Crypto is a type of payment that is traded online for both products or services. Numerous businesses have created their currencies like XOS, ETM, XSP, BitBoy, commonly called tokens. These are traded to purchase the product or service the company offers.

The technology behind cryptocurrencies is known as the blockchain. Blockchain is a decentralized technology and used by a variety of computers to record and manage transactions.

Modern problems require innovative solutions. Digital currency is easily handled using an online platform. There are numerous crypto apps that users can download and then use for their transactions related to digital currency.

Many investors are jumping in with both feet into the volatile crypto market without fully understanding the risks involved. Bitcoin can be prone to huge price swings because whales’ expression describes large institutional investors purchasing and selling huge quantities. Also, check our article about BTC to PKR. New investors must enter with an open mind and prepare themselves for significant volatility and dips.

Things to Consider Before purchasing your first crypto

If you’ve recently begun looking into crypto and you’re wondering if it’s worth it to invest, here are 10 things to be aware of before purchasing anything.

  1. Conduct a thorough research
  2. Don’t invest more than you can afford to lose.
  3. Refrain from ‘fear of being left out.’
  4. Do your research, don’t believe.
  5. If the sound is too appealing for it to be real, then it most likely is
  6. Beware of “unit bias.”
  7. You can purchase a fraction of bitcoin (and the majority of other cryptocurrencies)
  8. They are not your keys, and neither is your money.
  9. Make purchases using dollar-cost averaging and don’t get caught up in the price.
  10. Be aware of the tax implications.

Research about crypto having high Risk

A thorough understanding of crypto will aid you in trading more effectively and double your Bitcoin. We are going to discuss few examples below where you need to be careful.

XOS Crypto

XOS was officially launched on May 26th, 2018, as a community-based takeover crypto, an extension of a project abandoned by the founder. The project now seeks to unite gamers and players in the esports industry through a decentralized network of nodes that will offer gamers a leaderboard of rankings across platforms and games. This is which is determined through governance voting.

XOS is a crypto PoS/MN-based upon the PIVX codebase but with a minimum circulating and predicted supply. With a current 75%/25% rewards structure and 0.2 each block of XOS, Masternodes are currently receiving 0.15 XOS per reward, and PoS receives 0.05 XOS. The next drop to 0.15 is at Block 3.1 million. In 22 years, an estimated total of 1.4 million OASIS will have been created.

With a predicted supply that could take years to reach a million people, XOS crypto has an amount of scarcity that isn’t seen in other cryptocurrencies. Transactions that are a fraction of an XOS transaction will be normal.

The block duration is 60 seconds. XOS Confirmation duration is 6 Blocks. 285 XOS are the collateral required for a Masternode, and Governance Proposal submissions require two XOS.

XSP Crypto

XSP can be described as virtual crypto with a market capitalization of zero. It is classified as an overall crypto ranking and has an average daily trading volume of $0. It is currently valued at $0.00. Over the last few days, the price of XSP crypto fluctuated by +0.00 percent. There are no coins available for circulation. The liquidity score is 1. The XSP crypto rating, as reported by the BeInCrypto community, has a score of 0. The Twitter account that is dedicated to BeInCrypto has zero followers.

ETM Crypto

The USDT to ETM crypto market is open to trading! … MINI service is a system of finance that does not rely on intermediaries using blockchain technology as its core and is a potential new venture that will replace traditional financial markets like trading between tokens.

The main objective for ETM is to offer an entire crypto platform, which offers various services, such as webtoons, minigames, communities, Defi services, and online shopping. Within the ETM crypto platform, payments are processed only with Mini Life Token (MLF). Mini Life Token (MLF).

BitBoy Crypto

A YouTube Channel of BitBoy Crypto was established in January of 2018 in the name of Ben Armstrong. After that, BitBoy Crypto was recognized as a news channel that provided the latest information regarding Bitcoin & crypto. Since its launch, it has expanded its BitBoy Crypto brand to include a distinct news section in the past two years.

Ben Armstrong is a crypto enthusiast, podcaster, YouTuber, and the founder of More popularly called BitBoy Crypto, he works tirelessly to update and guide the crypto community.

Ben has been working in crypto since 2012 when he made his first put his money into Bitcoin. He used the services of Charlie Shrem’s BitInstant and then lost Bitcoin during the Mt. Gox hack.

In 2018, Ben decided to move to “full-time blockchain” and put all his time and effort into increasing the scope of crypto.

Wrap Up

The aim of this article isn’t to dissuade anyone from a fascinating and transformative field but to ensure they come into the field with their eyes wide. If you’ve got an eye on the long term, it is unlikely that you will be in a position to increase or sell your stake based on quick changes.

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