GPU fans not spinning

We will be discussing the reason GPU Fans are not spinning when your computer is turned on. This is because the bearings of GPU fans can wear over years of continuous spinning. However, it is well past time to upgrade.

Why are fans not spinning when GPU is idle?

This can be very frustrating and may indicate that the builder is having trouble with their system. Sometimes fans may not spin properly, and it could be due to the GPU fans being idle. It is possible that the GPU fans are not spinning if your computer boots up normally.

You might have come across the term “idle” while searching for solutions to fans not spinning. This is because modern GPUs have this common trait: they sit still. This means that the fans won’t spin if the GPU temperature rises above a certain point.

If your GPU is connected and the PCIe cables are plugged in, but fans still don’t spin, you can try replacing the cable with one from your PSU box. If the fans still aren’t responding, it could be an issue at this stage.

You can turn on your favorite game to make your GPU active. The fan will start to fire up as your GPU heats up. This process will be quick if you play a demanding, graphically intensive game.

In most cases, however, it’s likely a simple error that the builder made, and the solution is straightforward. Also, check for OpenGL Error in your GPU software.

The Top Reasons Your GPU Fans Aren’t Spinning.

These are some common reasons fans don’t spin on a brand-new PC.

  1. Many users only use their system quickly before they notice their GPU fan isn’t spinning. When they realize it’s not spinning, they think something is wrong. However, this is exactly how the card was intended to work.
  2. Some builders are not careful enough to connect things. It happens if your graphics card doesn’t require a PCIe cable from your power supply, and the fans aren’t spinning, or the GPU is not working correctly; there maybe something else.
  3. Although you might not find a term other than “GPU fan is not spinning” for this issue, it is a good idea to double-check all connections in your system. If your GPU fan is still not spinning after you have checked all cables and reseated them, you may have a problem.
  4. If your older system has fans that stopped spinning but used to spin fine, you may need to remove the card and clean it. After you have cleaned it, you can recheck it or use the suggestions below before you recheck.
  5. If your GPU is old and the fans aren’t spinning, you might be able to extend their life by oiling the bearings. For this, you will need to take your GPU out of your system and add a few drops of household oil to the fan. It’s possible that your graphics card won’t work if it doesn’t.


If your computer has not been upgraded in a while and the fans are not spinning anymore, it is time to replace it. We have outlined the most common reasons your GPU fans aren’t spinning in this guide and how to fix it.

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