If you want to find an anime site where you can watch a lot of different things, you should go to Kickassanime. If you want to watch free anime, you can go to Kickassanime. Users can watch all of the anime episodes on Kickass Anime for free.

There is another term for Japanese animation films called “Kickassanime.” This term is sometimes used to refer to Japanese animation films, but not always. In Japan, this type of animation is made with computer software. It comes from that country. Animation is a word in English that means “to move or move things.” It is mostly used in Japan to talk about animated movies and TV shows. People who live outside of Japan use the phrase to describe a type of animation that is very popular in that country. Colorful art, energetic characters, and beautiful themes are all common.

What exactly is Kickassanime?

KickassanimeRS is a well-known service that lets you watch anime with subtitles and dubs. Most anime videos can be seen in high-definition, with resolutions that range from 240p to 1080p. The site also has a lot more. This is why the Kickassanime service is so popular: the dubbed anime episodes are the main reason why.

The website is now called “kick Ass Anime” When you go to, it will send you to instead, so you can watch the movie there.

You can find a lot of different types of anime at KickassAnime, like comedy, sports, science fiction, drama, and more.

When was Kickassanime started?

Kickassanime is a website that is all about anime. The KickassAnime (KAA) website was started in the middle of 2003 by a group of people who wanted to copy anime DVDs. To watch anime online, you can use Kickassanime to do it. You can find it on the site’s left-hand side. In case the anime you want to watch isn’t on the list, So, you can ask for what you want. Kickassanime is a place where you can ask for an anime video to be made. It will take a while for the video to be put on the web. So, it is a good thing that this website does that. There will be no pop-up ads. As a result, you don’t get angry. A secure SSL certificate has been added to the website. This website can be used in two different ways: dark and light mode. If you want to stream the anime video at night, the dark mode is a great choice. The videos are usually of good quality, but not all of them are of the same quality. Yes, the Kickassanime site has a lot of anime videos.

How to play video on Kickassanime:

There is a schedule on the left side of the page that tells you what to do. Let’s say you don’t have the anime you want to watch, but you still want to watch it. So, users can demand what they want. You can use this option on the Kickassanime website to ask for an anime video to be added. The video will be out soon. As a result, this website is a good thing to have. There will not be any pop-up ads. As a result, you don’t care about it at all.

An SSL certificate is applied to the website, which makes it safer to use. Here, you can choose between dark or light. There are numerous ways to watch anime videos at night. The dark mode is one of them.

10 Alternatives to KickassAnime

Let’s check them out one by one.


One of the many websites that let you watch anime for free, so you can keep up with your favorite shows while you’re on the go. There are a lot of choices, and all of them are high-quality. The network that runs the site, called Kickassanime, runs it. The site is very easy to use. The website has a lot of American cartoons, movies, and anime.

Kisscartoon also has the safest way to watch all of your favorite cartoons and anime in one place. There is a website that can be accessed from any computer or smartphone.


Crunchyroll is the first site on my list of alternatives to Kickassanime that I think is better. This is a top anime streaming site with the best customer service in the business. The site has both free and premium paid content, but the free content has a lot of ads. It takes a week after the last episode of a simulcast airs on the site before free users can watch it.

There are a few different ways to become a member of Crunchyroll. There is a basic premium membership that costs $6.95, and there is a premium + membership that costs $3.33 more than the basic premium membership. You get free shipping on orders from the Crunchyroll store if you sign up for the premium membership.


AnimeLab, like Kickassanime, is a free website that wants to show you the best new anime. A lot of people globally can use the browser site or download the app from the Android or iOS stores to use the service.

This site also gives money to the studios so that they can keep making good animation. This way, they can keep making good shows. The site is very clean, and by hovering your mouse over a picture, you can get more information about the anime.


However, even though they don’t have a lot of movies, they still have a lot of good movies. Viz has a lot of popular shows, like Naruto and Sailor Moon, that you can watch. As a matter of fact, you can even watch all of the anime episodes that have already been shown. In this way, it helps to support the anime’s producers in Japan and its American publishers.


AnimeSimple is next on my list of things I want to watch. This is a new source of content, but they already have more than 1,000 shows you can watch on their website. Starting with older episodes like “Hack” and moving on to more recent shows like “Attack on Titan,” the site has a lot of mostly subbed anime to choose from.

A lot of work is still going on to make the site’s user interface perfect, so it isn’t perfect right now. Other than that, everything else is good. It’s easy to find the anime you want to watch without having to do too much work.


To replace Kickassanime, I’m going to look for Dubhappy next on my list. This is a great way to get dubbed anime without having to pay a fee each month. The website has been around for a long time, and it even has a chatbox on the front page where you can talk to other anime fans while you decide what to watch.

In the library, there are some subs that you can search through. Even though the site’s design looks a little old, everything on it, including the video players, works well. Because it is a free service, the ads are also a little more limited.


This is a new service to compete with Animekisa and Funimation. Hideive is the third one. One of the companies has a much lower start-up fee than the other two, and their service is very appealing because of this.

The service itself has Japanese simulcasts, but it isn’t as many as most. They also have a small collection of dubbed movies, which is being expanded. The site is well-designed and easy to use, and they’ve recently started making their app available on some of the most popular game platforms. If you don’t mind paying a fee each month, this is a great alternative to Kickassanime.


AnimeDao, like Kickassanime, is a simple site that gets right to the point and doesn’t waste your time. On the home page, you’ll see the most recent releases, as well as a button that lets you quickly find anime series that are still going on. Another good thing about the search feature is that it loads a lot of TV shows very quickly.

When you click on an anime, you’ll get a quick overview of the show, including what kind of people it’s aimed at. This is a great way to make the site look less boring. This is, without a doubt, one of the best replacements for Kickassanime.


A lot of people like OtakuStream because it has a simple UI that many people like. There are a lot of features on the site that make it easy to find your next favorite show. It has a section for anime movies as well as a TV show section on the site.

A description will appear when you hover your mouse over an anime image. The site will also show you which shows have already been shown. This makes it a lot easier to find a show to watch all at the same time. This KickassAnime site has a few ads that don’t bother you while you’re watching.


If you want to watch high-quality simulcasts of anime, AnimeFever is the place to go. It also has a lot of older anime that isn’t available on other sites. On this website, there are only a few movies, but it’s very easy to use, and it has a menu system like Hulu’s.

This site doesn’t have many shows other than the ones that have been on in the last few seasons and the ones that are still on. Fortunately, this means that the anime they do have is of very high quality. The site also has a limited number of advertisements, which makes it easier to use.


Free streaming has helped KickassAnime keep its fans by getting them to come back to the site to look for new shows and movies. The above is a list of sites I think are better than Kickassanime. I hope you learn something from this.

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