If you are reading this article, then you are definitely interested in a career in the IT industry. There are many opportunities in the IT industry that require professionals with a unique set of skills. However, finding the right people for these growing technology companies is rare.

Thus, companies prefer to pay more for candidates who have the necessary skills to work there. So, what are the high-paying tech jobs in 2022? Keep reading this article to learn about them.

Data Scientist

A data scientist is a data analytics expert who has the technical skills to solve complex problems and the curiosity that drives those challenges. They are part mathematicians and part computer scientists.

Median salary: 122,800$.

Software Developer

The goal of a software developer is to create optimized programs that can be updated and extended in functionality. For example, a software developer may be looking for optimal software development solutions. A career as a software developer starts at an entry-level. As you gain experience and knowledge, you improve a portfolio of projects and solutions. Over time, a software developer moves from junior to middle and then to the senior level. But career advancement is individual and depends on a certain company’s policy.

Median salary: 102,000$.

IT Manager

The modern world of computer technology is a kind of market segment, one of the directions of which is the creation and sale of software products. Computer programs, which are most often called projects, can be standard and widely used in a particular industry, or they need to be completed on the instructions of a specific customer. A team of IT specialists is working on the creation of software projects led by IT managers. IT managers do more than just lead a team of software developers. The scope of their activities also covers the direction of sales of services in the IT market.

Median salary: 89,900$.

Computer Programmer

A computer programmer is one of the few intellectually oriented professions where a higher education diploma is not the most important factor when applying for a job. A programmer is an individual who develops applications to perform various tasks on computers and other devices. Usually, people do not ask how to become a programmer; they just try to create something of their own, and, when applying for a job, they already have a portfolio that they can show to the employer.

Median salary: 89,200$.

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