Productivity demands more time, and with OCR Technology, you can keep your precious time saved by getting text in moments! If you are a business owner or employee who may need to extract text from all the official business docs and images and save it in one point. Or maybe you confront exciting pictures on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. And you wish to extract text from those images to use it wherever you want. You can do it by using an online image to text converter tool!

Image to text converter tools uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologies to pull out text from any photo in seconds. It makes them an excellent tool to utilize when you need to edit documents. Finding the right image to text converter tool with OCR technology is 98% difficult because there are tons of available tools.

But, do not worry, we have already put in hours to research the most reliable tools and gathered the list for you. If you genuinely wish to know more, then read on!

Top Best-known Image to Text Converter Tools – 2021 (TRIED & TESTED)

As discussed earlier, today, inside the universe of the web, you will encounter thousands of tools that will insist on you to utilize them. However, most of them will be free and paid. Most of them will end up with frustrating outputs. Yet, others will give you comfortable and satisfying results that you precisely desire. It is a clear-cut fact that nobody has time to go through testing every single tool available out there. Yet, you can read the reviews provided in this post to pick the one that fits your requirements. So, why are you still wondering? Scroll down and start reading right away!

SearchEngineReports.Net – OCR to Word

Here comes one of the top-notch platforms, providing a 100% cost-free service to convert photos to text in seconds. You might possess any images of algebraic, geometric formulas, or any other text. The excellent news is that this SearchEngineReports.Net OCR online takes the simple textual data for you and pulls out the complex mathematical equations like a pro! It has a clean, secure, and beginner-friendly user interface that puts its users happy. Users can easily upload multiple scanned books, notes, images, and photos as they require. This free tool extracts accurate text each time without requiring you to sign up or pay for a subscription.

How to Use Image to Word Converter in easy steps?

  • When a user is at the Text Converter page, they have to operate it by selecting the file image and clicking on it.
  • When they click, all they need to do is pick the file, upload it, or continue with the second option from Dropbox if the input is available online.
  • If the user does not have a file present on either of the above sections, you can add the image link in the given space.
  • When a user does that, they need to click the CONVERT button and wait for the tool to process the conversion, only asking for a couple of seconds.
  • Your translated text from an image will be in your hands.
  • Fourth, tap on the Download File option to get the extracted text in a TXT file format. Also, users can hit the Copy to Clipboard to get it at their fingertips!

SmallSeoTools – OCR Online

It is another excellent platform living as one of the robust and brilliant platforms, providing its users tons of fantastic features and tools. One of its most demandable and dependable tools is an image to text converter online offering 100% ease to its users. It never compromises its user’s privacy and interests and never makes frustrating errors. The happy news is SmallSeoTools OCR tool works the same as the tool we have discussed earlier.

This tool supports different languages, and users can even bind the files by either watermarking them or by password security. The graphics, design, tables and writing, and multi-page documents, are 100% safe in the output. You can also use this tool for various purposes, from PDF to Word converter to plagiarism checking. This tool contains a complete bunch of digital tools. So, why spend on others if SmallSeoTools is here?

DupliChecker – Text Scanner

Last in order but not of importance! is another tried and tested platform selected best for the image to text conversion. It offers a complete set of convenience that could become a reason for user satisfaction. It has a smooth and quick interface that will process your entered text in moments and delivers correct outputs in less than a minute. is a friendly tool that does not require any strict rules to follow. Drop your image, and the text will automatically come out once you tap on the CONVERT button.

So, this how-to extracts text from any image in seconds!

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