Manga reading is a popular pastime amongst several individuals. Some people, on the other hand, consume manga daily. So, how will you tell if you’re a Manga addict?

6 Signs That You Have a Manga Addiction

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But in the meantime, here are fifteen signs to see if you’re a manga addict or if it’s just a pastime for you to enjoy the graphics and the style in which manga tells stories.

15 Manga Addiction Warning Signs

1. You make allusions that no one understands.

When you mention a strange Dragon Ball or One Piece joke, you always get this strange look like a response from my pals. And their faces look like, “What the hell is he mumbling about?”

2. You are constantly honing your Japanese speaking skills.

You are always waiting for the right opportunity to say some of your “kawaii” or “aka” expressions. It is why whenever you’re chatting with your buddies, whether pleasant or unpleasant, you always dish out some Japanese phrases. Or sometimes you’re trying to look adorable. That’s why you’re saying “hazukashī desu” most of the time to express how shy you are.

3. Mangago is the new Netflix for you.

When it comes to Manga, there are several websites that carry tons of your favorite manga novels, however, they ask too much of your information, and you got to spend a monthly subscription, just like Netflix.

It’s why you shifted to Mangago to read and enjoy Manga for free. Visiting the site to get your manga fill has been one of your guilty pleasures. So “Netflix and Chill” becomes “Manga and Chill” in your own language.

4. Nosebleeds get a whole new personal interpretation after reading some manga.

You likely assumed the only moment you might get your nose bleed is if you had allergies, had a dry nose, or if someone else repeatedly punched you in the face. However, Manga gave you a whole different meaning of nose bleeds. It could be due to euphoria, lewd thoughts, or a simple stroke caused by ignorance.

5. You make quite an effort to urge your non-anime pals to try reading Manga.

You spend so much time trying to persuade your pals to enjoy the same Mangas’ you do, but they don’t fully comprehend. True, it’s nothing like New York bestselling novels such as “Twilight” or “Harry Potter,” but you will never know until you give it a shot.

6. You use all your free time to read the new episodes of your favorite Manga or check out the latest published Mangas in town.

Whenever the latest season of your favorite Manga is published, you and your friends always grab the weekly or monthly manga dose. And you may even not want anybody at all to disturb your manga reading experience.

7. You start thinking about your Halloween costume months before the event.

It is a clear indicator that you’re hooked up on manga if you’re hunting for the ultimate cosplay outfit for your beloved manga character a couple of months before the event. Or maybe you go shopping online for one of the characters you would want to jazz up with a bunch of other friends. And whenever there’s a manga you love, you’re always itching to dig that outfit out of the shelf for that once-a-year event. In order to gain a lot of candies or the win the best dress at a party.

8. You urge your loved one to jazz up as the manga series’s dynamic duo.

When I can, I’m sure I will. So much kudos to you if your loved one is on board with it. You try and persuade your partner to dress up as Prince Darien or the seductive Erza Scarlet while you go as the bandit Jellal from Fairy Tail.

9. Manga-Comic-Con is more like a better version of Halloween.

Obviously, if you’re a true manga fan, this is a must-have on your planner. You are definitely aware of when and where the next Manga-Comic-Con will be held in your neighborhood. It may also be the opposite, with you traveling miles and miles away only to attend the event.

10. You “move” for couples.

So each time you read a manga, you subconsciously hope that two of the characters will get along, even if it isn’t due to public pressure. You and your manga buddies will occasionally argue about whom a given character should best couple up with. When that comes, you’re overjoyed, or the Mangaka is a jackass or otherwise selects neither, only to see you in pain. Maybe it’s not a direct insult, although it could be.

11. You can only picture what the power couple’s children may become.

It’s something I have been doing a lot in Fairy Tail. I’m sure I’m may not be the only manga lover who thinks like this. Whether from Fairy Tail or another manga, you’re always curious if the sailing pair will have children and how they’ll appear. And it always results in Mangaka picking up on the fans’ favorite couple to gratify the readers.

12. You, as a super fan, giggle at your favorite episode.

Okay, here’s a behavior that other people might know. The pinnacle super fan always giggles. If you assert yourself to be addicted to manga but have never giggled while reading it, then you are deceiving yourself.

13. You vehemently defend your favorite manga series in the face of negative feedback.

Nobody loves to hear that their favorite manga is trash. Manga fans haven’t either, although some have taken it to a whole other level. I could think of worse things that people might be doing to those who detest them. So I don’t think I have to say much more about this.

14. Your sense of humor is shaped by the mangas you read.

Yes, I’m referring to the “over 9000!” says the chant. And there’s always the cliched “I’m only a Saiyan” line. Or the hidden jokes from the manga series you’re reading amuse you and your pals. Others might not understand, some may giggle, and others may do a facepalm because it’s cringe.

15. You have some massive collection stowed away.

If you’re obsessed with manga, you’re probably compelled to purchase goods from your favorite series. And you aim to accumulate all of it as if it were your prized possession.

You’re probably self-diagnosing at the moment and eager to know how to overcome your addiction. Sounds Perfect! Because I did make a list of them below, So keep reading!

How to avoid Manga Addiction?

1. Make sure to keep your manga reading time to a minimum. You don’t ever have to quit reading manga. If you read manga every day, perhaps you can try reading manga only once or twice a week.

2. Make sure to keep the number of episodes you wish to read to a minimum. Try to suppress the temptation to complete one season of a Manga per day. Some Manga series cover multiple seasons, necessitating a significant time dedication. Pick just one or two episodes to read after working or before going to sleep.

3. Step away if you can. You might also consider stepping away from a manga by not reading any for a set number of days. Give it a week’s trial just to see how you might feel. You may be surprised to realize that you’ve found new fun activities to replace that emptiness.

4. Only read a Manga as a treat. Again once you lay back to read manga, undertake various other, more pleasurable activities instead. It would not only help you overcome your addictions, but it’s also make reading manga more entertaining.

5. Reduce the number of items you buy. Do you have to go all out and purchase manga brooches, figurines, handbags, stickers, and other collectibles merely to expand to your stash? Did you only make a purchase of such products because you want them not need them?

6. Completely avoid fan pages. Simply reducing your manga reading time would not be enough to assist you in overcoming your addiction. Surfing these fan pages and continuing to debate about your favorite episodes may only make you think about manga much more. You may support yourself control your temptation by not browsing those fan pages anymore.

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