Pixwox for Instagram is an app that allows you to expand and download a high-quality version of someone’s Instagram profile image. The app lets you automatically download photos, videos, highlights, stories, and highlights from Instagram.

Without entering into your Instagram account, you may save images and videos and repost them on your Instagram timeline or Insta feed with Pixwox. Users may browse Instagram account data and hashtags by searching for the profiles of their friends or favourite artists.

What is PixWox?

The Pixwox app allows you to grab your favourite videos or images with unique hashtags and captions and repost them on your Instagram story. Pixwox for Instagram and Repost App has excellent features such as no login required, full-quality video/picture downloader, quick download of stories, copy link support, and sophisticated bubble service to keep you from switching applications. It also lets you save time by downloading multiple pictures and videos at the same time.

Pixwox Alternatives for Instagram


Kazuy is an app that gives you strong Instagram control capabilities that allow you to see all of your Instagram activity data. The software allows you to track who is viewing your stories but not following you. The Instagram tracker tool allows you to discover who started following you, who blocked you, who erased their likes or comments, and much more.

Users may look at their friends’ and favourite artists’ Instagram activity to see who they should start following. This software allows you to learn more about people that start following you. The Kazuy App allows you to access your current and previous story data as well as the number of views; therefore, it is one of the best Pixwox alternatives available.

Furthermore, you can easily make a list of your favourite profiles or Kazuy. The programme is straightforward, free, and simple to use. You can also look for INSTAZU app as well.


Ruben Alonso made the app GamGage, which makes it easy to look at how you interact on Instagram from any public profile. You may see Instagram interaction, likes, comments, and IE progress, as well as the most frequently used hashtags and captions in posts.

The tool allows you to create charts that show the evolution of Instagram interaction and followers. Users of Pixwox can also see what their friends and favourite artists are doing and what their profiles say about them without having to log in to this tool.

This programme evaluates the Instagram engagements of all posts and notifies you if your involvement is greater than, less than, or equal to the average of all computed engagements. The GamGage-Engagement Calculator for the Instagram App provides an IEs ranking calculator to compute the Instagram engagement rating for each profile range depending on the number of followers.

In addition, the app’s in-app purchase option includes premium features such as a profile comparator, an IE advancement chart, and profile comparison.


Qeek for Instagram is one of the best mobile apps made by BeakerApps. It makes it easy to grab and enlarge high-definition Instagram profile photos. The app, like Pixwox, allows you to store high-quality Instagram stories and highlights from your friends or favourite musicians. Users may touch and zoom profile images to get additional information.

You can easily save and track the profiles of your favourite producers, artists, and celebrities. By using Qeek you can discover your Instagram pals by inputting their names and downloading their Instagram DP to your smartphone gallery.

The Qeek for Instagram-HD Profile Picture Download App allows you to access your friends’ or other users’ Instagram details. Also, in the app’s “Buy” section, users can buy premium features like extra designs, options for restoring, and widgets.


FollowCo is one of the top mobile applications provided by Profile Engagement Co., allowing you to quickly observe all interactions with your Instagram profile. You may use the app to get a complete analysis of your Instagram stories as well as information on your profile statistics.

You can track individuals who see your profile and stories but don’t follow you. Users may see who has recently unfollowed them and who has not followed them back.

It informs you about lost followers, new followers, and gained followers.The FollowCo App easily finds your most recent Instagram stories, as well as your most popular, oldest, and most loved stories. Another good option is Smihub where you can check profiles anonymously.

This Pixwox alternative allows you to find user profiles that have recently blocked you. There are also in-app purchases for premium features like profile analytics, Instagram engagement progressions, and a lot more with FollowCo.


Sarman Instagram Follower is an activity tracker tool that may help you find out who has visited your profile, unfollowed you, and banned you. The app allows you to see your friends’ and artists’ actions to see who they are following like on Pixwox.

You can easily trace who removed your comments and unfollow you. Users can add Instagram friends to their watch list and track their activity. Sarman’s software allows you to watch your friends’ Instagram tales in HD and discover who is watching your stories but not following you.

It enables you to track active and old articles based on the number of views and discover who has never seen your stories. Sarman’s Instagram Follower, Activity, and Story Analyzer App includes tools for tracking lost followers, followers who deleted their comments, those who do not follow back, most liked/commented posts, besties who like every post, and much more.


Gbox is one of the best mobile phone apps. It has a toolbox full of great Instagram skills. The programme gives you access to sophisticated tools like a nine-grid, colour picker, video splitter, glitch effects, and a variety of unique typefaces. You can use beautiful and fun Instagram effects and add-ons, and you can also make a small website for your Instagram followers.

Users may download high-resolution Instagram photographs and videos and repost them on their Insta timeline or story with original captions and hashtags, as on Pixwox. You may make a collage of your favourite photographs and share it with your friends. With the Gbox Instagram Toolkit app, you can post pictures to your Instagram timeline to get ideas for the best hashtags.

Gbox allows you to make seamless non-cropped images with various effects and add additional space to your Instagram caption with spaces. You may also construct a very interesting, swipeable photostream.

Twitly Followers and Unfollowers

The Twitly Followers and Unfollowers Influencer Tool is an Instagram tool that lets you find people who don’t follow you back, unfollow them, and find out who hasn’t followed you back.

This Pixwox alternative app allows you to view your friends’ and favourite artists’ Instagram stories. Twitly allows you to manage your Twitter and Instagram profiles and learn more about your followers and unfollowers. You can find the people who stopped following you on Instagram and start following them to grow your account.

Users may see the entire profile of anyone who watches their Instagram stories and highlights without following them. The Twitly app gives you an unlimited number of Instagram and Twitter accounts that you can use to get more followers.

The software protects your account and does not reveal your activity to anyone. This software also provides you with notifications when someone follows or unfollows you.

Profile Photo Downloader

Profile Photo Downloader for Instagram is one of the greatest mobile applications with zoom in and out capabilities that allows you to see and save high-quality Instagram profile photographs.

You may search for and view photographs of your favourite artists on Instagram without entering into your account. The software lets you save HD Instagram photos to your phone’s gallery so you can look at them when you’re not online.

Users may access their friends’ and favourite artists’ Instagram stories, highlights, and activities without having to log in. By copying and pasting the URL into the app search box, you can download a high-resolution version of a profile photo using the Profile Photo Downloader for Instagram App.

Users may also share their favourite photographs with friends and on social media. The software has a basic and user-friendly UI similar to Pixwox.

iAssistant Followers Analysis

IAssistant Followers Analysis for Instagram is an Instagram assistant-powered app that sends you daily updates on your audience’s progress, such as Instagram followers, top stories, story analysis, and much more.

It provides the most complete and accurate Instagram follower analysis. You can keep track of new and lost followers as well as the growth of your Instagram account. This tool, like Pixwox, can help you locate folks who are seeing your Instagram highlights and stories but are not following you. Users may view daily reports, account data, and information on changes in follower numbers.

The iAssistant Followers Analysis for Instagram app lets you track lost or new followers, account growth, post/story interaction, story analysis, Instagram un-followers, most liked/commented posts, and a lot more.

Customers can also buy premium features like weekly updated reports, information about audience growth, and professional follower analysis when they buy the app.

Unfollowers 4 Instagram

RosTeam recommends Instagram as one of the top mobile applications recommended by RosTeam for locating your Instagram unfollowers. The programme allows you to track people who follow you but do not follow you back.

You may examine your Instagram account data by analysing it. This software allows users to manage numerous Instagram accounts at the same time. This software allows you to track your friends’ and favourite artists’ actions to see who they are starting to follow.

It allows you to follow back and remove followers without going into your Instagram account. Track friends who quit following you, identify people who don’t follow you back, see who follows you but you don’t follow them, and many more functions are available in the Unfollowers 4 Instagram App. Furthermore, the app is simple and basic like Pixwox.


Reaports is a great Pixwox alternative app for your phone that lets you keep an eye on your social media accounts and see specific information about your Instagram page. You can quickly see how your friends and followers interact with each other and keep track of those who block you.

You can see who is looking at your profile but isn’t following you, as well as who isn’t following your profile back. Users may quickly track their profile comment statistics and see who their most effective followers are.

Reaports lets you look at your Instagram followers’ account stats and see what they’ve been doing recently. Followers Analysis for the Instagram app has a lot of useful features, such as figuring out what’s in the way, looking at profile stats, viewing details for stories, comment stats, hidden fans, effective followers, rating data, and a lot more.

Users can also see detailed visualisations of their profiles, as well as a deep analysis of their professional data and how many followers they have gained or lost.

Insights for Instagram

Insights for Instagram is a great mobile app that lets you manage your relationship with Insights and look at your relationship with Instagram by category.

You can look at, download, and share your favourite Instagram photos and videos with this software. You can see your followers, unrequited followers, fans, mutual connections, and view/download stories anonymously.

This software syncs with your Instagram account to show you the most recent information about it. Users can keep track of ghost followers who don’t like your posts and get alerts when accounts stop following you.

The Insights for Instagram app has useful tools like a way to download posts and stories, repost, see how tags are doing, see trends, and get suggestions for hashtags. Furthermore, the software can tell you if an account is spam or not legitimate. This app’s premium features are also available as in-app purchases, which makes it a perfect alternative to Pixwox.

Insights+ for Android

Insights+ for Android is an app with unexpected insights capabilities that can help you discover who has blocked, unfollowed, and ghosted you without your knowledge. The app lets you see your Instagram interaction progression, most liked posts, and top followers.

You can get a lot of information about how you interact with your followers and friends on Instagram. Users may view the top followers, ghost followers, admirers, stalkers, and top articles depending on the number of likes and comments.

It allows you to manage numerous Instagram accounts at the same time. You can track your most engaging content, best followers, and mutual followers with the Insights+ for Android App. This software allows you to watch your friends’ and favourite artist’s Instagram activities.

Also, like Pixwox, this app automatically updates the engagement page with new reports to give you the most up-to-date information about your account.


This list, we feel, will certainly help you choose the finest Pixwox alternatives. Please leave any comments or recommendations concerning these programmes, such as Pixwox, in the comment area below.

FAQ about Pixwox

Is Pixwox a legal service?

Yes, Pixwox is perfectly safe to use, and it is quite legal to use this Web App to download images, videos, and even search for a specific Instagram profile.

Is Pixwox Similar to Instagram?

Pixwox is a simple and free Instagram editor and viewer. You will have as much time and space as you want to look at and change your Instagram profiles, news, followers, posts, tags, locations, and more.

Is Pixwox a well-known app?

According to the Pixwox website, the view is fully anonymous because your personal details, date and time of your visit are neither visible nor recorded.

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