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General Ebooks have been gaining popularity in the last few years. The ebook format has gained immense popularity. Nowadays, it takes only one or two clicks to find an ebook version of virtually every title. While you’ll always get a discount on ebooks, however, doesn’t the notion of free ebooks seem pretty appealing?

There are plenty of ebook platforms that provide precisely this. There are 25 options to obtain free general ebooks, including mainstream ebook sellers to digital libraries, to fill the gaps! We’ll begin with the first. However, if you are an ebook hunter and unable to locate the elusive ebook within these initial stores, don’t worry: many alternatives exist.

Are you searching for gratis general ebooks? Don’t worry! We assist you in getting 25 working free ebook download websites. Let’s look for ebooks for free download pdf.

Even though physical books are popular with book lovers, general eBooks have the specific benefit of being easy to carry with you wherever you travel. In addition, especially those in the public domain, there are many ways to access free general eBooks.

25 best General ebooks like sites in 2021

Here’s the list of best free general ebook sites to download your favorite ebook. Get free ebook downloads from these sites. They are among some of the best free ebook download websites that do not require registration.

Amazon Kindle Store

If you’re an ebook hunter and looking for free Kindle books, then you’re lucky! The Amazon Kindle Store has two sections dedicated to its free best history ebooks section and its Top 100 Free Bestsellers list. If you’re a fan of independent novels, Kindle Unlimited could also be a worthwhile investment cost $9.99/month and isn’t exactly free. Still, you’ll get access to more than one million titles, and there’s no limit to the number of books you can go through in a month.

Apple Book Store

The Apple Books Store is another top-of-the-line ebook retailer that offers a great collection of free titles. The general ebooks are categorized by genres on the Free Books tab on the menu bar: We recently Added the first book of a Series, Try Something New, and many others. Although its selection isn’t like Amazon’s, it’s still a good option. Apple Book Store is a good option if you’re searching for free literature as an ebook hunter, particularly those who enjoy thrilling suspense novels or speculative fiction.

Google Play Bookstore

Google Play makes it easy to locate free books through its online store — unlike other websites, you have to type “free ebooks” into the search bar (makes sense to use an engine that searches, doesn’t it?). You’ll be taken to this page with freebies and then choose “See more” to explore. There aren’t a lot of big-name books available for free on the Google Play Store, but If you’re interested in general non-fiction ebooks (especially self-help and test preparation books), It’s certainly worth checking out.

Barnes & Noble Online

Although it was initially a brick-and-mortar bookshop and a brick-and-mortar store, it’s now a Barnes & Noble online store is filled with a variety of discounted and free books. There’s also a delicate part of human curation by offering “Staff Picks” at the top of the Free general eBooks webpage and an appealing section of magazines for free below. It is important to note that some free titles are only available to read using B&N’s NOOK App. It’s free to download, but it does add a step to the procedure.

Kobo Bookstore

Kobo is the final major participant in the literary e-tailer game, boasting a vast online store and its line of electronic readers. To locate Kobo’s free ebook section, click on the “eBooks” tab at the top of the page and click Free eBooks at the top. Even experienced readers will be pleasantly surprised by choice, as Kobo provides a variety of free books that you can’t find elsewhere, especially in the thriller and romance genres. It includes a list of authors with #ownvoices to satisfy those who want a more diverse reading.

It’s no surprise that as an ebook hunter, if you’re in search of cheap general ebooks, is an excellent place to begin. It has thousands of ebooks available for download; there’s no way to have enough books to read. However, it’s hard to find books by well-known authors. Leap if you’re enthralled by the vast array of indie free ebooks -you can also check out the extensive collection of best history ebooks from Free-Ebooks to find more well-known works.

Project Gutenberg

If you’ve ever searched for any variant on “[iconic classic novel] read online,” then you’re probably aware of Project Gutenberg. This massive digital archive was established around 1971 and now hosts more than 60,000 books and documents accessible for free. For those general ebook hunters looking for simple-text, searchable and copy-and-pastable versions from Jane Austen and Charles Dickens books, look for no more: Project Gutenberg has you covered.

Open Culture

Open Culture is another excellent site to locate best history ebooks and classics by authors such as F. Scott Fitzgerald and Virginia Woolf, and even the vast volumes from Proust or Tolstoy. Note that Open Culture doesn’t host ebooks and instead acts as a central point for all kinds of online resources for free. But, you can access the impressive list of free books worth 800 right here, and with many ways to download the books or read them online depending on the file format, you prefer.


Freebooksy is a well-known website for book promotion is also more of a hub than a hosting site, connecting to books for free at various online retailers. What makes Freebooksy apart from other sites is that it only offers general ebooks that are free for that day, so try to grab them now while they’re hot! You can check these offerings right on the homepage and subscribe to the Freebooksy newsletter for email notifications.


BookBub is a great promotion tool for authors and an excellent source of discounted and free reading material for users. To access the current BookBub freebies, select Free Ebooks beneath the “Readers” tab at the end of this page. There are many free books and links to download the books from Amazon and many others. If you’d like to find deals in specific genres or at an individual retailer or brand, you can pick it from the left. However, you’ll need to go through them because BookBub’s category pages combine both discounts and free offers for ebook hunters.


The ManyBooks principle is quite simple: “Lots of ebooks. Absolutely free.” Choose the genre you want to browse through, then scroll through “Today’s Free Ebooks and Deals,” or browse The “Editor’s Choice” recommendations to determine which are worth the time. In reality, ManyBooks offers a great variety in quality assurance, ranging from categorizing books by rating average to its book reviews blog. If you’re searching for general ebooks that honest individuals have reviewed, ManyBooks is the site for you.


Utilized by more than 43,000 schools and libraries around the world, OverDrive allows anyone with a library card to access ebooks or audiobooks as well as magazines from its shelves of digital books. Although there are long waitlists for books that are popular (just as in a library — old-fashioned isn’t it? ), In this case, borrowing them from OverDrive is a far more efficient alternative to searching the Internet without success. Explore the featured collections of OverDrive, or search for titles or authors to find the book you’ve got in mind. If you are an ebook hunter who likes to read your book on your smartphone, ensure you download the mobile app from OverDrive, Libby.

Open Library

Hotting up with a new virtual library, we’ve got Open Library, part of the long-running Internet Archive. The site is helpful because you don’t need to deal with multiple libraries. Any ebook available on Open Library is available to borrow with one click. Be aware that the website is limited because the most recent editions aren’t accessible. However, if you’re happy to browse through books released just a few years ago, Open Library won’t let you fall behind.

Get Free Ebooks

Returning to non-library websites There are plenty of general ebooks on the only site that is Get Free Ebooks — however, it doesn’t function as an ebook hosting service. It’s a website that links to other sites. However, as an ebook hunter, if you’re looking for helpful lists of literature organized by genre or subject matter, this is the best place to be history ebooks. Explore their top lists of ebooks to find a wide selection of fascinating books, or pick one of the genres from the “Top Categories” list at the lower left of this page.

This popular ebook-related source offers many free ebooks, focusing on the best history ebooks. Its e-reader on the Internet runs smooth and is excellent for those who prefer to highlight their text by highlighting chapters and writing notes. But, anyone looking for a way to download their general ebooks must take note that will require you to download Adobe Digital Editions first (it’s free but isn’t without a disadvantage for those looking to save the storage capacity).

Reedsy Discovery

If you’re one of that ebook hunter who takes the time to thoroughly digest their complimentary ebooks and then discuss your findings with the world, you could consider being a reviewer for Reedsy Discovery! You’ll get a free ebook copy of each book you select for review, and you’ll also gain followers and possibly get tips for your efforts. If that’s not a good bargain and we’re not sure what.

Planet Ebook

If Planet Ebook’s minimalist and refreshing appearance do not immediately make you believe in its advantages, the vast catalog of public domain titles will. Because it’s located within Australia, Planet Ebooks pulls from a larger general public domain than those in the US. Therefore, you might discover some titles that you won’t be able to find in other places. To browse through its entire catalog of titles, visit this page.

Standard Ebooks

Standard Ebooks is another website that is easy to read primarily due to the gorgeous book covers that are included with each book in the library which is in perfect harmony with the mission of the project to provide free general ebooks with covers that “meet or exceed the quality of commercially produced ebooks.” There are more than 500 books that aren’t “standard,” but exceptionally organized. If you’re looking for the best history ebooks, make sure to bookmark this website.


On Feedbooks, a website that offers a vast selection of general ebooks for purchase, you will also get accessible public domain ebooks and free books. The books are an excellent choice for people who have had enough public domain, especially since Feedbooks has some books available for download that traditional retailers don’t. But, you must be careful when browsing through the offerings because the free ones could be confused with price-based ebooks on its main pages — it is possible to search “free” in the upper right-hand corner to locate the ebook you’ve been looking to.

Book Cave

Book Cave has a pretty attractive catchy headline that reads: “Free ebooks you’ll actually want to read.” The ebooks mentioned above are here and with advanced filters. You can categorize these general ebooks according to the genre and maturity degree and even sensitive content if you want to avoid violence, profanity, or other sensitive content. With over 2,000 books and all the methods to filter them, Book Cave does allow readers to find exactly what they are looking for.


Since many authors utilize Smashwords for aggregation to provide their general ebooks, The Smashwords store hosts many books. According to their stats counter, more than 86,000 of these books are offered for free. You can peruse all of them here, although you’ll need to pick an option on the sidebar to reduce the selection.


Another popular self-publishing platform, BookRix, hosts thousands of freebies within its online library. The majority of them are new stories by brand-new authors. BookRix is more Wattpad than Amazon KDP because ebooks are available at any length, and fanfiction can be permitted. If you’re looking for a way to expand their worldview or enjoy themselves, BookRix is worth trying.

Baen Books

If you’re an ebook hunter of genres of science or fantasy fiction, Baen Books may be your next go-to spot on the Internet. The publisher was founded by the renowned SFF Editor Jim Baen and has since grown into an excellent resource for SFF writers and readers alike, with many Baen general ebooks within the Free Library. Most are the first books in an ongoing collection, and if seeking a brand new, fantastical world to immerse yourself in, Baen Books should be the first destination.


It’s also essential to mention BookBoon, which offers free e-textbooks, making it a valuable source for autodidacts and students alike. If you’re an ebook hunter or know someone in school, then this website must be at the top of your list. Under the cost-free “Student” plan, BookBoon provides over 1,000 full-length general ebooks with subjects ranging from chemistry to communication. Get your Good Will Hunting on!

The Online Books Page

When it comes to academic sources, the University of Pennsylvania’s Online Books Page is an easy-to-use general site that hosts more than three million ebooks and digitized papers that were originally published over two centuries back. For those interested in history users, this website (boasts an excellent index) is a plethora of information.


Suppose you’re an avid reader and have recently shifted to digital to read the best history ebooks. In that case, You will surely appreciate the ease of carrying all your books available anytime, with other options like searches, definitions, and highlights. All devices and apps have their marketplaces, making it easy to accumulate massive amounts quickly. We hope you’ll enjoy this post on general ebooks.


What exactly is a general ebook, and how does it function?

General Ebook is a type of a book published to allow readers to read the text using an electronic device, such as an electronic device or a handheld. Many books available as printed versions are available in ebooks. They include everything from best-selling novels, best history ebooks to reference books and academic texts.

Are the free ebooks safe?

Don’t download illegal ebooks. Always purchase general ebooks and other digital content from reputable merchants. If it’s not from a reputable retailer, some ebooks could contain malware that could install spyware, malware, and viruses on your computer. Please don’t give away ebooks unless the publisher or the author permits it.

How do I download general eBooks?

You can download & read books with your device. Check that your Android tablet or phone is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi. Open the Google Play Books app. Click the text you would like to download. You may select More. Download the book to save it to read offline. After the book has been dedicated to your device, the icon for downloading will be displayed.

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