funny discord status ideas

This is a list of funny Discord status ideas that you can use for fun and to stand out from other users. People often put funny statuses on their WhatsApp and Discord so that other people can see what they are up to. Trying to find a funny Discord status ideas? Look no further, then! You can use these funny messages in the Discord chat room to make people laugh. It doesn’t matter if you want to spice up your messages or just want a good laugh. These statuses will help. So go ahead and add one of these statuses to your chat, and have a good time!

Funny Discord status ideas

These are the good Discord statuses you can use. I’ll keep adding new ones to this post as I come up with them.

  1. I’m not naive; I know how to enjoy a good time.
  2. It’s easy to be wise. Don’t say anything dumb.
  3. Funny discord status ideas
  4. If you make the same mistake again, don’t do it again. There are so many new things to do.
  5. For sale: a parachute that has only been used once and has never been opened!
  6. Life is lovely. Friday to Monday
  7. Funny discord statuses
  8. Putting a high-five on their faces can help some people.
  9. I’m not sad that I’m single. Instead, I’m thinking about my best friend, who is single because I broke up with her.
  10. What other people say or think doesn’t bother me. At least mosquitoes like me.
  11. Is it likely that you won’t like the ventilator? If so, it is very likely that you don’t like wearing a mask.
  12. Discord status ideas
  13. When I’m high, I like to play with my cat. Because when I’m drunk, I don’t have one.
  14. Dr.: “I’ll have to look that up.” It’s time to change the doctor.
  15. Before the coronavirus, I would cough to cover up a fart, but now I don’t have to. I fart now to hide a cough.
  16. No one believes that Bigfoot saw me yesterday, so no one believes him at all.
  17. Discord pfp funny
  18. I’m going to have a quarantine party this weekend, and I want to invite you. None of you are coming!
  19. People who go to a gym 75% of the time don’t even know when it’s closed.
  20. Time is important. It’s important to use it well.
  21. Then I’ll be back before you can say “actillimandataquerin altosapaoyabayabayadoondib!”
  22. Smart people, like me, don’t use “away.” I’m so clever!
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  24. In the end, I’m nothing. None of us is perfect. Because I’m perfect, I’m good.
  25. People use away messages because they want to let people know when they are away. They’re so dumb!
  26. So why bother with the other 3%? I’m right 90% of the time.
  27. In 5 minutes, I’ll be back to you. If not, read this status again and see if it makes sense to you.
  28. I’d cook your cheese! I’m flirting with other people.
  29. Funny pfp for discord
  30. A math class and a drink don’t mix. Please don’t drink and drive. Thanks.
  31. “Lost cause” is what I think of myself as.
  32. When life gives you lemons, they can be thrown at someone.

Funny Discord statuses

If you want to share a funny Discord status with all of your friends, you can think about these ideas to do it. You can copy and paste one of these statuses into your Discord, WhatsApp, or any other messaging app that lets you set a status, like Skype or Viber.

If you have funny ideas for discord statuses, let us know and share them with others who need a good laugh.

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