LosMovies Alternatives

LosMovies users are disappointed to learn that multiple companies have shut down the free streaming site, Los Movies, via legal action. LosMovies has been the best online streaming site for movies free for many years. The free service of losmovie allows you to view new movies and old favorites online. Millions of people worldwide have used it.

There are some disadvantages of free Los movie streaming sites such as LosMovies. Their service can sometimes violate laws or regulations that protect creators and owners of the content. This can lead to platforms like LosMovies being closed.

LosMovies Shutdown: When and Why?

LosMovies was established in 2017 and closed in 2018. This was due to legal action against streaming sites, as the legality of such sites is disputed. These streaming sites are primarily used to stream pirated content.

Los Movies users had to move to another site. We have listed our top five choices to stream HD movies online for free or unblocked Los movies club.

Losmovies.fun – Currently in Operation

LosMovies Website Features

What are the Best Features of LosMovies? Here are some of the top reasons LosMovie is a highly recommended streaming website:

  • A growing number of TV series and movies from around the globe.
  • No registration is required.
  • There are very few on-screen and pop-up ads
  • A clear website interface with many features and filters makes the content selection and search process easier.
  • It is easy to use and simple, making it very beginner-friendly.
  • Each video has multiple streaming links.
  • All videos can be viewed in multiple resolutions: 240p to 420p, HD to 720p, HD to 1080p FHD and even 2k and 4.
  • You can enjoy pleasant browsing or streaming experience with little to no ad interruption.
  • This website is great for downloading and streaming movies from many countries, including Argentina, Brazil, China and France.

LosMovies: Top 27 Alternatives

While many streaming websites offer unlimited hours of entertainment online, we recommend our top 27 Los Movies alternatives.

1. 123Movies


123Movies has nearly 98,000,000 monthly visits from sites that work. It offers HD movies and shows for free. The best part about 0123 movies? A vast array of TV shows and films is available.

Daily updates to the site include new movies and shows. Millions of people use 1234movies to access content from paid streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon, and Hallmark.

123Movies ru recently introduced an app for Roku or Kodu users.

2. Putlocker


Putlocker is undoubtedly one of the most popular and well-known video streaming sites on the internet. Putlocker.is popularity can be explained in many ways, but the most popular reason is its huge selection of HD movies available for streaming.

Putlocker2, in simple terms, is a streaming platform that does not host any content. This service like LosMovies is safer than downloading content by not hosting it and instead of acting as an intermediary between viewers and the source.

123putlocker is a comprehensive index of TV and movie programs. Putlocker9 index can find movies and TV shows that can be streamed online without downloading.

Putlockernew best features include its safety, simplicity, and active links to thousands of HD movies on one platform. The Putlocker.io search engine makes finding the content you want easy.

3. SubsMovies


SubsMovies is sure to impress with its amazing selection of classic and new movies. Subs Movies has a wide selection of movies and an easy-to-use user interface. SubsMovies ranks among the lesser-known online movie streaming sites.

SubsMovies is an excellent alternative to LosMovies. There are no excuses why letmewatchthis should not be considered. SubsMovies may sometimes interrupt your enjoyment of your favorite movie.

4. GOMovies


GOMovies is an online movie streaming service that’s highly recommended. GO Movies offers a wide range of classic and new movies.

GOMovies user interface is excellent. It allows you to search for your favorite movies quickly and easily. Easy category-based searches and movie reviews make it easy to select your favorite movies.

GOMovies is still a top-rated free streaming site. GOMovies’ biggest problem is its excessive amount of advertisements. It is impossible to avoid watching commercials while you watch your favorite movie. So be prepared to be bombarded by ads.

5. Einthusan


Einthusan login, with over 4000 legally licensed movies, is undoubtedly the most popular South Asian online streaming site. It has a wide range of South Asian movies, including Indian movies. You can also watch movies in as many as 9 Indian languages for free. Enthusan most-popular categories are Telugu, Hindi, Tamil and Hindi.

The website’s user interface and search engine are impressive like LosMovies. Einthusan TV offers not only the most popular and recent movies but also underrated films.

6. Sockshare


Sockshare, a LosMovies’ feature-rich alternative, offers a better user experience and more recent HD content than LosMovies app. Sockshare is a well-known alternative to Los Movie due to its trusted user interface and the extensive range of classic and new content.

Sockshare doesn’t offer pirated content. Instead, it offers reliable, active links to many TV series and movies from multiple sources. Sockshare offers all content for free, with no registration required.

7. Afdah


Afdah info is a highly recommended streaming video site, offering a huge selection of movies and series. It is easy to search for your favorite content on a user-friendly website. You can categorize content by year, country and language.

Affah is similar to other popular LosMovies alternatives. However, Afdah.tv bombards you with annoying ads. But if you ignore them on afdah2, you can still stream your favorite content safe and secure without signing up. You can also download content free of charge and watch HD movies and series wherever and whenever you like from afdah.video.

8. FMovies

los movies

Fmovies is well-known for its wide range of streaming content online from all over the globe. Fmovies have growing popularity with more than 13,000,000 viewers. Its extensive library of movies and TV shows is why it is popular.

This LosMovies alternative website interface is well-designed, making it extremely user-friendly. You can find the movies and TV shows you want on fmovies.wtf, no matter how experienced or new you are. All online streaming content can be categorized by fmoviesname, date, country popularity, genre and IMDb rating.

Fmovies’ best feature is its HD and FHD video quality. The videos also stream fast without buffering.

9. Bmovies

los movies

Bmovies is known for its huge selection of movies and well-designed website layout. Bmovies make it easy to find any movie, no matter how old or recent. You can easily sort the movies by their genre, language and country.

If you don’t find the categories intuitive, you can take advantage of the advanced features to find the movie you want in just a few clicks. Bmovies feature popular content from many countries, including China and Taiwan.

Bmovies has many pop-ups and ads you will have to deal with. However, Bmovies uses two streaming platforms that guarantee uninterrupted viewing every time.

10. AZMovies

los movies

AZMovies offers the best LosMovies alternative if you are looking for the most recent movies and TV series. Online streaming content is available in almost all genres: action, fantasy and comedy, dramas, horrors, thrillers, adventure, and animation, among others.

AZMovies offers a wide range of TV and movie shows. You can also find free documentaries. All content is HD video quality and includes detailed and up-to-date cast and crew information.

The website has three categories to make finding the latest and most popular movies easier: Top Movies (New Movies) and Just Added. You can search for your favorite TV series and movies using the smart search bar.

11. PrimeWire

los movies

PrimeWire is a highly recommended website for streaming the latest movies and tv shows. It offers a great user experience with minimal ads and easy access to all content for free. PrimeWire.mx is updated regularly and boasts one of the largest content libraries of free streaming services. The site offers a wide range of content, including films, television series, documentaries, animated programs, and many other types.

PrimeWire is a great choice for movie fans, especially because it has classic and new films. Release date, cast and reviews sort them. You can browse through the different categories to find what you are looking for or use the search bar to quickly locate what you need in just a few seconds.

Primewire.es site’s attractive layout will greet you as soon as you access it. It includes all the recent content, the search tool, the logo and the menu button that contains all subcategories and categories.

Although the user interface is good and there are not too many ads, we recommend that you have an ad-blocking program and a VPN service to protect yourself. It works on both mobile and desktop computers.

12. PopcornFlix

los movies

PopcornFlix is a great option for LosMovies free entertainment. You can watch endless movies and tv shows without paying a dime. We love that users can choose their preferred video quality, turn on the caption, and select from multiple languages.

PopcornFlix offers a large content library and an easy-to-use platform that is beginner-friendly. The homepage features all the most recent additions to PopcornFlix. This makes it easy for those who want to only view the latest movies. There are several predefined categories that you can explore if you want to explore. Because it’s easy and quick, the search bar is our favorite way to find movies.

There will be classic films and new releases that have just been released in cinemas. PopcornFlix also features premium streaming content such as Netflix.

13. Xmovies8

los movies

Xmovies8 offers another great alternative to Los Movies. It isn’t as well-known as the other LosMovies alternatives, but it is still a great alternative.

You will find a wide variety of movies on Xmovies 8. These include the most popular genres such as romance, comedy and horror, mystery, action, drama, and many more. You can filter the movies on Xmovie8 by Name, New Releases and Best Rated.

Xmovies8.tv does lack a few filters like genres, country, IMDb Rating, etc. The accurate search option makes it easy to find your favorite content quickly. Xmovies.8 is not getting the attention it deserves. Xmovies8.org has an amazing content selection and an exceptional online streaming experience.

14. Yify TV

los movies

Yify TV is a great choice for anyone new to streaming online. It has a large content library and is easy to use. YTS TV, also known as Ymovies, has a similar content selection to LosMovies. A vast selection of classic and new movies, TV shows, and other entertainments from all genres is available.

You can find the content you want quickly and easily on the website with categories, filters, and a search tool. Yify TV offers most of its HD and FHD video quality content and multiple streaming links.

The only problem with Yify Movies is the constant stream of advertisements. You will receive a lot of advertisements when you stream movies or TV series free on Yify Movies. We expect Yify to decrease the number of ads shortly and make streaming and content browsing easier.

15. Movie4u


Movie4u is the place to go if you want to be up-to-date with all the latest content. Movie4u is constantly updated with new movies, so you never miss a single streaming option.

You will find the most popular movies in Full HD 1080p and HD 720p resolutions. Movie4u’s unique website interface is easy to use with its well-designed categories and efficient content filters. It also features a search bar that lets you quickly find the content you are looking for.

Movie4u offers a variety of subbed and dubbed movies, much like LosMovies. Movie4u also offers online streaming and downloading for free, without the need to register or share any personal information. Movie4u’s content selection, website interface and online streaming experience impressed us.

16. YesMovies


YesMovies offers the best online streaming experience and a huge selection of movies from around the globe. You will find a wide range of classic, popular, top-rated, and trending movies on the website and complete seasons of TV shows.

YesMovies apk ensures that there are always options available. The team updates the website regularly with new episodes of TV series and movies within a very short time after they have been aired/released. YesMovie impressive content collection is not the only thing that impresses. The Yes movie app also features simple, easy-to-use filters and features that make it easy to search for content, select and stream.

YesMovies.to also has a dark-themed website. All content is available in HD or FHD video quality and multiple streaming links. YesMovies app is a LosMovies option we love for its content and streaming experience.

17. WatchSeriesHD


WatchSeriesHD is a great way to get the latest episodes of your favorite TV series right as they air. WatchSeries is available as both a website and an Android app. This allows you to stream content from your computer or mobile device. You will also have access to a huge library of content you can use for entertainment.

WatchSeriesHD is a TV series service that specializes in popular TV series. It also has complete seasons of well-loved classics. You can access new episodes within hours of their airing. Full seasons and complete episodes are available for you to binge-watch anytime.

Search the search bar to find your favorite series to let me watch this or the most recent releases in each category. You can use a lot of useful features to enhance your streaming experience.

18. CoolMovieZone


CoolMovieZone, another well-known name in the industry after LosMovies, is a leading online streaming platform for movies. It boasts a huge content library that includes thousands of movies and millions of fans.

CoolMovieZone offers a wide range of Hollywood movies. You will also find many Bollywood movies. All movies are available in HD 720p, HD 1080p FHD and 2k video resolution. It has a simple interface that is mobile-friendly and allows for easy content categorization. We wish CoolMovieZone offered more filters and a search tool to make the selection and process easier.

CoolMovieZone is not only impressive in content and streaming experience but also doesn’t bombard you with advertisements. CoolMovieZone has very few ads, so you can stream without worrying about ad malware and ads.

19. 1Movies


Los Movies has stopped working for you. Many other websites offer the latest movies for free. 1movies is a lesser-known website that offers an easy-to-use interface and a huge library of old and new films.

1Movies’ developers are hard at work to improve the platform. They add new content every day for their users. It is impressive to see how much they have collected from third-party links to movies, especially considering movies321 isn’t as well-known as the larger websites mentioned in this article. 321 movies  and shows from premium streaming services such as Netflix and Disney+ will also be available.

1Movies uses video distribution sources such as Mix drop, Voe, and others to provide multiple links for content. This ensures that you don’t get stuck. Movies124 streaming speeds for HD quality videos are amazing, with very few ads ensuring a smooth viewing experience.

The site offers unlimited access to free content. However, advertisements may occasionally appear. You can opt to skip the ads by signing up for 1 Movie premium streaming service, which costs a monthly fee. It works on all devices, from smartphones to tablets and laptops.

20. Movie4k

los movie

Another popular alternative to LosMovies is Movie4u. Its popularity stems largely from the growing number of movies and series for free streaming. Movie4k offers all films and series in HD and FHD video quality, as well as in 2k or 4k video resolution.

Movie4k’s website interface is very user-friendly. Its simple-to-use features and detailed categorization make movie selection and search a breeze. Thanks to the website’s streaming capabilities, you will also enjoy a great streaming experience. Movie4k is a popular choice for viewers from all walks of the globe, as most movies and series can be viewed in multiple languages.

Movie4k allows you to stream countless hours of TV shows and movies directly from the website without registering or signing up.

21. PandaStream

los movie

PandaStream’s extensive content library means you won’t have to wait long for your favorite show or movie. Access to the largest movie and tv streaming libraries is quick and easy without spending a penny.

Pandastream library has a huge collection of popular and trending content. The database is continually growing, so it is unlikely that you can view all of the content. The intelligent user interface and smart web design make streaming videos easy and quick. Use the exact search bar to search for shows, series, or movies.

PandaStream encourages its users to participate in the platform. The developers have added a comment section below each video. The worldwide community provides feedback and opinions. Users can also rate videos to help them decide which ones are worth their time.

Because it encourages community and participation, we like that users can review and rate the content on the website. The system helps users determine which TV series and movies are worth their time and which are not.

PandaStream is a great alternative to LosMovies due to its low ads and high performance.

22. Sling TV

los movie

Sling TV, the LosMovies alternative, is the best option for streaming movies online. SlingTV users highly recommend this platform for high-quality online streaming on all platforms, including smartphones and tablets.

Slim TV doesn’t offer a wide range of streaming content online. The 100 live TV channels and more than 10,000 hours of video-on-demand content are available in HD or FHD video resolution.

To access Sling TV’s entire content library, you must subscribe. You can rest assured that your money will not be wasted as Sling TV’s paid subscription includes a huge content selection and an amazing online streaming experience.

We love the fact that Sling TV free trial doesn’t bombard you with advertisements during free streaming online. This allows you to enjoy streaming without having to close tons of ads.

23. WatchFree

los movie

WatchFree is a great streaming service for movie lovers who love to watch movies online at no cost on LosMovies. It also offers a wide range of movies and complete series. WatchFree’s team regularly updates the website to include new series and movies.

WatchFree provides a smooth, lag-free viewing experience in standard definition. You must purchase a premium package if you wish to stream your favorite movies in HD or FHD quality.

UWatchFree is a great alternative to LosMovies because of its user-friendly interface, smooth streaming experience, and excellent quality. WatchFree’s intuitive categorization system simplifies and speeds content selection and search.

WatchFree is highly recommended due to its extensive selection of classic and new movies, TV shows, and Netflix exclusives, with free and paid subscriptions. WatchFree users who are not paid will be subject to pop-ups or click-on advertisements. We recommend using ad-blocking software to block ads from online streaming and website browsing.

24. TinyZone


If you are looking for free TV and movies, Tiny zone is the place to visit. Tinyzone offers everything you could want in a streaming service. Tinytvzone offers a wide selection of video content, HD resolution and subtitles in English and Spanish, smooth streaming and many other great features.

Tinyzone.tv may make your experience simple and painless. To watch a movie, go to Tinyzone.com, click the Play button, then enjoy the content. All you need to immerse yourself into the cinematic universe with an internet connection, a device and curiosity for tinymovies.

25. Pubfilm


Pubfilm was a popular streaming site that offered free access, especially in the US. It had problems with copyright in 2014. In 2014 Pubflim was shut down by the law. Pubfilms creators used to keep themselves from being shut down because of the many domains.

Pubfilmonline retained its popularity and credibility for years as a free streaming website, but in 2018, the government shut down all domains related to pubflims.

26. Cmovies


CMovies stores link to popular video material-sharing websites. It can be used as an alternative to Yesmovies, which provides links to tv and film shows. You can view all videos at CMoviesHD for free. However, some content is copied material, so make sure you use a VPN on this LosMovies alternative.

You can find old and new movies, separated by category. CMoviesHD connects visitors to uploaded material on third-party servers. Cmovieshd.bz do not host or upload any video material.CMovies.is has been down for maintenance lately. You can see our alternatives to find a replacement before it is up again.

27. Flixtor


Flixtor is known for offering the ability to stream new movies and TV shows online at no cost. It is interactive and more attractive than any other website that offers the option to view online movies. Flixtor.nu provides all TV series episodes in a more structured way than you could ever imagine.

Flixtor vip requires only a working internet connection to flix HD movies.

Los Movies Mirror Sites – (No More Exist)

  • losmovies.com
  • losmovies.fun
  • losmovies.to
  • losmovies.is
  • los movies.com
  • losmovies.es
  • losmovies.ch
  • losmovies.cc
  • losmovies.ac
  • losmovies.tv
  • losmovies.sh
  • los.movies

LosMovie Proxy Sites – Working

LosMovies – FAQs

When will LosMovies be back?

LosMovies has millions of users worldwide and is a highly regarded online movie streaming site. Los Movies users are very disappointed by the ongoing downtime. Los Movies is currently down. Until LosMovie returns, you can stream online at no cost on one of our top Los Movie alternative sites or LosMovies proxy sites.

Are Los Movie Alternatives Safe To Use?

This list includes our top-rated and most trusted streaming sites. We recommend using an ad-blocker and a VPN to safeguard your data and prevent any online threats.

Are LosMovies alternatives required to register?

All LosMovies alternative options on this list do not require registration or membership. LosMovie alternatives can be streamed, shared, and downloaded online.

Final Verdict

It is difficult to find reliable movie sites that offer the latest movies with zero downtime. These 27 alternatives to LosMovies are not only reliable but also offer the latest movies and have zero downtime.

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