LineageOS 17 on Rooted Android Device

Cyanogenmod 13 installer was previously used widespread custom ROM, and now lineageOS 17 on many rooted devices has taken the 1st place among developers and users. CyanogenMod was previously the most well-liked custom ROM for Android devices.

Sadly, a short-lived effort at making the ROM the premise of a business-to-business software program firm sank the entire CyanogenMod group and its former belongings. Together with the title and group servers.

However, not everything misplaced: most authentic developers have jumped into the brand new LineageOS 17 venture—a direct follow-up to CyanogenMod. Whereas the intensive system help isn’t somewhat what it was. Lineage remains the primary cease for up-to-date group ROMs for many customers.

Stock Up-to-Date Android on LineageOS 17

LineageOS like CyanogenMod 13 offers you an up-to-date model of Android on devices. It’s additionally a pure, stock Android expertise. Sure, the Lineage developers add numerous their very own tweaks and a handful of apps.

Nonetheless, they respect Google’s interface. The tweaks the working system provides don’t feel misplaced—a lot of them added to the Settings screen as new choices. As a result of it dispenses with the extra bloat plenty of producers and carriers add, LineageOS 17 can be very quick.

That is the most crucial purpose to put in a customized ROM. If it helps your system, it is going to give you a pure, up-to-date Android expertise. It’s a technique to revitalize outdated Android devices that producers are now not updating.

Privacy Guard on LineageOS 17

Privacy Guard enables you to manage which permissions put in apps can use, and which new apps get by default.

This provides you iOS-style permission expertise on Android, so you’ll resolve whether or not that app ought to be allowed to access your location, contacts, and different personal knowledge whereas nonetheless utilizing the app.

That is based mostly on an Android function named App Ops to which Google eliminated access.

Privacy Guard additionally shows a notification if you’re utilizing an app with blocked permissions. If an app isn’t working correctly, this notification reminds you that you could wish to re-enable some permissions.

You may allow Privacy Guard and control notifications by heading to Settings > Privacy > Privacy Guard.

SuperUser Access like CyanogenMod 13

The “Superuser” screen integrates root access into Android’s Settings screen. This interface capabilities as a conventional technique to enable and disallow superuser requests from apps. But it indeed additionally lets you allow or disable root in your whole system.

You don’t have to attach your phone or tablet to your laptop and run any instructions, and also you won’t lose root when upgrading. LineageOS 17 is appropriate with root access if you need it, and lets you disable root access if you don’t want it.

Interface Tweaks

The “Interface” settings screen has choices. You may tweak the Standing Bar, Fast Settings panel, Notification Drawer, and Navigation Bar like CyanogenMod 13.

For instance, you can reorder the buttons on the Navigation Bar on the backside of your screen. Rearrange the order of the tiles within the Fast Settings panel.

The Standing Bar pane has a Brightness management toggle. This lets you modify your system’s screen brightness by merely sliding your finger backward and forwards on the notification panel on the high of your screen.

It’s an excellent way to extend screen brightness if you happen to can’t see your screen in direct daylight, for instance.


The AudioFX app offers system-wide equalizer controls you need to use to regulate the sound coming out of your system. Enabling bass to enhance, activating an equalizer, and choosing presets that match the music you take heed to.

Button Choices like CyanogenMod 13

Use the “Buttons” screen to regulate what your system’s buttons do. For instance, you can long-press the quantity buttons to change music tracks. This can be an excellent resolution for skipping between songs without pulling your phone out of your pocket if you happen to don’t have a headphone cable with a built-in distance.

LineageOS even consists of the power to allow keyboard cursor management. This way your quantity keys transfer the textual content cursor when your software program keyboard is open.

This might make different typing environment friendly, permitting you to regulate the cursor without maneuvering your finger a pixel to the left or proper on the touchscreen.


LineageOS consists of profiles, which yow will discover below Settings > Customers or by long-pressing the ability button, after tapping the “Profile” choice. Profiles are teams of settings.

For instance, say you at all times set your phone to vibrate mode and disable cellular knowledge if you’re at work. You may group these settings right into a “Work” profile and swap to the profile as a substitute for fixing every particular person setting. You, too, can activate profiles utilizing Tasker.

LineageOS like CyanogenMod 13 additionally features a handful of its apps, just like the Trebuchet home screen launcher, the clock home screen widget. A File Supervisor with root file access, a customized music participant, and a terminal emulator.

You, too, can set up many of those apps on different Android devices. Also may exchange them with different apps you like higher.

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