Games Like Corruption of Champions

The Corruption of Champions is an addictive video game that involves the gamers picking a winner in their town every year out of heritage. After playing this fantastic game, you may have got yourself in a place where you’re looking for games like Corruption of Champions.

In this guide, we’re going to discuss some comparable games. You’ll be able to play with these games like Corruption of Champions on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, iPhone, PC, Android, and Mac.

Corruption of Champions (CoC) Popularity

Games have become an exciting part of daily life for different age groups, from children to elders. Having a significant impact in the gaming industry, the Corruption of Champions mod (CoC) is becoming popular globally.

Some of the factory art characters and items in corruption of champions are kelt, excellia, xianxia, reducto, ceraph, and ovipositor, with beautiful scenes and map till the ending.

The game includes both activity and experience in which you are traveling around from 1 town to another fighting elephants.

Moreover game expands the participant’s interest with several actions and activities. We find plenty of individuals involved in playing a game to rejuvenate themselves out of their stressful routine.

The idea of the COC has developed the interest of several video game fans. Today gamers are searching for the Games like Corruption of Champions.

Popular Games like Corruption of Champions

Suppose you’re a gaming enthusiast of the Games like Corruption of Champions. In that case, the below listing share so many exciting and most unique collection for you. You will certainly enjoy playing these games.

  1. Flexible Survival
  2. Fall of Eden
  3. Carnal Souls
  4. Kingdom of Loathing
  5. Cypher: Cyberpunk Adventures
  6. Free Cities
  7. Trial in Tainted Space
  8. My Very Own Lith
  9. Fallen London
  10. Gift of Phallius 2: The Key to Eternity

Flexible Survival

This game may be an ideal match if you’re searching for games like corruption of champions. Flexible survival has a storyline of the 2008s incident and was designed by Nuku Valente.

The game useable with Android, Windows, iOS, along others. It starts with the spectacle of the conclusion of the planet. As the leading participant, the virus outbreaks, you have to protect yourself before the army reaches recovery.

The game includes a various personality and universe customization alternatives, hack and slash battle, striking images, and plenty of attributes.

Fall of Eden

The game is based on the supernatural theme of demons and imps. The Fenox has created this particular game.

At the beginning of the game, the player searched for an abandoned area to discover the connection involving hell and earth.

The players might need to look for protection against queen Aria. Users have the option of customizing their personalities. The game works with several browsers. Should you like playing games like corruption of Champions android’, we’re sure you will enjoy playing with this one.

Carnal Souls

There are various, very excellent reasons to appreciate this game. Carnal Souls is an RPG-based RPG-based open-world experience video game that offers battle manners to remind one of the Witcher Series and lets you book together with the directors and enemies.

You get many choices to pull in the demons. This game comes with a mind-blowing storyline, different options to alter the figures, solve and discover stories, treasure, and even explore excellent new areas.

Kingdom of Loathing

You could play the game in two different manners; multiplayer or single players mode. It can be performed online and need no more downloading to function.

This game permits you to make your images and the figures to your gaming globe. The participant will need to combat and conquer the creatures to get the rewards, including experience points, gain abilities, products, plus far more things.

The game could somewhat be referred to as a parody of games like Corruption of Champions thanks to the exciting setting and humorous conversations between the figures.

Additionally, it permits the participant for farming or trading to increase the growth. The game starts with you having to pick the sex of your personality and then pick the design from six categories Seal clubber, Turtle tamer, Sauceror, Disco Bandit, Pastamancer, and Accordion Thief.

Because you have a multiplayer mode in the game, you’re permitted to build your group together with other users from communicating with them through a conversation option.

Cypher: Cyberpunk Adventures

This is a single-player experience game appearing in the Games like Corruption of Champions and provides true expertise to the gamers using significant music effects and audio sound. Cabrera Brother made the game in 2012.

This game begins with the participant’s description of the storyline’s personality, surroundings, and positioning. The game is designed correctly and demands the players to adhere to the achievements of the guy who brings the private info of the users utilizing the cybernetic implants.

Free Cities

Contemplate too this to be a Game like Corruption of Champions character viewer. This game has been designed for Twine 2 and can be encouraged from the browser, allowing it to play online.

Although the game does not supply the players using the customization choices for the figures, the players have incredible abilities and carry out a variety of jobs like training, buying, selling, and managing the servant training program, and a lot more.

Trial in Tainted Space

This game among the record involves the participant finding new adventure trips, talking with various persons. Everything begins with a boat that a dying dad leaves behind.

Together with the participant setting the entire globe to bring in money and authority, the storyline unfolds many turns and twists.

Two firms, Crew, like CoC and Fenoxa, created the game based upon the RPG following the CoC.

My Very Own Lith

There is a bit complex game below the category of Games like Corruption of Champions. It needs a Flashplayer and is performed online without downloading it on your PC.

The game has an exciting factor for gamers and offers various variations: the aid variations with additional hands for the participant like deluxe edition, cheats, and people edition.

Interestingly, the participant will need to play the function of a cat whose title is Lith. The assortment of Lith is contingent upon the participant, and you can customize different things for your personality.

In addition, the game gives a vast collection of alternatives like talking, getting attention-getting, changing clothes that may help attract Lith.

Fallen London

The game was designed in 2009 and branded Echo Bazaar initially. The fallen London game story is excellent with exceptional suggestions and sound, which makes it worthwhile to include in the set of games like Corruption of Champions.

The gameplay consists of you living in a town going through routine everyday activities. The game provides you an alternative to tracking your stats dependent on the quantity of exploration you may have finished.

This experience game supports both the PC, IOS, and Android, and the gameplay is exceptional as you browse throughout the city free of living costs. You might even monitor your game stats and advancement.

Gift of Phallius 2: The Key to Eternity

This game is not a browser game and has to receive downloaded to the machine for the consumers to perform with. The game has two playing variations, one will be text, and the other will be multimedia.

The players in the gameplay use a 14-year older princess Dalia. The game subdivided into several phases, and sometimes you have to observe any story scenes.


If you’re more of an adventurous game username, then the mentioned collection of Games like Corruption of Champions may interest you in the gaming category.

The above games mentioned giving actual expertise and joy to the gamers. So, now let us hope you have ample alternatives to play games like Corruption of Champions. Proceed, download if needed, or appreciate them online.

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