EZTV Proxy Unblock

Here we provide you EZTV Proxy Unblock List to access the site. You can take advantage of EZTV io proxy sites, mirrors, and alternatives available via Google search on the web. These sites contain all of the original site content, and their IP addresses may not be geo-blocked or known to your ISP. Such EZTV mirrors are hosted in countries where it is not blocked yet.

Torrenting fans of TV shows are quite familiar with the EZTV torrent site. EZTV was a famous site for downloading torrents of the latest released TV shows episodes. If you wanted the best collection of brand new TV shows, EZTV was the place to go.

What happened to Eztv?

In 2015 EZTV suffered a hostile takeover and then re-emerged after its shutdown and still online today. However, some issues revolve around the operators of the site. It still provides millions of torrents to excite some users who get their TV Shows from EZTV.

If the website EZTV is down, that means it is blocked via your ISP. So forth after that, you can’t get entry to it immediately through your internet browser anymore, which may be discouraging.

Is Eztv illegal?

Downloading from EZTV is illegal, according to TorrentFreaks, but the website is highly infected with malicious ads. The founder of EZTV, “NovaKing,” has been a victim of a hostile takeover.

Is EZTV blocked?

Are you looking for a few unique approaches to unblock EZTV io? There are many selections presented to get entry to EZTV while it’s blocked. Nevertheless, EZTV Proxy & unblock Mirror websites are excellent sources. But, operating and locating EZTV Proxies and Mirrors isn’t that easy.

There are a few reasons you may not be able to get to EZTV io when you want any material downloaded. Because there’s always the risk, it doesn’t work when you’re looking for it. Perhaps they might switch the servers to a new location.

Most likely, your ISP blocks your access to the site because of your geolocation. Some countries have strict laws against copyright piracy, and when you access your torrents from those countries, you could be violating these rules.

The ISP might also prohibit you from maintaining bandwidth because they know the type of operation you will engage in while connected to EZTV.

EZTV Proxy Unblock List

You can take advantage of the EZTV mirror, and proxy unblock sites via a quick Google search on the web. These sites contain all of the original site content, and their IP addresses may not be geo-blocked or known to your ISP.

  • https://eztv.unblockit.lat/
  • https://eztv1.unblocked.to/
  • https://eztv.unblockall.org/
  • https://eztv.unblocker.cc/
  • https://eztv.io/
  • https://eztv.tf/
  • https://eztv.wf/
  • https://eztv.yt/

Another way is to use a VPN to spoof your location and access the site from a country that does not prohibit its use. You might want to consider using a VPN anytime you access torrent sites like EZTV io to mask your IP address and keep your online activities anonymous. You may also find that using a VPN affords you more incredible speed when you are downloading content.

EZTV Alternatives

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay has been consistently an ultimate torrenting source since it provides torrents based on different niches. What makes PirateBayTorrents running and a free torrent website distinctive from the others is its attractive benefits like a user-friendly interface and a good variety based on many genres.


RARBG is another famous torrent website that allows you to fulfill your media streaming needs quickly. The site helps its users in exploring their preferred high-quality torrents straightaway.

Interestingly, it will enable you to find torrents related to various categories like music, movies, TV shows, and others. You may also like Soap2Day Alternatives


1337x is another best EZTV alternatives that help you to download your desired TV shows torrents quickly. Moreover, you can get torrents based on different genres like movies, music, documentaries, and much more trouble-free.


Torlock is the next upcoming site working hard to be one of the best EZTV io alternatives soon. To this end, this torrenting website is implementing new features and niches in its interface at a regular pace.


BTScene is another famous EZTV alternative to try out if you want to watch your desired TV shows, episodes, and movies quickly. Fortunately, you can maximize your streaming desires through BTScene straightaway.

You can find any torrent file of your choice of music, movies, anime, and so on. But, you must secure your online privacy while accessing the website. This is because it believes in the idea of region blocking in its proper letter and spirit. Thus, a reliable torrent VPN is indispensable to avoid DMCA notices.

Final Words

We hope that you find this article helpful in finding EZTV Proxy Unblock List and Mirrors. We have also suggested some EZTV alternatives for you, but we encourage our readers to always use the proper channel for streaming TV shows and avoid such illegal sites. This article is just for information purposes, and we are not responsible for anything at all.

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