Branding has always been one of the more important parts of any business. However, recent events have shown that it’s becoming even more critical to success than ever before. On average, it takes people only 5 to 7 impressions to remember a specific brand. In fact, if you’re not putting enough emphasis on your brand right now, you may very well end up failing in the next 5 years or so.

Why is Branding Important?

To some, branding may seem to be a marketing tactic used by big corporations to make their products and services more appealing to their customers. But, while these statements are true in a sense, branding can be an important part of a successful business no matter how big or small your company is. You may not see yourself as someone who runs a brand but it’s probably easier than you think.

A good brand strategy lets you create a consistent experience for your customers that makes them feel like they know you, like they trust you and most importantly like they want to keep coming back for more. It also gives potential clients a clear idea of what your business is about from just one glance at your logo or website. If done right, great branding helps build loyal relationships with people who will spread positive word-of-mouth about your product or service before you even have to ask them! There is no wonder why many business owners decide to seek help from a branding agency in Austin, to make sure they get the desired results.

However, if you don’t have a high enough budget to get help from the professionals, here are five reasons why your branding strategy might be killing your business, and some tips on how to avoid these mistakes.

Lack of Consistency

A business must have a consistent brand and brand strategy to be successful. If your company’s online image changes from time to time, customers won’t know what to expect from you. Online consumers are smart – if you post something about your business on Facebook today, then change your company profile picture tomorrow, it sends mixed signals about who you are and what you stand for. To establish yourself as a reputable business in 2022, be consistent with all of your branding efforts. Remember: Consistency breeds trust!

Ignoring Responses

By ignoring your customer’s feedback, you are alienating them and eliminating any chance they will come back to you in the future. By taking just a few minutes to respond and provide some reassurance or additional information, you can create a long-term business relationship. If customers know that their voices are being heard, they will be more likely to become brand advocates, which can lead to increased sales. An additional benefit of utilizing customer response is that it improves your SEO rankings. Google loves websites that encourage user interaction, so it’s a win-win situation all around.

Not Responding Quickly Enough

Most of your competitors probably have a website, and they’re updating it on a regular basis. Having a professional website for your business is another crucial metric for your potential success. While you can design a website by yourself, there are best web development companies that can do the heavy lifting for you and deliver exceptional results.Whatever the case may be – having a website is a necessity.

You want to be just as fast if not faster than they are when it comes to putting up new content or responding to client needs. Having a company presence online requires a lot of work—but only if you’re not staying ahead of things. Make sure you’re setting aside enough time to meet your brand and messaging goals, whether that means creating content every day or responding immediately when clients ask for help. If you can dedicate yourself fully to your online presence, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have it at least as strong as (if not stronger than) your competitors’.

No Dedicated Budget

According to MarketingSherpa’s 2021 Digital Marketer Industry Report, a whopping 83% of respondents said their companies didn’t allocate any sort of budget to digital marketing. This is a common mistake that can cripple your branding efforts. Successful brands don’t just happen. Brands are built one day at a time through consistent marketing strategies—not haphazard ones that are thrown together without an overall plan in mind. To create a successful brand online, you need to have a budget allocated for social media and SEO tactics, content creation, conversion tracking and more.

No Strategic Planning

Despite what you might think, not having a strategic plan for your company does more than make you look unprofessional. It also hampers your growth and profitability. A marketing strategy that doesn’t take into account your company goals, mission and culture will fall flat. And a social media marketing strategy that focuses on creating pretty graphics instead of real relationships with real people won’t get you very far either. If you have a strategic plan but can’t stick to it, then every move you make is nothing more than guesswork—and guesswork can sink your business in no time flat.


Many small businesses fail to take into account just how important branding can be. A lot of business owners have a tendency to focus all their attention on their product, or service, and forget that they need to be addressing their customers as well. But in today’s world of instant gratification and information overload, you have only seconds to grab someone’s attention before they scroll down your page or turn off your ad. Those seconds are best spent using marketing strategies that prove your company cares about its brand image and reputation. If you need help staying on track with your online brand strategy, make sure you find the right people that will help you each step of the way.

Taylor Gilbert is the admin and freelance writer at How About Tech since 2020. He primarily writes Tech articles, How-to guides and Entertainment as well.