The priest is the best healing class in the game. However, his abilities are not limited to this – in addition to the healing spells of the Holy School, he also has the crippling spells of the Shadow School. The third school of Discipline is neutral and useful to every priest.

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Due to his abilities, the priest is very desirable in any group. Priests will have to learn to work as a team from an early age. This comes with a heavy responsibility because the priest must constantly monitor the health of the party and heal it.

After the release of the Burning Crusade add-on, priests got a real opportunity to act not only as healers but also as damage dealers using shadow magic. A daily average of 1,159,508 people are anticipated to have signed in for the month of October 2022 to resume their World of Warcraft journeys and many of these people choose Priest class to play because of his abilities.


The priest is a caster, he uses mana and casts spells in WoW. Like the mage, the priest has three types of spells – cast over time (normal), instant, and channeling. In terms of direct damage, the priest can also compete with the magician, but the accompanying combat abilities are completely different.

Playing in a group

This topic can be devoted to a separate article because the role of the priest in the group is the most important. The whole party rests on it, and if the priest dies, in most cases the whole group dies. Let us briefly list what is required of the priest to prevent this from happening:

  • Keep an eye on the health bars of your party members in battle. If they are beaten – hang Renew. If they start hitting harder – use Flash Heal, if even stronger – Power Word: Shield + Flash Heal. If there is no hurry, we treat Greater Heal. If you beat the whole party at once (3 or more players), cast Prayer of Healing.
  • If you caught aggro, in no case do not run from the mobs! Cast Fade often helps. Wait for your party members to lure the mobs away from you. If they don’t notice it at all, call them for help. If it’s tight, we act as in a single battle (see below).
  • Refrain from using Psychic Scream, as it often makes things worse, especially indoors.
    Remove the effects of disease from your companions with Dispel / Purge Disease. Use Dispel Magic to remove negative magic effects from allies and buffs from enemies.
  • Watch not only for the game but also for your health too. If everyone is healthy and you die, it will not be very good. Sometimes it’s even better to sacrifice one player than to die yourself and endanger the life of the entire party.
  • Try to use your mana carefully. If you require a lot of healing, then don’t waste mana on offensive spells at all. In addition, offensive spells generate aggro. Use wands – although they do not hit much, they do not attract much attention from the monsters.
  • When placing DoTs, be careful not to throw them on mobs that are disabled from combat (for example, turned into sheep).

Single-player game strategy

Although the priest is a very desirable figure in the party in the World of Warcraft, one also has to run from time to time. And some even prefer this style of play. Although the priest is not the best choice for a solo, he is quite viable in it. Especially if you use shadow talents.

The advantage of solo combat is that you don’t have to take care of the party, but you can give free rein to your aggression and destructive inclinations. The standard tactic is to throw DoTs on the enemy, shield yourself and Renew (if you are not in shadow form). Attack spells can be used without hesitation. If there are too many opponents, you can scare them with Psychic Scream. However, usually, in such a situation, you already have to carry your legs.

Use Mind Control – this will allow you to force opponents to fight each other, not you.

If you are a Shadow Priest, be sure to use Mind Flay to deal damage and slow enemies. Also be sure to use the shadow form, occasionally coming out of it for emergency healing. You can also use the following tactic: hang Vampiric Touch on the enemy, and hit him with Shadow Word: Death, while receiving damage yourself, after which you are healed by Mind Flay or Mind Blast. You can repeat this cycle.


In PvP in the World of Warcraft, the priest should play a role depending on his build: healers – heal allies, damage dealers – attack enemies. Try to stay away from enemies by not getting into close combat. If this happens, cast fear (Psychic Scream) and hang a shield on yourself. If you need to slow someone down, Mind Flay is great for that.

The priest is a great class if you want to be a healer who has combat skills. We advise you to try playing this class in World of Warcraft. If you want to try a new addon, then the developers invite players to test Dragonflight where you can also play as a Priest.

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