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The idea of locating someone’s location of Cell Phone just with their number could appear like something that only forensic bureaus and hackers can do. However, that’s a myth. A common cell phone owner can find someone else’s exact current location with the help of the Minspy application.

This article will explain Minspy’s capabilities. In this post, we’ll go over Minspy’s functions and how you can begin using the software for your personal tracking needs.

Why Might You Need to Know the location of Cell Phone?

There are a number of reasons why you could be interested in being aware of someone’s location. Your child might not be in the house yet, and your spouse may be doing something illegal, and the list is ongoing.

Below are a few motives to get to know someone’s location:

To locate someone’s current location of a Cell Phone.

A caring parent might wish to locate their kid who went wrong to the home of a friend without being informed.

Perhaps, it’s a worried spouse who thinks the other person is behaving badly on him/her.


Geofence is a digital boundary made with the use of the phone. If the phone in question phone is within the boundaries, the app will inform you about it with notifications.

Location of a lost device

Are you thinking about how to find my phone number? Sometimes, you just need to locate their phones. Phones. It could be that you lost it in a place or it was stolen.

Finding a stolen device can possibly enable you to locate and get the gadget back, something that otherwise wouldn’t be feasible.

Monitor employee activities

In a workplace, managers might want to track the location of their workers for security reasons. It is possible to can then issue a red flag if a worker is in a location where he’s not expected to be. If this contravenes the company’s policies, you can be in a position of taking necessary action against them, and the location serves as evidence.

How To Track A location of Cell Phone By Number?

location tracker cell phone number

It is possible to can find someone’s location by cell phone number using the application known as Minspy. Minspy makes use of a technology called “cell triangulation technology.”

In this procedure, there are three cell phone towers are used to triangulate the number’s location. This technique is commonly employed by phone service suppliers to track a phone number in live time. Certain apps, such as Minspy, have connections with the cell phone operator and therefore can track the phone location in actual time.

To begin tracking the location of Cell Phone by number, you require to install a phone tracker apps like Minspy on the phone you wish to track.

Installing the application on Android is easy. If you’re installing it on iOS devices, it is necessary that you need to connect the Apple ID to the Minspy application. In addition to this, you do not need any specific technical or programming expertise.

The app runs in the background in stealth mode. It won’t impact the use of the phone.

To see the exact location, you have to login to the Minspy Account and go to the dashboard. You’ll be in a position to view the location in the “Last Know Location” section.

We’ll discuss the exact actions you have to adhere to in the second part of this piece.

Special Features provided by Minspy

While Minspy is packed with an assortment of useful options, here’s a list of the best of the most significant ones:

Virtual location can be Pinpoint.

You’ll be in a position to determine precisely where they are at a specific time in time. Minspy monitors all crucial details such as an address, landmarks and geo coordinates. Its location is then displayed in a Google Maps 3D Street View for the best visual experience.

Logs of Location

Consider thinking of location logs as similar to call logs, which are the number of contacts that were made in the recent past. Minspy monitors the location of Cell Phone movements over time and notes important landmarks the person has been in the last few weeks. The location is complemented with datestamps.

logs of call

Minspy captures the calls that are made and the calls received by the person. Although the recording of calls isn’t accessible, you can view the time of the conversations.

History of Browser

The dashboard displays. On The screen, you can view the websites that you have visited from the device that you want to target. These include social media sites and law enforcement websites as well as email websites, in addition to other sites.

Log of messages

If the person frequently transmits and receives messages over the phone and receives messages on the phone, Minspy will capture the exact same. If media files are sold and monitored, they will also be monitored.

It does all of this without the need to hack or jailbreak the phone. Contrary to other apps, Minspy won’t ever ask you to install root on the phone or jailbreak it to locate the location of the Cell Phone, which could be in violation of the company’s policies. Minspy is a phone monitoring app that is legal and secure to use.

Find the location of the Cell Phone for free by Phone Number.

Utilizing Minspy is as easy as giving the phone number and connecting to the Minspy account. All the information is stored in the Cloud server and can be accessed from any location on the internet. You are in complete control of this data, and you can keep or erase any of the data at preference.

Setting Up Minspy on an Android Phone

  1. Make sure you sign up for Minspy and buy a month-long subscription. Then, you will be sent a confirmation email, along with the steps by step instructions you must follow. The email will contain the steps to follow.
  2. Install Minspy onto the desired Android device without rooting it. Allow it access to other applications and features it needs. Now, it can operate behind in silent mode.
  3. You can observe this via remote from the Minspy dashboard in real-time.

Setting Up Minspy on an iPhone.

  1. Make sure you sign up for Minspy and buy a membership plan. Follow the instructions that were sent to you.
  2. Give the ICloud password to Minspy. It will wait for a few seconds, and Minspy will begin to sync with the gadget.
  3. Once it is verified, you can start monitoring immediately.

As you can observe, there are no downloads needed for watching iOS devices.


Minspy can be utilized to track your location of Cell Phone. If you are unable to locate it, you can continue to have access to it remotely, and there’s a possibility that you can to get it back.

For use by corporate customers, you need additional credentials. In addition, you would have to provide the identical to the employees when they are using company-owned devices.

Be aware that privacy is paramount and is highly valued by Minspy. So, we ask you to keep your faith and integrity whenever using Minspy for your professional or personal requirements.

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