wasted on lol

How much time have I wasted on LoL? You may be asking. There is software available to help you track this. The League of Legends game, which was launched 12 years ago, is a team-based strategy game in which two teams of five formidable champions compete against each other. This is done in order to destroy each other’s bases.

In epic plays, you can select from over 140 heroes. The team must clear lanes to get to the hostile Nexus in the Nexus game. There is a jungle in the lanes with monsters that you must avoid.

How much time is wasted on LOL (League of Legends)?

Go to wol.gg and input the name of your summoner. On the right-hand side of that menu, you will notice an opportunity to pick your region. Simply click the “How much time wasted on LoL” button to the right, and voilà! You will be able to check how many hours you have spent playing League of Legends based on their statistics.

Is it wasted on LoL, correct?

On the negative, because it is a third party, Wasted on LoL does not provide 100% an accurate number of hours played. Nonetheless, it’s the closest you’ll come to your entire number of hours.

The LOL game is entertaining with a huge tier list, and you will feel really relaxed after playing it. However, playing this game might consume a significant amount of time. Here are several approaches for determining how much time you have wasted on LOL.

Question Regarding the Port of the LOL Game

To find out how much time you’ve wasted on LOL, go to the “Stats” tab in the game UI. It does not, however, include data prior to 2018.

  1. First, launch the LOL game on your PC.
  2. Navigate to your profile’s tab and choose Stats from the menubar.
  3. The rated hours played are displayed in the lower-left corner, directly beneath the number of games played. This will allow you to see how much time you have wasted on LOL.

Wasted on LOL

  1. Launch the Wasted on LOL application.
  2. Scroll down to the “summoner’s name” box and enter your name. Select your area as well. If you select a different region, the results will not be displayed.
  3. Select “how much time have i wasted on lol?”
  4. You will be directed to another website that displays information about the minutes, hours, and days you have been logged on. You will also be ranked according to your region and the entire world. Surprisingly, it will show you additional things you might have done with the time.

Game Record Lookup

This is one more method for determining how much time you have wasted on LOL. This webpage allows you to view the most current game history.

  1. Sign in to op.gg.
  2. In the search field, type in your “LOL” username. In addition, if you have already looked for another summoner, it will appear in your recent searches or favorites.
  3. You’ll be sent to another page where you’ll view your profile’s avatar. Click on the “How many hours you wasted on LOL?” link.
  4. It will take you to a different website where you can see how much time you have spent. You will also be given the option of doing anything else with that time.

Engage in activities that you enjoy

Playing on LOL is not a time wasted; you should not be dissatisfied with the results you get after calculating the number of hours you spend. It isn’t a waste of time as long as you love playing League of Legends and Azur lane. However, take care not to become an addict. This might render you ineffective in other important day-to-day duties. Take regular breaks while playing to allow your thoughts to rest.

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