Growth is vital to the success of any business, regardless of how little or much you wish to expand it. Without growth, a company cannot sustain a stable client base, bringing in new customers to replace those lost through natural attrition. Nor will it keep a fresh image, thus losing customers to competitors who keep up with the times. Thankfully there is a wealth of tools and programs available to companies to improve business growth.

Microsoft 365

Regardless of the size or purpose of your business, it would help if you had a comprehensive suite of basic office programs. Microsoft 365 provides all of these in the most up-to-date versions, allowing staff to carry out the essential functions of day-to-day business. And as the various programs are all under the same umbrella, they work seamlessly together, ensuring no lost time caused by incompatible programs.

Project Management Software

Managing all aspects of a project is essential for delivering a top-quality finished product on time and within budget. Should your industry involve any software development, Azure DevOps licensing is the ideal package for you. It allows project managers and developers to work together harmoniously through all aspects of production. This ability will ensure good staff morale and build a reputation for excellence with clients that keeps them coming back and passing on recommendations.

SEO Optimization

SEO has become a significant part of advertising in recent years as business moves more online, away from print mediums. As such, it is essential to keep your company website up to date and fully optimized. There are many options when it comes to looking for a program to use in this process, both free and paid. An excellent starting point is UpCity Free SEO Report Card, which provides rank analysis and trust indexing information.


Don’t forget to look after your staff when thinking about improving business growth, as without staff there is no business. As such, ensure you have robust payroll software in place to give yourself, and your staff peace of mind come payday. Save time by using the best payroll services, depending on where your company is located, their wide network of professionals provide you local or global coverage. As a result, you may now easily meet all payroll requirements. The beauty of team members being able to login means they can easily update details, such as payment accounts, giving them some ownership, which boosts morale.

Team Communications

Whether your team is working remotely or predominantly office-based, having a good team communications package in place is essential. Slack is an excellent choice here, offering a range of features that allows company-wide communications to streamline nicely. Documents can be uploaded quickly or directed efficiently for downloading. Various channels relating to specific subjects allow coherent subgroups, cutting down on non-essential interruptions.

There are many more areas where well-chosen software programs can help business growth, but this selection is a strong starting point. So, if you don’t want your business to stagnate, take a good look at the software options available and how they can improve your company.

Taylor Gilbert is the admin and freelance writer at How About Tech since 2020. He primarily writes Tech articles, How-to guides and Entertainment as well.