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How do I activate RocketLeague on any smart device? Developed and published by Psyonix, RocketLeague is a famous soccer video game first released for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. It has since been released for the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. RocketLeague, also known as “Football with Rocket Cars,” allows you to form two teams of up to eight players each. You can then use your rocket car to kick the ball into your opponent’s goal and score points.

If you recently bought a game from RocketLeague and want to play it on your computer or smartphone, you’ll need to activate RocketLeague at to make it work.

Follow the important steps below to learn how to activate RocketLeague.

Why do we need to activate Rocketleague?

For cross-platform development in RocketLeague, you need to have an Epic Games account. So, the first step in the activation process is to set up or log in to your Epic Games account.

These steps will show you how to connect your platform to your Epic Games account.

  1. If you want to start, you need to open the RocketLeague first.
  2. Following the launch of RocketLeague, you must log in to your Epic Games account. To do this, click the “Login” button.
  3. In order to get an Epic Games account, click the “Create” button without giving your name, email address, or password.
  4. When you log in to your Epic Games account, you see a page that asks you to do something. There are steps you can take in a web browser: Log into your Epic Games account. Then open a new tab, and type the URL in.
  5. Note: If you type in the address bar and it doesn’t take you to the activation page, try instead, which will get you to the activation page.
  6. The first time you log in to Epic Games, you’ll be asked to choose your primary platform.
  7. All connected platforms use the main platform to keep track of progress (experience, standings, rocket passes, etc.).
  8. However, you should choose the platform that has the highest Rocket Pass progress and the highest competitive rank, but that’s not all.
  9. It isn’t possible to move balances for Credit or Esports tokens, so they stay with their platforms. Choose your default platform, and you can play on all connected platforms with your progress in the Rocket Pass, your level of experience, and your competitive standings, all in the same game.
  10. No matter what platform you choose, you must choose “Yes!”
  11. If you want to choose a different default platform, you have to say “no” to that.
  12. Congratulations! You have now checked the platform’s foundation.

Connect to Other Platforms

You can add more platforms to your Epic Games account by going to the Company Account Links page. Besides, you can connect your platform to your Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, or Steam account and easily share your progress in soccer game with your friends. One of them could also be your primary platform on that linked web page.

If you already linked your Epic Games account to your platforms, you don’t need to do it again. It’s also easy to unlink your platform and choose a new one if you ever make a mistake or want to switch.

You’ll need to do this to activate RocketLeague on the activation page, so above are the steps you need to take.

If you can’t activate RocketLeague by the instructions above, you might want to contact RocketLeague customer service by following the instructions below.

Visit the RocketLeague homepage on your computer by typing the URL ( into the address bar of your web browser.

There is a “Support” link at the top of the RocketLeague home page. You need to click or tap it to get help with the game. After that, you’ll be sent to the next page.

If you need help with a specific problem or question, just look at the information on the following pages. You can find it there.

This is how you can quickly get help from RocketLeague customer service about your activation problem.

FAQs about Rocket League

Do I need to pay for the rocket rig?

RocketLeague is free to play and can be found in the Epic Games Store. It can also be played on the web.

On how many platforms can we activate RocketLeague?

The primary platform is where you get your Epic Games account, where all your RocketLeague progress is kept.

Is it essential to have Epic Games account to play RocketLeague?

Yes. Log in using your Epic Games account or create a new one for RocketLeague.

Is it possible to activate and play RocketLeague on different devices simultaneously?

Yes. In RocketLeague, you can play across all platforms.

What will happen if I link a platform to my Epic Games account?

You can get the Chopper EG wheel if you link your Epic Games account to your platform.

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