Games Like Age Of Empires

Games like Age of Empires are all about the gamers forming their very own military. It consists of managing assets, constructing their empire, and waging a battle against opponents to beat them. Such games like age of empires permit a participant to conquer the in-game world by deciding their very own path. The smarter you’re, the larger the menace you turn out to be to your foes.

As everyone knows, the primary like Age of Empires games launched again in 1997. The game has been relatively well-known within the style of Real-Time Strategy (RTS) games. The game covers the eras from the Stone Age to the primary colonialism in North and South America.

If you’re seeking to get into various strategy games, then you’re in the precise place. Beneath is our list of different games like Age of Empires:

Addictive Games Like Age of Empires

  • Starcraft 2
  • Age of Mythology
  • Empire Earth
  • Total War WARHAMMER II
  • Warcraft III (Reforged)

Age of Empires is undoubtedly one of the finest real-time like strategy games ever launched. The company lastly unveiled a brand new model of Age of Empires in 2017. After releasing some gameplay footage in 2019, Microsoft introduced that the game will launch in 2021. Until this new recreation releases, take a look at the next wonderful Games like Age of Empires/Alternatives:

Starcraft 2 – Famous among Games like Age of Empires

Starcraft 2 is the second installment within the Starcraft sequence, a space-focused RTS recreation developed by Blizzard Leisure. This is one of the games like age of empires that set in a 26th-century science fiction universe. The focuses are on a galactic battle between 4 completely different species for total universe domination. The game was cut up into three components throughout improvement to inform a whole story.

It provides gameplay expertise, the place the participant chooses to play as one of many three species referred to as Terran, Protoss, and Zerg. The Initial recreation of Wings of Liberty revolves around the story of Terran. The 2 growth packs give the tales of Protoss and Zerg.

Within the recreation, you assume your models’ full management and are required to provide you with the very best methods with the given assets to survive this intergalactic battle.

Age of Mythology

Ensemble Studios, the creators of the Age of Empires, determined to make a spin-off sequence. Games like Age of Empires, which predicated on historic occasions, this recreation takes place in Atlantis, and it focuses on the well-known Greek, Egyptian and Norse myths and legends.

Very similar to the Age of Empires, the formulation of constructing a military, managing assets, and conquering the opposing civilizations stays the primary focus of the game. The participant has to decide on and play from one of many three cultures: Greek, Egyptian, and Norse. Every civilization has its faith and tradition.

The game helps you to select your main God, based mostly on your chosen empire. As you progress to the subsequent age, you unlock minor Gods, which grant particular skills to the gamers identical to different comparable Age of Empires games.

Empire Earth

As mentioned on the Age of Empires Reddit discussion board, games like Empire Earth is a history-based real-time strategy recreation. The game begins from a pre-historic period and ends in the nano age. It requires gamers to assemble assets to assemble buildings, populates their civilizations with residents, and conquer opposing cultures.

The game also consists of an intensive map editor for the gamers to create their empires no matter their design. One of the distinctive and progressive programs within the recreation is the “Morale’ system, which impacts particular person unit statistics.

One other new idea such games like age of empires provides is its “Hero” system. You could construct heroes within the city’s heart or capital. There are two kinds of heroes, Strategist heroes who heal surrounding models and might demoralize enemy models, whereas Warrior heroes give morale to surrounding models and have higher assault energy.


For those who love destruction as a lot as RTS gameplay, then you’ll love Total War Warhammer II. Without a doubt, this is one of the finest games like age of empires that brings a panoramic narrative marketing campaign. It set throughout the enormous continents of Lustria, Ulthuan, Naggaroth, and the Southlands.

The game is the second chapter within the trilogy, so you will want to play the primary recreation or have a working data of its historical past to benefit from the recreation much more. You’ll play as one of many eight legendary lords of 4 races, the place your most crucial intention might be to develop and lead your military to disturb the large vortex and foil the progress of different races.

Every race has its advantages and disadvantages, and you’ll have to reside with them when you select one. The game features one of many world maps that you’ll find in an RTS recreation with the best-looking aesthetics. There’s no cause why you shouldn’t play this recreation.

Warcraft III (Reforged) – Best graphics in games like Age Of Empires

Identical to different games based mostly on Age of Empires, Warcraft is a recreation sequence that’s thought of as one of many classics of RTS games. Blizzard develops the game, one of the many largest gaming studios on this planet, takes gamers on a fantasy journey, the place they’ll command beautiful creatures, the Evening Elves, Undead, Orcs, and People.

Gamers undergo an epic journey, the place they’ll select any faction and construct their base. Also, assemble a military, and recruit highly effective heroes to guide the cost. The newest recreation within the sequence, Warcraft III – Reforged, is offered for pre-order proper now and might be out there to play on the finish.

The brand new recreation will deliver a visible radical overhaul, a collection of the latest social and matchmaking features, and extra. The perfect half about pre-purchasing this recreation is that gamers will be capable of play older Warcraft III games, together with “Warcraft III – Reign of Chaos” and “Warcraft III – Frozen Throne” free of charge. So you’ve gotten a lot to play earlier than the brand new recreation hits the market.

We recommend these Games Like Age of Empires.

All of the games listed above are the best strategy games, like the age of empires. Every recreation provides a singular setting and gameplay components, which makes it distinctive in its personal proper. These games haven’t solely contributed to and helped revitalize the Real-Time Strategy style, which deserves more love and a spotlight from gamers. So, should you just like the Age of Empires, you’re certainly going to like these games.

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