AnimeFrenzy Alternatives

AnimeFrenzy is a top streaming site for anime online, thanks to its easy interface and continually updated anime library. Because of its large collection of animated series and cartoon movies, AnimeFrenzy is very popular. Anime Frenzy also offers the possibility to chat with others while you watch the same anime or manga.

The popularity of anime has increased and is growing in the rest of the world. However, most anime viewers aren’t willing to pay for a subscription to watch animes. This is why anime fans and lovers love AnimeFrenzy.

AnimeFrenzy Popular Categories

AnimeFrenzy has the most extensive collection of anime series, movies, and cartoons. It offers everything you need, from action and romance to horror. Here are some of the most famous Anime Frenzy categories:

Anime, Movies, Dubbed, Ongoing, Popular, Schedule, FrenzyMovies, Old layout.

What happened to AnimeFrenzy?

Users of AnimeFrenzy are reporting that the website crashes frequently and does not work properly. Many users are looking for an alternative to Anime Frenzy. We have 12 options that will let you stream your favorite anime without any hassle.

Top 12 AnimeFrenzy Alternative Websites to Watch Your Favorite Anime Online

  1. Crunchyroll
  2. Anime Planet
  3. AnimeLab
  4. Anime Freak
  5. Chia-Anime
  6. GoGoAnime
  7. 9Anime
  8. Anime Ultima
  9. AnimeTake
  10. JustDubs
  11. Anilinkz
  12. Masteranime

These AnimeFrenzy alternatives have a large collection of animes from many different genres. Let’s dive in:


Crunchyroll is, without doubt, one of the most popular alternatives to Anime Frenzy. It has everything you need, from anime and manga to dorama (Japanese TV Drama), so it’s worth every second.

Crunchyroll was founded in 2006 and has been the most talked-about anime streaming site. Crunchyroll currently ranks as the best streaming site for anime online, with more than 900 series and nearly 25000 episodes.

Anime Planet

With its huge library of legal anime episodes, Anime Planet also ranks among the most AnimeFrenzy-like websites of all time.

Anime Planet was founded in 2001. It has been a favorite spot for anime and manga fans ever since. You can find different sections on the homepage, such as the latest anime recommendations and most popular manga this week. You can find a large collection of anime and manga episodes online.


AnimeLab, a free anime streaming site similar to AnimeFrenzy, aims at bringing the best anime shows to your computer and mobile devices. You can find all full-length episodes from popular anime series on the site.

AnimeLab is only available to viewers in Australia and New Zealand. A VPN service allows you to stream anime online and still enjoy your favorite shows.

Anime Freak

Anime Freak is the best website for anime and manga fans. This site boasts the largest collection of manga and anime content, with tons of genres, including romance, humor, and action.

It has a user-friendly interface that provides many useful links, such as ongoing animes, new episodes, popular anime, browse according to the genre, and much more. It is a very good option after AnimeFrenzy.


Chia-Anime, another popular AnimeFrenzy website, allows you to watch and download high-quality anime videos free of charge. You can download all episodes in English subtitles, so it doesn’t matter if you are Japanese.

It features thousands of anime and manga videos, including movies, soundtracks, drama, and more.


GoGoAnime, like the Anime Frenzy site, offers all the latest anime movies and shows in various resolutions that you can view online for free. Moreover, the homepage is beautifully designed, and all content is organized alphabetically for a better user experience.

GoGoAnime offers everything you need, from the latest anime seasons to old movies and classic shows. If you are a true anime fan, this is the place to be.


9Anime is a top website for anime fans. It offers free streaming of anime without registration. 9Anime is unique because it offers thousands of anime videos and movies in English subbed or dubbed versions. This makes it stand out among the rest.

9Anime is a great alternative to AnimeFrenzy for anime lovers.

Anime Ultima

Anime Ultima, another popular Anime Frenzy alternative website, allows you to stream your favorite anime online in any video quality – 360p up to 1080p. You can vote for and rate anime, allowing content creators and publishers to improve viewers’ experiences. Anime Ultima offers a simple interface and various genres, including comedy, adventure, horror, comedy, and magic.


AnimeTake is also an anime dubbed site where you can download and watch your favorite anime online. This site is true to its name. It offers all English-dubbed anime shows and movies in one place that you can download or watch online.

It is similar to the AnimeFrenzy site, and it is free. This makes AnimeTake one of the most popular streaming sites for anime.


JustDubs, another site similar to AnimeFrenzy, allows you to view anime online for free. This website offers a huge selection of animes, including top movies and popular TV shows.

The site’s versatility has allowed it to receive a lot of positive feedback despite all the redirects and pop-ads displayed while loading the video. Also, check JustDubs alternative sites.


Anilinkz is a top anime download site like AnimeFrenzy, thanks to its many trending and ongoing episodes. You can watch your favorite anime and manga episodes while you’re at work or on vacation.

Anilinkz has the best part: it doesn’t require registration or stupidly long forms to view anime online.


Masteranime is another popular streaming site for anime in HD. It also offers a large anime information database and allows users to stream their favorite anime series and movies without paying anything. Its interface deserves special praise. It is intuitive and pleasing to the eye.

Another great feature of this website we like is the ability to check the release schedule and see when your favorite anime series will be available on

Final Words: Watch your favorite anime online with AnimeFrenzy alternatives

These are the top AnimeFrenzy alternatives sites for streaming anime online. These anime streaming websites like Anime Frenzy have many TV shows, movies, manga, and other series. You can view them online or download them to your mobile device.

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