auto clicker AHK

The sole purpose of using the AHK key in the auto clicker is to facilitate and fasten the process of repeatedly clicking on a particular point on your computer screen. This mechanical and mundane task becomes so much easier when all you have to do is feed specific parameters to a clicker application.

Even though most good quality clickers harbour an elementary setting that allows users of all competencies to use the clicker, there are several nuances to these parameters that can easily double the clicker’s efficiency and optimize the output.

This article will list specific ways in which you can use your auto clicker applications like a professional. While some methods will require you to manipulate particular parameter values, others will state the perfect use of a specific feature in a relevant situation.

Click Interval

Click Interval is one of the most fundamental features present in every clicker application. As the name suggests, this setting controls the time elapsed between two consecutive clicks and appears in the clicker interface’s first menus.

Most clickers have the interval time divided into hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds. By default, you will find the interval set to 100 milliseconds. Most users do not bother to change this because it is fast enough.

However, if you want to see the fastest click interval that your clicker can generate, change the time division to zeroes. This setting, coupled with the ‘Repeat Until Stopped’ option of Number of Clicks, will let you use the fastest setting that your clicker allows.

Cursor Position

Accurately using the cursor position features automatically gives you an upper edge if you use the clicker for click-based games. The cursor position defines where on your computer screen the clicker will click when activated.

Suppose you are using some of the better clickers like ‘Auto Clicker Typer’ and ‘,’ other than the conventional method of selecting an X and Y coordinate on your screen. In that case, your clicker will also offer the ‘Dynamic Cursor Position’ setting. On choosing this setting, the clicker will follow your cursor’s movement and simultaneously click wherever your mouse is currently on the screen.

You can find a very appropriate use of the auto clicker in click-based games like Roblox, Realm Grinder, Garyshood, Adventure Communist, Razer Synapse and Minecraft. These games require you to use several buttons at a time: ‘Fire,’ ‘Punch,’ ‘Jump,’ ‘Crouch,’ and ‘Prone.’ All you need is to drag your cursor over these buttons on the screen, and the clicker will automatically click on whichever button your cursor is on.

Recording Clicks

Understanding Recorded Clicks’ dynamics is a must if you want to become an absolute pro in auto-clicking. To use Recorded clicks, a lot depends on the situation you are using this feature for.

As this is quite a sophisticated clicking feature, you will not find it in low-end clickers. Both the Auto Clicker Typer as well as offer this useful feature. When you open the clicker interface, click on the ‘Record and Playback’ option from the menu bar. This function essentially records the clicks’ number and positions you will perform once a recording starts.

You can, after that, save the recording and play it. The clicker will repeat the entire sequence of clicks as is in the recording. You can record all the various click types: left, right, single, and double clicks. This feature comes in handy when making massive data entries or working with a massive bulk of online forms.

Numbered Clicks

The Numbered Click option is another sophisticated feature that resembles the Recorded Clicks feature. Only high-end clickers will allow this option. When you open the feature, you will see several buttons numerically numbered on the clicker’s interface.

You can record one click anywhere on the screen against each button. There are generally ten clicks in a sequence. As this is not a recording, you need not worry about the click interval. The designated parameter will determine this.

When you activate the auto clicker using your AHK (AutoHotKey), you will repeat the entire sequence of clicks in a loop. This is very effective when playing online games again. You can set numbered click points on various buttons of the game you are playing. You can either restrict this feature to a certain number of clicks or let it repeat until stopped using either the AHK hotkey or manually pausing the auto clicker.

Hotkey AHK Settings in Auto Clicker

While clickers have made clicking easy for us, hotkeys have created using these clickers easier. Even though an AHK panel is always present on an auto clicker interface, most users often overlook it. Every time one needs to start or stop the clicker, you must bring it back up from the background.

This process can be simply avoided, preferably made faster by using a simple AHK. Hotkeys are keyboard shortcuts to start or stop the clicker. By default, most clickers have the ‘F6’ set as the AHK in the auto clicker. While mediocre clicks might not let you change this hotkey, better clickers, as mentioned above, allow you to set any key on your keyboard as the hotkey.

After that, clicking the AHK in auto clicker once will start the process and clicking it again will stop it. There is no need to pull back your clicker to the main window every time.

Action After Clicking

A lesser-known feature of most auto clickers, as the name suggests, through this, you can set a particular action that you want to carry out after a clicker has finished clicking. It usually is set to ‘idle.’ Some other features can be Quiet, Lock Computer, Log Off, Turn Off, and Standby.

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