Are you a sports fan who enjoys watching live free sports? Do you want to spend your entire day watching sports? If this is the case, you must seek a TV channel or online streaming website that just provides sports programming. To quench your demand for sports programming, the 12thplayer Live Stream caters to your desire for a distinct sports channel that only transmits sports-related programming. The site was created by a group of specialists, and it is a collection of important services and channels that promise to provide the finest experience to people of all ages.

What does 12thplayer have to offer?

Streaming league matches from around the world and ongoing tournaments is now possible with 12thplayer Live Sports, making the site the best sports streaming service ever. The website also provides highlights and news updates from the basketball, NFL, baseball, rugby, volleyball, and tennis. However, the bulk of people favour this site for watching football matches. This website’s drawbacks include a lack of US sports low-quality links and video streaming. These setbacks necessitate stronger 12thplayer options.

12thplayer Alternatives

This post has a list of the best 12thplayer alternatives that try to offer the same kind of content as 12thplayer Stream. So, let’s get this party started.

1. Sport365

Sport365 is an excellent 12thplayer substitute. The service is well-known for providing free live streaming of sports events. It also allows sports fans to watch sports networks from all over the world at any time. Furthermore, the site is well-known for streaming sports contests of different genres, such as football, cricket, baseball, WWE, MotoGP, hockey, and so on. The nicest part is that each genre has its own channel.

Furthermore, there is no requirement to log in. You only need to search the web and watch your preferred genre, and you’re ready to start. As a result, Sport365 is the superior choice to 12thplayer.

2. OffsideStreams

OffsideStreams is a subscription-based service that charges £13.97 a month in exchange for a plethora of diverse TV channels that are all well-balanced. OffsideStream is compatible with nearly any gadget. It comes with an XBMC add-on, implying that it will work on all of your set-top boxes and Android devices. It also allows you to watch all of the broadcasts using a mobile web browser, so OffsideStream provides plenty of options for you to choose from. OffsideStreams is a great platform that offers the best streaming across the world for a monthly fee.

3. LiveTV

LiveTV is the top sports channel on our list of the best 12thplayer alternatives. It is also a free web service that provides live streaming of current matches and tournaments of numerous sports games from various genres. While making an account, users are simply required to have a subscription. Aside from that, the site is free to use.

The sports programme is unique in that it includes channels from third-party hosts and streaming providers.

4. Myp2p

Myp2p is a live sports streaming service that provides instant and easy access to dozens of links that allow you to watch sports channels for free. It is a great place to watch live sports and TV on the internet.

5. VipLeague

The VIPLeague is the next name on our list of recommended 12thplayer options. VipLeague is a website similar to 12thplayer. It’s basic and has enticing streams. The website has advertisements, but it is customary to have them when watching a match online. The sole disadvantage of the sports website is that it offers fewer TV channels.

6. SportP2P

SportP2P is the 12th player option that we have on board. It is well-known for live streaming the most popular sports around the globe, particularly football. SportP2P generally transmits channels via various protocols rather than processing them as a standalone streaming platform. This is why it focuses primarily on football matches.

7. WiziWig

The WiziWig is the next best 12thplayer alternative on our list. It is one of the most popular alternatives to 12thplayer, and, like 12thplayer, it offers live streaming of various sports tournaments as well as stations from around the world. It has a timetable where you can find streaming and match schedules for volleyball, baseball, tennis, and a variety of other games and films.

8. CricFree

The CircFree is the next certified 12thplayer substitute on our list. It is a website similar to 12thplayer that seeks to give various TV stations. This 12thplayer alternative features more than 12 categories, each of which streams and focuses on a different sport. In the chat section, users can talk to each other and talk about how much they love sports.

9. SportStream

SportStream is another 12thplayer option for live streaming of ongoing matches and other sporting events. It is ideal for sports fans who wish to stay up to date on current matches and competitions. Through Sportstream, customers can view the online scores of the current match. Because of its enormous popularity, it is quickly becoming the most well-known sports website in the world.

10. BatmanStream

One of these 12thplayer alternatives that is surprisingly similar to 12thplayer is Batmanstream. It is simple to use. You simply need to click on the desired location and look for live streaming, such as NBA. You can also look for a live match on your own. The powerful search engine is another great feature.


ATDHE is the next option on our list of the best 12thplayer options. This website will astound you with how simple, easy, and straightforward it is. It allows you to watch live matches and competitions. Furthermore, you can effortlessly switch from one live streaming channel to another.

12. GoATD

Another viable option for 12thplayer is GoAtd.Although it is not popular like other 12thplayer alternatives, it can provide adequate sports pleasure. It offers good possibilities for sports fans and is best for people living in the United States.

13. Stream2Watch

The Stream2Watch is the list’s second best 12-player alternative.It offers both entertainment and sports information, with a focus on sports. The website offers literally hundreds of sports channels and provides live streaming of snooker, football, NHL, and hockey matches. Because the website embeds many web-based channels for streaming reasons, viewers can watch live matches at any time.

14. FuboTV

FuboTV is another excellent 12thplayer substitute. It allows users to watch and stream sports matches online, as well as DVR live sports and TV channels. It is available through official websites as well as streaming videos. The only disadvantage is that it is not available in all countries.

15. BossCast

Another viable alternative is BossCast. It enables customers to stream or watch sporting events and matches online anytime and wherever they choose. The service offers 130 of the greatest streaming channels, more than enough to satisfy your desire to watch sports. It works in a variety of genres, including football, hockey, WWE, and soccer. Each class has its own streaming channel.

16. Laola1

So far, Laola1 is one of the top 12thplayer options. It offers movies of sports as well as games. It gives you access to numerous live sports networks as well as highlight footage from around the world.The nicest part about Laola1 is that all games and sports matches from across the world are free to watch.

17. Feed2all

Feed2all is number seventeen on our list. The website, which is built on WizWig, allows sports fans to stream and watch football and other sports online. The website is great for continuous tournament and video streaming. In addition, the website keeps visitors up to date on current and forthcoming activities.

18. StopStreamTV

It is by far one of the greatest options. It is capable of streaming sites, providing various sports channels that can be accessed at any time and from any location. The website features a black look and a better interface. It keeps fans up to date on future sporting events.

19. Sportlemon

It is mostly an entertainment website that allows sports fans to watch sports online. The website is ideal for individuals who want to play games and watch matches. It does not, however, work on its own. Instead, it depends on other websites.

Wrap Up

So, with all of these 12thplayer possibilities, our search for a superior choice has come to a conclusion. To determine which one best meets your needs, we recommend that you try them all and then decide which one you like. The majority of them are completely free. Only a few are compensated.

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