Sauce Labs Competitors

Sauce Labs is the best program among its competitors that enables you to examine your mobile software and internet site over multiple browsers, actual devices, and OS. It also permits one to play continuous, live, and automated testing readily. But unlike other competitors, this program, Sauce Labs has a few limitations, such as performance time-out issues when performing evaluations. Moreover, frequently it could obstruct your automation.

Here is just a curated list of Top software that can be considered good competitors to Sauce Labs. Additionally, here is the list comprises the open-source(free) and commercial(paid) applications.

What is Sauce Labs?

Sauce Labs is a program that enables you to examine your mobile software and internet site over multiple browsers, actual devices, and OS. This tool can also help you to hasten the implementation of one’s test package and creates videos and logs to locate issues together along with your program.

What are the disadvantages of Sauce Labs?

  • Here are the Significant pitfalls of Sauce Labs:
  • Often, it could block your automation.
  • It’s performance time-out issues when performing evaluations.
  • Sauce labs require some time to upgrade the most recent Appium server.
  • 503 errors usually occur.

Sauce Labs Competitors features to look for

Before we proceed, please contemplate these factors before choosing the Finest Sauce Labs alternatives:

  • Permit Cost if appropriate
  • Simple to set up and utilize
  • Quality of Customer support in addition
  • Hardware/Software Demands of the testing tool
  • The price involved with coaching workers on the tool
  • Also, Reviews of the Provider available.
  • Support for several platforms and OS
  • Support and Update coverage of this tool seller
  • Plugins and API support also.

Sauce Labs Alternatives

Following are the six best competitors of Sauce Labs in 2021:

  • AWS Device Farm
  • LambdaTest
  • BrowserStack
  • Applause
  • Selenium
  • TestComplete

AWS Device Farm

AWS Device Farm is a powerful Sauce Lab competitor, enabling you to improve mobile and web-app quality by testing your browser with real devices. This tool can also help you to hasten the implementation of one’s test package and creates videos and logs to locate issues together along with your program.


  • It’s possible to customize your evaluation.
  • It gives you the ability to do program testing, having a vast assortment of physical devices available on the cloud.
  • AWS supplies an integrated platform to confirm your application.
  • It allows one to connect to almost any device in the browser.
  • You can test simultaneously on more than one browser case.
  • You’re able to place your device lab for testing from the cloud.
  • Provides plugins and API to commence evaluations and Effects from IDEs such as Jenkins and Android studio.


LambdaTest is among the top competitors of sauce labs. With LambdaTest, users may do Live and Automation testing on 2 000 + browsers & OS. Moreover, they provide excellent 24×7 technical support to assist you in getting going and resolve your questions.


  • Perform testing on the move in LambdaTest Cloud surroundings. You don’t have to prepare a massive testing infrastructure.
  • Drastically lower your build times by performing evaluations in parallel hence quickening your go-to-market launching.
  • Performs quick responsive and manual testing.
  • Perform testing of one’s locally hosted web programs.


BrowserStack is among the popular sauce labs alternatives that permit one to try programs and browsers quickly. It gives you a smooth experience by testing greater than 2 000 real browsers and devices.


  • Let’s integrate using Cypress, Jenkins, and also Selenium.
  • This sauce labs alternative tool is utilized without installing any program.
  • You’re able to establish an extensive testing environment along with support for proxies, firewalls, along with Active Directory.
  • You can also try on real Android along with i-OS devices.
  • It enables one to examine your pages liberally.


Applause is a sauce labs competitor tool that can help one to locate critical bugs. It immediately produces the most important and actionable outcomes. This application supports both manual & automatic testing.


  • Provide targeted demographic for testing.
  • Evaluation as frequently as possible without a predefined limit.
  • Receive testing ends in hours rather than weeks.
  • Each of the bugs is automatically imported into the Technique.
  • Work directly on your bug tracking procedure.
  • In addition, this sauce labs alternative application enables one to verify your bug repairs if it is successful.


Selenium is a free automated testing platform used to confirm web software across different browsers and platforms. One of the ideal Sauce Labs competitors allows one to utilize multiple programming languages such as Java, C#, Python, etc., to produce scripts.


  • This sauce labs alternative tool creates customized evaluation benefits.
  • Also, Work directly on your bug tracking procedure.
  • Utilizes that the hub-and-nodes idea.
  • You’re able to execute evaluations about the HtmlUnit browser.
  • It gives you the ability to check software that is abundant from AJAX-based functionalities.
  • Deploy your evaluations across multiple surroundings.


Test complete is an upgrade of Sauce Labs, which may automate evaluations around a mobile, desktop computer, and web software. It supports multiple scripting languages such as VBScript, Python, and JavaScript. This tool offers methods such as keyword-driven, data-driven, regression, and distribution testing.


  • It enables you to make complex automated test scripts without writing any code.
  • It supplies a solid thing search engine.
  • You can configure this testing platform over more than 20 50 browsers and platforms.
  • In addition, This sauce labs competitor automatically defines particular items on UI.
  • Automate UI evaluations on physical and virtual Android along with i-OS devices.

We hope this article about sauce labs’ competitors helped you choose the best from the overall list.

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