error was caused by the other non-plain-texts that were added to the messages. Take out any attachments, emojis, graphics, or pictures in the message and try again.

Are you experiencing one of the Android message blocking problems, or are you encountering issues with the “message blocking is active” error in iOS (iPhone)? Which one of these fixes your “message blocking is active” error for you? I’d like to discuss your ideas on the subject in the comment section.

Perform Factory Reset

The final option would be a total factory reset for our device. To do this, go to Settings > Select Reset, then click Factory Data Reset. Enter the data it requires and then perform a complete factory reset on your device to be able to have it back to the default settings. The process should be successful when you attempt this, but I’d like to warn you that it is the final option.

How to Disable Message Blocking is active on iPhone.

In this portion of our article, we’ll provide practical solutions that will assist you in turning off text blocking. Message blocking is active on the iPhone.

In our tests and fixes for Message blocking is active meaning on iPhone, we’ve found that one thing we’re noticing is that iPhone users appear to have a number of other options in addition to the ones we’ve recommended to Android customers; therefore, make sure to check for them as we’ve added items we did not include here that might be helpful in the future. To pay attention if you encounter the following error message free msg: unable to send message – message blocking is active.

The solutions could range from something as simple as altering the settings to making a full software update. This is why you are likely to test the fixes according to the order in which we’ve arranged them. That order is ordered from the most basic to the most complex. You’ll also need to restart your mobile phone to ensure that the problem continues to occur.

Correct recipient information

If you have messaging or emailing issues, it is recommended to start with this because the majority of issues we encounter usually result from entering the address of the recipient incorrectly. If you do not enter an address or a letter, it could result in a text message as well as an email not getting to the receiver. Also, make sure that the phone number or email address is correct.

Try with different SIM cards.

Try switching the SIM cards on your Samsung phone, and try messaging using a brand new SIM. If it is working and you are able to send messages, the problem is probably related to the SIM. There have been instances when you get the message message blocking is active where there has been a problem with the ability to send text messages as a result of the SIM, so make sure this is the situation for you.

Switch off iMessage.

Switching iMessage off is an option that is both a solution and a method to identify the issue. It is the iMessage application and the standard texting application on your iPhone or iPad, and any of these could be at fault, so turn off one and then test messaging with the other. In this instance, it will be the iMessage. Also, check Control F on iPhone

For this to be done, press Settings, then go to Messages and then choose Turn Off iMessage. Send a message following this. If this doesn’t solve the issue, look for the next solution.

Use iMessage to send a text message.

Since iMessage was not the problem, the process will concentrate on the simple task of troubleshooting the iMessage application and then trying to send a message using it.

For this to be done, check that your phone has good internet connectivity (always switch off iMessage when you don’t have an internet connection or are on your active data plan). Go to Settings and select Messages, then select Send and Receive. Tap your Apple ID () and choose “Sign Out.” Restart your iPhone, then return to your Settings app. Choose Messages, then select Sign In using your Apple ID for iMessage.

Text your network Speed

Because the iMessage app relies on an internet connection and requires an internet connection, the need for a high-speed internet connection on your phone is crucial. Many people suggest resetting the network settings to fix the error message blocking is active, but there is no need to do that if all other internet-based applications on your phone are functioning perfectly. Make sure that other apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Google Chrome, and many more can make use of the internet. If they don’t, it’s not a problem with the quality of your text messaging as well as a problem with your phone.

Check if your account is blocked.

When talking about how to turn off message blocking for iPhone and Android, we have recommended this a large amount. If one of you is blocked, you will get the message “free msg: unable to send message – message blocking is active.”

Update iOS software

It is important to ensure that your phone is running the latest software on it. In comparison to Android handsets, iOS software updates are extremely important to iPhones. The major difference between the first three iPhones and the latest three iPhones is the updates to the software.

If you have an old iPhone that is likely not receiving new OTA (over the air) upgrades, or if you’ve not updated in a while, this could be the reason. To see if you’re receiving updates from Apple, Go to Settings > General >> Select General and then select Software Updates. Then, make sure you install any software updates.

Perform a Full Factory Reset to resolve message Blocking on the iPhone.

The final option to resolve message blocking is active is to completely factory reset our device.

To do this, go to your Settings app, then tap General > Reset, then select Erase ALL Content and Settings and confirm that you want to erase the content. Then enter the phone PIN code and your Apple ID password to turn off the Apple Find My service. The screen will become empty, and an Apple logo with a progress bar will show up. Then you will be greeted by the flashing “Hello” in various dialects when the reset process is completed.

It’s possible to get things to work. If you attempt this, however, I would like to remind you that it should be considered your last option.

How to fix message blocking is active on Android phones.

If you use a Samsung phone, all the fixes we offer for Android phones are applicable to you, and here are some solutions that work specifically for Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Activate Premium SMS

One feature you can’t find in the other Android smartphones is a high-quality SMS function. If you’re trying to solve the issue of message blocking that is active in Samsung, then Samsung is the area you would like to begin.

For this, go to Settings > Applications > Tap the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Select the Premium Text Message Services option. Click the app. If you get a message about allowances, choose “Always Allow.”

Try Swapping the SIM cards.

Try swapping SIM cards on your Samsung phone, and then text messaging using a different SIM. If it does work, it means the issue is likely related to the SIM. We’ve seen instances where there was a problem with the ability to send text messages due to SIM issues, so you should make sure this is the scenario for you.

Perform a full factory reset to fix message blocking is active issue.

The final option is a total reset of the device’s factory settings. To do this, go to Settings, then select Reset, then click Factory Data Reset. Enter the data it asks for and perform a complete factory reset on your device to be able to have it back to the default settings. It should work when you try this method. However, I would like to remind you that it is to be your final option.

Fixing Message Blocking is Active Error on Lycamobile

If you’re having trouble with message blocking on Lycamobile, we have a few solutions that should help. From 2019, you will experience message blocking and active notification when you send a message to Lycamobile in the event that your plans are expiring and you didn’t charge.

To solve the message blocking is active text message issues on Lycamobile, you must visit the Lycamobile website and purchase a plan. A large number of users have been able to avoid this issue after purchasing a plan starting at $19.

We recommend switching off your Wi-Fi to check if messages are beginning to be sent. Some users have reported that turning off Wi-Fi seems to have solved this issue, and users can now begin sending messages via Lycamobile.

We would also suggest that you put this Lycamobile sim card into another phone. We’ve discovered that some issues related to sims are specific to devices; therefore, swapping the sim for another device can fix it.

Another solution to the Lycamobile text message issue is that you determine the issue to be solved. Sometimes, you’ll be able to send via your email to your phone but not send via the phone to email. In this case, we’d suggest taking a trip to Settings > Networks > Mobile Networks Access Point NameInput and saving the settings that are recommended by Lycamobile.

Another solution to the Lycamobile text message issue is to determine if your device is running the message centers for Lycamobile. Navigate to Menu > Messages > Message Settings “Sending Profiles” Select one profile to determine if the data matches the current Lycamobile message center. If you want to get the Lycamobile customer service phone number, dial 1-845-301-1612.

Metro PCS with Message Blocking Active issue

The most well-known and easily recognizable cause of the message blocking is active issue in Metro PCS is that your plan isn’t able to support the feature you plan to make use of. If your plan isn’t able to allow international calls, whether coming from the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, or Australia, a simple upgrade or subscription can fix the issue most of the time.

The other step to look into is whether your sim card is the cause. Try switching devices to see whether the sim is compatible with the other device. If it does it, then you may want to check to make sure what is wrong. You can also try a reset of your network as there could be problems in either the settings for your message preferences or network.

You can also call MetroPCS to request an update of your smartphone and SIM card’s message features. It’s true that quite a majority of customers have reported that this fixed the problem for them.

Also, you need to think about the recipient. If the person who is receiving the call doesn’t have their phone bill covered, this could cause you to be able to see if message blocking is active for Metro PCS.

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