Paramount Plus on LG Vizio PS4 Xbox

Paramount Plus is the renamed streaming service offered by ViacomCBS, which was earlier named CBS All Access. It includes all of the content from CBS All Access, plus an array of brand new and upcoming shows as well as films. The company announced its name change in September of 2020. Users can install Paramount Plus Com on Vizio LG smart TV as well as PS4 and Xbox.

Paramount Plus has significant plans to provide a number of new as well as exclusive programming. Many of them will be spin-offs or revivals of its most well-known brands. The company will also offer an opportunity for movie lovers who do not want to return to the cinemas in a hurry.

Paramount Plus works like other streaming services. Sign in to the service with your mobile phone, PC tablet, or any other connected device. Choose the movie or show you’d like to stream and then start streaming. If you’re signed up to the $9.99 per month plan as well as the grandfathered $5.99 monthly plan and you want to stream Live TV, choose Live TV to stream from your local CBS affiliate channels.

In this post, we’ll assist you in installing on different devices, including LG Smart TV, PS4, Xbox and Vizio TV.

Paramount Plus on LG Smart TV

LG is a booming smart TV brand that is adding new applications every often. Paramount Plus is new to this platform. It’s the new model of the CBS All Access app with added choices and content. It allows you to stream content from CBS, BET, MTV, Paramount Pictures and more. You can stream live sports news, show, and sport from the various CBS stations. It’s an application that is multi-platform and runs across all devices. If you are wondering how to access Paramount Plus on LG Smart TV, This writeup will provide you with the necessary information.

Subscription Plans of Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus has two premium plans. You can enrol for the needed plan on the official site.

  • The top plan that is ParamountPlus costs $9.99/month, which is $99.99/year. It’s a commercial-free plan, and you will receive no ads.
  • The cheapest plan cost $5.99/month, which is $59.99/year. It’s known as Limited Commercials Plan and brings only a few advertisements.

Installing Paramount Plus com on LG TV

Users can use Paramount plus on LG TV equipped with WebOS 4.0 and above. For installation instructions, be sure to follow the steps below.


  • Paramount plus plan and login information
  • Wi-Fi connection
  1. Click the button Home on the remote.
  2. Go to the LG Content Store icon.
  3. By using your keyboard, you can type in Paramount Plus.
  4. Select the application from the search result and be directed into the screen overview.
  5. Click the Install button and begin the download of Paramount plus.
  6. Select Launch to start Paramount Plus application on LG Smart TV.
  7. To begin streaming the content, start by logging into your account.

2nd Method to stream Paramount Plus on LG Smart TV

Smart TVs from LG also have screencasting features. This means that the LG TV user can benefit from this feature to stream Paramount plus content from iOS and Android devices. This option will only work when you’ve got Paramount Plus installed on your smartphone. Paramount Plus app downloaded on your phone.

Paramount Plus on PS4

PlayStation is not limited to games, but it also supports streaming films, shows, etc. Although it is home to many streamers, Paramount plus is a new feature. It lets you stream all of the top entertainment from one location by using Paramount Plus on PS4. You only need to stream films, series, stand-up programs, reality shows and kid’s programs. Paramount Plus will update new content each month. The episodes and series will be added constantly. It will include movies that range from classics to the most recent collection. For more details about Paramount plus on PS4 installation, look over the article below.

Installing on PS4

The procedure to install Paramount plus follow to install Paramount plus on PS4 is as follows.


  • Paramount Plus subscription
  • Paramount plus login details
  • PS4
  • Internet
  1. Connect the power to your PS4 gaming console. Connect it to the internet.
  2. Visit the PlayStation Store and click on the Search option.
  3. Look for Paramount Plus and click on it to take you to their overview webpage.
  4. Start downloading by pressing download. on your PS4.
  5. After installation, navigate to Library and choose Apps.
  6. Select Paramount Plus and log in to your account to stream the content.

2nd Method to Get Paramount Plus on PS4

Additionally, you can connect to Paramount plus on your PS4 by screen mirroring. Through Paramount plus, the Paramount plus app on your Android phone, you are able to screen mirror its content onto your gaming console.

  1. The first step is to first install the Screen Mirroring App on an Android device.
  2. On the contrary, open the web application on the PS4 and then go to the receiver app.
  3. Start Screen Mirroring, the Screen Mirroring app that you installed and then tap on the Mirror Screen app.
  4. Click the SCAN option to allow the permissions required.
  5. You can scan the QR codes that are displayed on the screen of the PS4 attached TV’s screen.
  6. In the near future now, your Android device’s screen will reflect the screen.
  7. Start Paramount plus Paramount plus app on your Android device and play the content you’d like.
  8. Similar content can also mirror on television.

Paramount Plus on Xbox

Microsoft Xbox is adding support for a greater number of services streaming. Paramount Plus is the latest release. It’s nothing more than the extension of CBS All Access with added features and content. If you’re looking to stream live news, sports, shows or movies, Paramount plus is a one-stop-shop. You will never miss anything you can stream from anywhere with lots of top channels support. In addition, Paramount plus has many fans’ favourite Originals shows that is available for stream via Xbox consoles. You will never miss any highlights from sports, replays and much more on CBS Sports. CBS Sports channel. In this post, you’ll be taught how to set up Paramount Plus on Xbox gaming consoles.

Installing Paramount Plus com on Xbox

In order to stream Paramount plus on your Xbox, it is necessary to download the application. The following section explains this in detail.


  • Xbox Series S or Series X gaming consoles
  • Paramount plus Subscription
  • Internet access
  1. Switch on the Xbox console, and then connect it to the internet.
  2. On the home screen, choose My Games & Apps.
  3. Click on the Apps menu and then select from the Microsoft Store app.
  4. Click onto the Search field and begin typing such as Paramount Plus.
  5. If the search result is displayed, you can click on the Paramount plus icon.
  6. In the app’s information window, click”Install.
  7. Take a moment or so to allow the Paramount plus app to complete its installation.
  8. After it’s completed after that, open it up and log into the account you created with your Paramount account.
  9. Select any game to stream via the Xbox game console.

2nd Method to download Paramount Plus on Xbox

The most recent version of Xbox gaming consoles has the feature of screencasting. You could install Paramount plus on your Android and then cast it to Xbox. Be sure to connect both of your devices using the same wi-fi.

Paramount Plus on Vizio Smart TV

Vizio is a new smart TV company that functions differently from other smart televisions. There’s a variety of streaming applications compatible with this Vizio TV. Many of the top streaming services have built-in functionality to make it easier. The Relaunch of CBS All Access as Paramount Plus is now added in the selection of Vizio TV applications. It works with certain models, so users can stream your preferred shows, films series, episodes as well as news, sports, and more. There are a lot of CBS All Access originals with the Paramount plus. Additionally, it grants you access to an extensive selection of originals. In this article, we’ll look at how to access Paramount Plus on Vizio Smart TV in detail.

Installing Paramount Plus on Vizio TV

Follow the steps below to register for Paramount plus on Vizio TV. Keep the login details for Paramount plus on hand. Paramount plus account on hand.


  • Vizio TV with SmartCast version
  • Internet connectivity
  1. If you want to be eligible for Paramount plus, you need to upgrade to the latest version of your Vizio TV to the latest version.
  2. After you have updated the OS, then press the “V” button on the remote.
  3. Under available apps, scroll down to find an app called Paramount plus app.
  4. Select Paramount plus and then sign in to your existing account.
  5. Select any film to stream with Your Vizio TV.

2nd Method to stream Paramount Plus on Vizio Smart TV

Vizio TV users can use the Smartcast feature to gain access to Paramount plus content. You can utilize the Vizio SmartCast application on Android as well as iOS to broadcast Paramount plus to Vizio TV.

  1. Join your Vizio TV, and Paramount Plus connected smartphone with the network.
  2. Launch the app, and then click on the Cast icon.
  3. Choose your Vizio Smartcast TV, and then play the contents to watch on the TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Paramount plus not available on LG TV?

Paramount plus app is officially available for LG TV. Because LG releases new apps to customers gradually, it is possible that you won’t find them. It is possible to restart your TV, remove it from the plug the device and then connect it again. Switchback on your LG TV after 30 seconds. If the problem persists the issue, you need to update the LG TV OS with WebOS 4.0 or greater.

Do I stream Paramount plus for free on LG TV?

You are able to stream it for free for a month by taking advantage of the launch offer offered by Paramount plus. After the time limit of the plan expires, you will not stream it free.

Do I have the ability to download Paramount plus content?

Yes. There is the option to install any Paramount Plus app titles on your device when you’ve been on the free commercial plan.

How do I enable Paramount plus on PS4?

You should visit the link using your browser or PC. Enter the activation number and click to activate.

What are the other top platforms on which Paramount plus is available?

You can download Paramount plus on Android, iOS, Android TV, Apple TV, Roku, Firestick, Xbox, and more.

Do I have to use Paramount plus on PS5?

No. You can’t download Paramount plus on PlayStation 5 consoles. It’s important to remember the fact that CBS All Access wasn’t made available on PS5.

How do I enable Paramount plus on Xbox?

After logging into the Paramount plus subscription, you will need to enable the Paramount plus membership. Once you have received an activation code on your screen, go to the page to activate your subscription with Paramount plus to enter the code. You can activate the code for you to stream Paramount plus on Xbox.

Is Paramount plus accessible via Xbox 360?

As of the date of Launch, Paramount plus isn’t compatible with Xbox 360 gaming consoles.

What video quality do I need to stream Paramount plus on Xbox?

Paramount plus users can stream the content in as high as 4K HDR in addition to 4K quality. Be sure to be connected to the most reliable internet to enjoy uninterrupted streaming.

What’s the compatibility of Vizio TVs that work with Paramount plus?

Paramount plus works on Vizio TV using V-Seris E-Series, D-Series, P-Series Quantum and Quantum X, an M-Series Quantum.

Is Paramount plus work on gaming consoles?

Yes. It is possible to stream Paramount plus on Xbox and PS4 gaming consoles.

Are there ways to stream Paramount plus for free?

Yes. It is not possible to stream Paramount plus at no cost using the TV provider’s subscription. However, you’ll get only the most limited content.

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