A water audit entails an intensive review of your water bills, infrastructure, and usage. It also involves reviewing the supply as well as drainage of your system. It will help you identify savings and improvements in your business. Here are key things businesses should expect from water audits.

The Importance of Water Audits

Water audits are used to promote effective water use within a facility. With water audits, you can easily identify areas you are wasting water. It also pinpoints common billing errors such as overcharging, duplicated invoices, etc.

Remember, billing errors can lead to huge financial losses. That’s why you need to carry out periodic water audits. You can use a water audit to compare business water rates. Choose the right water auditing company. Here are the top benefits of carrying out water audits.

Billing Errors

Water audits are effective in identifying common billing errors. For instance, a water audit will tell you that you are billed for the wrong tariff. If the wrong rate was applied, a water audit will show you. It will also identify wrong billing dates. Minimize water billing errors in your organization with water audits. Select the right auditing tools. Choose the best water auditing firm.

Cost Saving Opportunities

Water audits will identify areas you are wasting water. An auditor will use this data to make recommendations. From these recommendations, your company can identify cost-saving opportunities. For instance, if you have been using water inefficient appliances, an auditor will recommend that you get a water-efficient unit. This will cut down water usage in your home or business and save money in the long run.

Identify Leaks

Leaks can waste a lot of money. If not addressed early, system leaks can lead to loss of water running to thousands of gallons per year. A water audit will take data on water used and compare it with water that comes into your system. Identifying these leaks will help you cut down water usage and save on water bills.

Evaluate The Efficiency Of Appliances

If you are using water inefficient appliances, a water audit will tell you straight away. Remember, the work of an auditor is to evaluate the performance of each appliance. If an appliance is using excessive water, a water audit will tell you.

Water Management

A water audit will inform your water management strategies. Analyzed data from water audits will help you make crucial water management decisions. For instance, if your company requires a water manager or energy manager, an audit will spell out the areas he/she will prioritize.

Why Should You Request A Water Audit?

With a water audit, you can reduce water bills and make a positive impact on the environment. A water audit can also be used as a marketing tool. Here are the top benefits of conducting an effective water audit:

Reduce Bills

The main goal of a water audit is to bring the cost of water down. A water audit will identify leaks. It will also help you identify areas your business is wasting water. Data from a water auditor will help you institute measures to save water, which will automatically reduce your business’s water bills.

Save Costs

Reducing water bills means paying lower water bills. As a result, your business can save money. Remember, leaks, wastage, etc. can cost you thousands of gallons of water per year. Thus, you will pay huge bills, which cost a lot of money. Save cost with a water audit today.

Identify Waste

A water audit will evaluate your water usage. It will take into account water that comes into your system. Through a water audit, you can identify waste. Don’t waste water. Use a water audit to seal all wastage loopholes

Improve Brand Visibility

Reducing water bills means saving costs. You can channel the saved amount into other projects that make your company stand out. You can also pass the benefit to your customers. Still more, modern customers want to do environmentally conscious businesses. A water audit will help you save water, which is good for the environment. You can show your customers the efforts you are making to save water. This will market your brands.

Reduce Common Billing Errors

Billing errors can occur. The only way to identify a billing error is through a water audit. Auditors are trained to spot billing issues. Whether it’s the wrong tariff, incorrect rates, or conflicting billing dates, a water audit will help you identify these errors.


Use a water audit to evaluate the performance of your water supplier. If the water supplier is overcharging you, you can decide when to switch to a new supplier. If your supplier is not responding to billing errors, interruptions, etc., you can migrate to a better supplier.

Things To Expect From a Water Audit?

The water audit process is divided into 3 steps. They include:

Onsite Desktop Bill Audit

At this stage, you will be asked to provide your business’s water bills. You also need to come with a signed LOA. Here, a non-intrusive based survey, as well as assessment, is conducted. This process should be performed by a professional utility expert. The main work of a utility expert is to identify billing errors. He/she should also identify if there is a case of overcharging.

Comprehensive Onsite Audit

An onsite comprehensive audit is performed by a registered engineer. This step involves using modern visual as well as diagnostic equipment. Here, consumption and cost-saving opportunities are identified.

Water Supplier Liaison, Management

The third step involves obtaining detailed bill information. This is followed by an application (to your water supplier) to correct the billing errors. In this step, you will have to liaise and negotiate with your water supplier. Depending on the errors, your supplier should find a resolution and agree to refund you the overcharged money.

The Bottom-Line

A business water audit is all about reviewing your utility bills, identifying cost-saving opportunities, giving recommendations when it comes to improvements, and assessing your whole water system. It also involves evaluating the performance of your drainage system. To get the most out of your system, understand water audits. The above are key things to expect from your water audits.

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