The process of how do you print dry transfer letters is done by a process known as Letraset. Letraset can be used in several ways, including scrapbooking, invitations and even direct mailings.

Dry Transfers:

Custom Rub on Decals & Custom Dry Transfer Letters is the biggest iva (immediate application) online company that specializes in this craft. Letraset offers professional results at affordable prices. It delivers thousands of designs to create custom decals for any occasion. Letraset is one of the fastest-growing companies in the custom sticker business.

Custom Dry Transfers

Custom Dry Transfer Letters is a leading vinyl decal printing service for clients internationally. This decal printing service offers two methods of transferring your artwork or design onto a custom vinyl banner.

This method involves using either a semi-permanent or a fully transferable vinyl coating. Both techniques are accomplished with an overall drying time of only six hours. These techniques are combined with advanced graphics software to ensure the highest graphic design, printing and customer satisfaction.

First, select your text or artwork design. Next, select your printing method. A custom lettered photo with a custom wood frame will require that the lettering be printed directly on custom wood. A custom dry transfer letter can also be created from a computer, but it will take longer to dry when using a digital printer versus a traditional printer. Digital printing is faster and takes less time to dry, so using a digital printer is recommended. More info on

How do you print dry rub on transfers?

The three most common styles of this technique include single layer, double-sided, and category rub-on transfers. The first type, single-sided, is the least expensive. This is because the process does not need to be completed to complete the lettering. The paper is simply applied with a damp rag, and the design is bonded to the paper by applying pressure.

How do you print dry transfers with a custom brush on transfers?

If you have a piece of wood that has been cut into a custom shape, you can simply apply a custom brush on transfers. This technique involves tracking the shape onto your wood with a special pencil or a pen. Once the tracing has dried, it can then be used to create a smooth, flat surface that can create a variety of effects.

How do you print dry rub on transfers?

The second method, double-sided, is accomplished the same way as the first method – by using a piece of dry erase board or another similar material to transfer the design. Again, the paper is applied with a damp rag, and the design is bonded to the paper by pressing pressure. Because this type of custom made rub-on transfer sheet takes hours to complete, it is not typically an inexpensive option. Typically, this would be an option for those who need to do a large number of high-resolution transfers in a short period.

How do you print dry transfer lettering on sheets?

The third option, category rub-on transfer sheets, is perhaps the best option for those looking for the quickest method available. These sheets are made by spraying the material with a water-based medium. Once the sheet has been mounted onto a paper roll, it can be easily photographed and then quickly applied with a hot iron on the underside of the sheet. Since the process is completed faster than the aforementioned methods, the cost is more competitive and often less expensive.

Rub on decals have changed dramatically over the years. While they are still a great way to decorate rooms or to create custom artwork, there is no substitute for the real thing. However, if you still want the convenience of dry transfer lettering that can be applied quickly and easily at home, consider spray-painting your own words onto sheets of stock or creating your graphics with graphic software like Adobe.

With just a few hours, you can turn your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom into a colourful space without having to worry about all the time-consuming processes associated with traditional decals. With new technologies constantly coming out and with the prices of materials down, you may even find it is time to abandon the a-z caps and replace them with these new and easy to use modern decals.

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