Fix YouTube Error

Many users complain regarding errors like Audio renderer error on YouTube, Playback error, Autoplay not working, and YouTube comments not loading when playing a video on the internet or mobile apps. It ultimately spoils the experience for general individuals in addition to premium subscribers.

YouTube is the No. 1 streaming website today in 2021 and gaining appeal daily. It has become the top video streaming site for users. However, the YouTube playback experience isn’t as perfect as one might believe.

Why I see ‘An error occurred’ message on YouTube?

We will review some common errors one by one and find out how to fix them by complying with some steps. We are most likely to inform you about fixing the following errors in this write-up, so please review it completely to obtain benefits.

  1. Audio renderer error on YouTube
  2. YouTube playback error
  3. Autoplay not working on YouTube
  4. YouTube comments not loading.

Audio renderer error on YouTube

It’s irritating when you open a YouTube video but can only see the message: Audio renderer error. Please restart your computer. Do not fret, and you’re not the only one. Below are a few ways for you to attempt.

Restart your computer

Rebooting your PC as suggested might aid you in fixing the “Audio renderer error. This is the simple and standard action for all kind of errors in your PC

Replug your audio playback devices

Unplug your devices and plug them back in, then check if the error of the audio renderer fixed

Run audio troubleshooting

For the audio renderer error on YouTube, you can run the built-in audio troubleshooter to fix the problem. You can initiate by clicking on the Windows key + R to open the Run box, then Type “ms-settings: troubleshoot” and press Enter Key. Hereafter, Click Playing Audio pick Run the troubleshooter.

Restart, Update or Downgrade your Audio driver.

Occasionally error occurs in the audio gadget driver, so it is better to restart the device driver. If the error continues after restarting the driver, then update the driver or roll back to the driver’s previous version. You can do these steps to fix the audio made error for YouTube video clips by most likely to your device supervisor and choose the Sound, video clip and game controllers option.

The above solution is for the Window 10 system; however, you can also comply with the same actions for various other versions.

YouTube playback error

There can be many reasons behind the playback error habits. It can be connected with your Google account, browser cache, or a buggy app on your mobile device. We will certainly point out the best means to fix the YouTube playback error issue. Adhere to the steps along and start enjoying as previously.

Reset Router

Restarting your router can fix the YouTube playback error. We advise that you wait 10 secs after you have switched off your router before rebooting it to ensure that every capacitor is completely drained pipes. Restart your router and try connecting YouTube again to see if it settles the concern.

Clear Cookies and Cache

Clear the cache files, cookies, background, and momentary Internet data in your browser. Mentioning browser, if the YouTube playback error isn’t settled, then try the following technique step.

Switch Browser

Switch to Google Chrome and see if it fixed the error of YouTube playback. Sometimes, using different browsers like firefox safari and opera might run into different errors. It is the item of Google itself, so Chrome is the appropriate choice for playing YouTube videos.

Update YouTube App

Update your app on your Android Gadget. Using an old version of YouTube often triggers the playback error, so it is recommended to keep your applications upgraded on your Android or iOS devices to fix them.

Disable AdBlock Extension

You must uninstall the Adblock extension to fix the YouTube playback error. Microsoft verified that the playback error was caused by a dispute between the AdBlock and browser extension and Microsoft Side, potentially creating issues when loading videos.

The above steps will certainly fix the playback error on YouTube.

YouTube autoplay not working

YouTube keeps you busy for hrs, and you can continue seeing video clips back to back till Autoplay quits working unexpectedly. The autoplay feature works in many situations, and if not working after that, there could be some feasible factors behind this error. Allow find out and fix them.

Autoplay Is Disabled in YouTube

If YouTube autoplay is not working, try to check the setups’ choice if it is enabled or otherwise. Often you disable the app’s choice to Autoplay the videos; thus, this error occurs.

Update or Reinstall App

Maintaining your apps upgraded in Android and iPhone devices is very vital. Check if your app update is available on the PlayStore or not. Update your App if YouTube autoplay is not working and see if the problem is fixed.

Shut Off Muted Playback

This is for smart device individuals. You need to shut off the ‘Muted playback in feeds’ alternative in the app’s settings area. You will discover the setup under Setups > General.

There is no demand to conserve anything. Simply check once again if Autoplay is working or otherwise in the YouTube app.

Use Chrome Browser

As discussed above, the Chrome browser is the best choice, so attempt to check if YouTube autoplay is working on chrome browser or not if the trouble persists in the Chrome browser, also after that attempt to clean and clear your browser cache and cookies. Also, try to disable all undesirable extensions in Chrome Browser, particularly Adblock.

This is the means to fix YouTube’s autoplay attribute not working error.

YouTube comments not loading.

Comments on videos are important for the visitors and the developers. There are situations when comments on YouTube videos are not loading, especially with Chrome.
Before you modify the browser, check whether the video certainly sustains comments.
Sometimes comments might be unavailable on video clips because the makers have restricted viewers from commenting.

To verify that, open the video clip in various internet browsers. If you see comments are loading correctly in various internet browsers and not in Chrome, try the below actions to fix it.

Open in new Tab

Shut the YouTube video clip tab or resume the video in a new Chrome tab if comments are not loading. You should also close and resume the browser. Now check if the trouble still lingers.

Disable Proxy on Your PC

If you are using a proxy software program or VPN, then try to disable it. Sometimes making use of proxy disputes the chrome browser, and you see comments not loading on YouTube.

Disable Adblocker

As already mentioned, whenever you discover any type of error, attempt to disable all the undesirable extensions to fix it, especially Adblocker, which frequently produces plenty of errors in the chrome browser. By disabling the adblocker extension, talk about YouTube will begin loading effectively and not occurs again.

Check Network Connection

Sometimes your web connection can likewise be in charge of this problem. Make sure your network connection is powerful and within the range to appropriately load the YouTube website along with the comments.


YouTube is turning out to be a crucial solution for entertainment needs. Using the tricks above, you can conveniently fix the errors like YouTube playback error and comments not loading, YouTube audio renderer error and Autoplay not working on your gadget. We hope you find these techniques useful to fix some common errors.

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