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Top 8 YTS MX Alternative Sites to Use in 2021

Torrent websites have always come under investigation by law enforcement agencies due to their popularity in permitting users to access to download copies of the content that are protected by copyright. This is the reason certain of the most popular torrent sites such as Pirate Bay, Extratorrent, and kikass torrent are blocked in various countries. A different torrent website that’s come under the most severe consequences of the law is Yify movies, also known as YTS MX. Yify movies are among the most popular torrent sites since it’s seen by many as being one of the most popular sources within the peer-to-peer sharing community.

If you live in a region that Yify is not available or YTS MX is not working, Here is an overview of YTS MX alternatives that you can always utilize for downloading torrent files. The Yify alternatives also provide an extensive selection of torrent files for download, and most of the alternatives listed below work in all countries.

What’s the new official homepage of Yify?

The official website for Yify will be But, it’s restricted in certain regions. If you aren’t able to access the site or would like to test an alternative torrent site, Here are alternative methods to download the films. Look through our list of top seven alternatives to Yify.

Disclaimer: The torrent sites listed below are provided solely for educational purposes. We do not recommend that you use them to download copyrighted stuff.

Top YTS MX Alternatives in 2021 – Best Yify Movies alternative

thepiratebay rocks yts mx alternative is one of the most well-known torrent sites around the globe. Recently, we received the announcement that is back operational and accessible through its original domain name – TPB is a well-known torrent site for torrent enthusiasts due to the range of torrents that you can download from this site, as well as its uncluttered user interface. With the YTS mx alternative, it is possible to download torrents for software, movies, music, TV series and much many more.

Kikass Torrent – A well-known YTS mx alternative

Kikass Torrent yify alternative

Kikass torrent needs no introduction because the torrent site is extremely well-known on the web. It is now regarded in the top ten top torrent sites in 2021. Kikass torrent could become the ideal Yify alternative for people who can’t access YTS mx for any reason. Although it was the first kikass torrent site that was shut down some time ago, numerous mirror sites have popped up on the web. Mirror domains generally have an identical interface for users and provide a variety of choices. There is a torrent catalogue, the most popular torrents, as well as the Top torrents on the top. They are further enhanced with a cloud of tags that informs you about the most common web searches. – Top Yify Movies clone site

1337x to yify movies tv alternative

If you’re looking to download torrents for apps, movies, and other software, but torrent or Yify movies aren’t working, and you’re looking for a different alternative, 1337x to is the best choice. The torrent site is awe-inspiring in its aesthetic appeal, as everything, beginning with the index page and ending the search results, is beautifully created. 1337x to is a popular site for a crowd of torrent users due to the classification of torrents. 1337 x lets you browse through films, television, games applications, music such as anime, and more. In addition, there’s a section that is trending on the YTS MX torrent alternative that provides all the top and popular torrents without the hassle of searching them manually. – A Perfect Yify Movies alternative

Rarbg to sites like yts

Despite the ad-filled sites and pop-ups, Rarbg to is still regarded among the most well-known torrent websites. If Yify movies aren’t working for you for reasons beyond your control, you can visit Rarbg to anytime to download torrents. It is a thriving collection of torrents with plenty of seeders. It is a favourite among people who are interested in downloading films using torrent websites. This YTS MX alternative offers trailers for the newest movies and a separate section that allows you to download movies with torrent. – YTS MX Alternative for all torrent needs

Extratorrent si alternative to yify

Extratorrent si was one the most well-known torrent websites until the site was closed in the year 2017, similar to other torrent websites. Since Extratorrent si was a target of the law enforcement agencies, several mirror websites of have been created. It is also possible to use Extratorrent proxy sites in case the torrent site isn’t available within your region. Extratorrent si serves a broad public by providing a huge amount of torrent files, so it is a YTS mx alternative that you could make use of.

Zooqle – The Most Popular Yify Alternative

zooqle yify tv alternative

Zooqle is the only torrent website to be featured on our list of top Yify alternatives. It’s a new player in the torrent sector that is establishing its place by expanding the number of torrent files accessible for download by users. Zooqle also has a range of categories like games, apps, music, movies, and other software that allows you to download torrents quickly. Zooqle offers a separate section to the highest-seeded torrents. This is an interesting feature that I’d like to find on other torrent websites as well.

LimeTorrents – A torrent site that is similar to Yify movies

LimeTorrents yts like sites

LimeTorrents has time and time again popped up on the top 8 list of torrent websites. The torrent site has received an enthusiastic response from its users since you will find nearly every torrent file on the site. LimeTorrents is among the most effective YTS MX alternatives that can be used in order to download torrent files in the event that Yify movies aren’t working. LimeTorrents site is updated frequently and is one of the top sites for torrent enthusiasts. The torrent files that are hosted here are a good source of leechers and seeders. – A decade-old YTS MX Alternative

EZTV re replacement for yify

EZTV re was founded in 2005. After an amazing more than ten years removed in 2015 after its servers were placed under the control of “EZCLOUD Limited.” It was in the past that EZTV re was plagued by instability issues and was shut offline for a lengthy amount of time. Fortunately, the Yify alternative is up and running and allows customers to download torrent files. One of the drawbacks to EZTV re is that it’s awash by advertisements that can irritate users. Also, check EZTV proxy sites.

YTS MX – Yify Proxy Torrent Sites

If Yify movies aren’t working in your region and your ISP has restricted access to one of the torrent websites listed above, these proxy and mirror sites have your back. You can utilize these proxy sites to use as Yify alternatives in the event that you need to.


Yify Movies Alternatives FAQs

What has happened to Yify?

The first Yify website was be shut down when the site’s owner was charged with unlawful distribution of copyrighted material. Since then, a variety of Yify alternative and mirror websites have been created with similar user interfaces to users of service.

What exactly is Yify?

Yify Torrents, also known as YTS MX (Yify the Torrents Solution), is an extremely well-known torrent site that provides an array of torrent files and magnet links.

Does Yify still function?

The first Yify site shut down in 2015, but it is still accessible Yify mirror sites as well as YTS MX alternatives, as we previously mentioned.

Why are Yify movies not functioning?

If Yify movies aren’t running for you, there is a chance that the site has been blocked by your internet provider. If this is the scenario, you may utilize Yify movie alternatives or alternative torrent websites to download movies using torrent.

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